Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews submitted to Master Josh or taken from the public listings at NiteFlirt. Let me know if you’d prefer anything removed or listed with a different name. Due to limitations on Niteflirt, some files have been re-listed and will not appear with the below feedback but it is all real!

“Master Josh is a true hypnotist. He really puts you under and gets in your head.” “I am devoted to Master. He has molded me to be his.” “Being under hypnosis, I have become Master’s boy. I am so lucky.”
– Str8worshiper

“Satisfied long-term customer. Your deep masculine voice is so relaxing and chilling that I tend to drift away, sucking in all the information just like in a trance.”
– SuPERMad

“WOW if you want hypnosis contact him.” “Never ever has someone taken me so deep.” “Amazing man with a great voice that gets in deep.”

“”never felt soooo Content and happy with serving a Master like Master Josh make me feel!!!” “Master Josh is sooooo superior to everything!!! I have just tribute him and I feel really wonderful, no regrets only such a wonderful rush of pleasure!! You should try it :)” “Paying Master Josh feels sooooo great!!! Better than every drug and its getting better and better each time!! If you not tried you have missed something of the greatest thing in your life!!!” “You should give those erotic hypno mp3 a try…your jerking will be enriched for the rest of your life!! Really great work Master Josh, I never want to cum again without you files!! ”  “To pay Master is always such a pleasure and pure bliss. It feels better and better to send tribute to Master, love that more and more.”

“First call to this amazing HypnoSuperior. Pleasing Him is the right thing for all cash slaves to do. It felt so good to give him pleasure. He took me so deep, there was nothing left but to go deep and please him.” “Excellent call for Master Josh, paying Him is so right, giving Him his money to make his life easier is my pleasure. So deep hypnosis, so helpful with things I needed to work on, so beneficial to go deep. Wow! Just mind-blowingly deep.” “Such a great call, feel so good even now. slave loves to please Master Josh, His power and hypnotic control always takes me deeper where it always feels right to submit to Master Josh.”
– DHSslave

“I am overpowered by Master Josh’s (Hypno Superior) hypno skill and glad to be conditioned by him to contribute to his pleasure! Each time I give to him, it is a pleasure and I look forward to the next trigger.”

“Master Josh knows how to get deep into my natural sub-inferior mind and remind me that my purpose in life is to serve a superior mind like his and give him pleasure.” “His power over me grows with each time I submit to his superior voice. His pleasure is my pleasure.” “Wow! As always the HypnoSuperior gets inside my mind and makes me know my true purpose in life, which is to give him pleasure. Some of us were born inferior, others superior, and he has the ability to show us the truth.” “I find myself excited even reading about OTHER inferiors tributing the hypno superior, helping my GOD have the life he, as a superior, deserves!” “Master Josh is my GOD! I have never felt anything like his power over me. Everyone who can, should submit to his power!” “He can control my poor slave mind even on the page, my unconscious recreating his powerful voice to which I am forever enslaved.” “Everyone should try his files! You won’t regret it!”
– JoshWor$hipper

“Amazed by playing my first findomstud ATM recording. Not sure I ought to come back, but I know I want to.”
– adrian1479

“He is a hot man with a hot, dominant voice. Check out his recorded offerings as well.”
– stud worshipper

“A great call. He immediately understood my desires and built a perfect hypno training session.”
– jdm1974

“A hot dom – delivers the goods at the highest level.” “Knows how to put a boi in its place and keep it there.”
– Whateverguy2

“A very effective and totally hot hypno programming session.”

“I live to obey and submit to Master Josh- truly amazing!”

“Always excellent.” “Perfect voice for hypnotism.” “Really skilled erotic hypnotist.”

“It makes me happy to send the green to Master Josh.”
– queerbank

“Master Josh’s hypnotic powers are REAL and is what all weak minded slaves like me need to keep our lives in check! … the FinDomStud is the most skillful hypno master on NF. After months of training with Master’s varied range of goodies, now nothing matters more than giving more and more. … Master Josh is the ultimate in financial domination. I keep crawling back to be used by him again and again. … Master Josh is the most powerful hypnotist that has changed my attitudes towards life and gave me a new purpose for living. Now I live for my God Master Josh. to provide for him and give him all the luxuries he deserves whenever he wants! … I am given a purpose in life.. I live and breath to make Master Josh’s life better. I am Master Josh’s loyal cash fag bill slave, and ALL BELONGS TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR!”
– cashfagdirt

“It is amazing to tribute The HypnoSuperior!” “I can’t wait to tribute more! So pleasurable and humiliating!” “The more i pay the more pleasure I feel. The more pleasure i feel the more i pay. Hypno Superior owns this poppers fag”.

“Hot trance.”
– nfcs

“The start of a delicious slow drain and programming for Master’s ATM.” “Feels so right to submit to Ma$ter.” “Ma$ter is deepening his hold.”

“Love this is a real guy, awesome at hypno. he takes a minute to feel comfortable with subs but once he understands what you want, he gives a great session.” “He’s a hypno pro if you give him the time to take you deep.”
– muscle2bhypno

“Because he worth it.” “For the pleasure of My GOD.”
– pierre 

“It is great, to serve Master Josh, the Hypno Superior. i love his hypnotic voice, that leads me very good into trance.”
– markus52

“Very hot.”
– PetesB

“WOW! You are great, Master!!” “Thanks a lot, that was hot! … THE BEST!”
– kinkythomas

Loser Faggot Tax Training
“It is right to for loser faggots like me to pay taxes to their Superiors, and no one has more talent or skill with hypnotic financial domination than Master Josh. A great file with different versions for different budgets.
– cashfagdirt

Loser Fag Tax, Erotic
“It feels so good to stroke and pay my tax to Master Josh with every listen. He is Superior and worthy of everything – I am a loser fag that must be taxed.

Mindless Moneygiver Erotic Hypnosis
“Great sexual hypno recording! This Dom really knows how to get into your head and push the buttons that pull you further into his web. An intense orgasm at the end and left wanting more.”

“All these buttons are my friend and love them more and more with every push on them, you can only understand if u try it, dont be shy you will not regret :)”
– david33os

Wor$hip Service Erotic Hypnosis
“Master Josh the HypnoSuperior is my one true God, and I will now live my life to serve HIM. I am his inferior. He is my superior.”

“Master Josh is a god, embrace this real truth and be honest with yourself… Only on this way you can find true happiness… your god will help you on this hard way.”
– david33os

“So hot.”
– chgokink

My Ga$ Pedal Erotic Hypnosis
“For those into foot/boot service, this is the recording for you! Master Josh can drive me to the ATM any time he wants!”

The Ultimate Gift Erotic Hypnosis
“Another great file. Master Josh certainly can get his voice and words to hit the key elements that make one want to tribute, which of course I did right after listening.”

Financial Ruin Erotic Hypnosis & Edited 6-Minute Jerk
“This file is the best of all, Master Josh show you how to get really happyness and bliss in your life! Master’s pleasure is my pleasure.”
– david33os

“Incredible file. This Dom really gets into your head. Blew twice last night listening to this file and feeling the need to tribute growing.”

“giving $ is more important than cumming – thank you HS.”

“Very clear and well thought out, he definitely knows what faggots need and respond to. Thank you Sir.”

CashFag Erotic Hypnosis & Edited 6-Minute Jerk
“If you like verbal abuse with your financial domination, this recording is for you. Chocked full of “fag” and other verbal abuse. While not exactly my cup of tea, as with all of Master Josh’s sexual recordings, I blew an intense load at the end.

“Good cash fag training.”

“Very powerful.. I came like that dirty little dicked faggot I am.”

“Another excellent audio from the Master.” (file). “Very hot…intense humiliating jerk off fun…” (recorded listing).
– Whateverguy2

Let’s Go Shopping Erotic Hypnosis
“What an wonderful feeling to go shopping and help Master Josh to get what he want and need, you really must try that, nothing feels better in the world!!!”
– david33os

“Have listened to it three times since downloading it tonight and love it.”

The Ultimate Gift Erotic Hypnosis:
“Omg this idea is soooo wonderful, step by step i will work on my goal.”
– david33os

$1000 Can You Outlast? Cum Game
“Awesome. You won’t last.” & “Best. Orgasm. Ever.”
Reserved Guy.

“I held out almost til the end, but barely. After a [week] in chastity it is going to be crazy dangerous to play again.”
– Capital Guy

“I won, but now I want to call back to lose. He was right! And god it felt SO good!”

“This game is always intense. Trying to resist cumming while Master keeps pushing subliminal messages to make fag blow.”

Hypno Cum Permission Game for Losers
“This is a great game!”
– stud worshipper

“Hot human ATM hypno.”
– kcleatherboi

Slow Road to Ruin MP3
“I will definitely be coming back for more. How can I refuse. Simple.. I can’t. ”
– bluemanlow

“Great introduction to both hypno and financial domination.”
– kcleatherboi

Faggot JockSlave Tax MP3
“Amazing voice; skilled hypnotist. I look forward to paying my tax in tribute to Master Josh.”
– whimperingfaggot

Loser Faggot Affirmations (both versions)
“This exactly the mantra I have been searching for, to make me hear it and say it every one of these degrading words. Thank You Master Josh. More of this please!!”
– loserfaggot

Financial Ruin Affirmations
“This is the first affirmation which I bought from Master Josh’s series and this is mind blowing LOVE IT.. worth every second of it.. want to give Master Josh my everything! You are God and you deserve everything!!”
– chinkfagsg

Faggot Beratement Recorded Listing
“Knows how to keep a faggot in place”

“Total unrelenting verbal abuse…”

“Non-stop verbal degradation right from his Superior mouth. There was nothing left of me.”

Ca$hfag Ca$tigation Recorded Listing
“Makes me want to give it all to him.”

Small Cock Loser Recorded Listing
“Well, hypnosuperior sure has me pegged! As a small cock loser I know I’m not good for much, which is why I come here to serve a true alpha superior domination stud!”

Financial Confusion Mindfuck Recorded Listing
“Good confusion induction/training. It is good to just let His words make us feel good.it is easy to be good and good to be easy.”
– DHSslave

Poppers PTV
“Poppers make the payment buttons more intense.”

Degradation PTV
“Totally hot as always.”

Feedback for TheMesmerizer Profile – (Live & Recorded Listings)

“Master Josh is incredible. You must give him a call NOW. You will not be disappointed. I have never had a Master take such control so quickly. Now I can wait until our next session.” & “He totally understands how to control you and to make you a better person and to make you his!”
– catmath

“Aw, FUCK YEAH! Coach Josh is the best hypnotist I’ve cum across. He’s a real pro and knows how to trance me out before building me up for a big blast. His recorded stuff is top notch.”
– Raudawg

“The Best Hypno option on Niteflirt a genuine good guy who knows how and where to take you.” “A great call, Josh took me right into my fantasy and had me obeying every command. A great experience to loose my load.”
– Boss Hodg

“Damn hot call. This guy has a great voice and attitude. He was very good at getting me to let go. I will definitely call back.”
– Gunner8

“Thank you so much Coach! I am so fucking horny for my muscles and your voice. Very intense experience, never been mindfucked like this. crave for more…”
– Lthrpig73

“Great call, hypnotic, addictive, ecstatic, erotic & intoxicating, the more you talk with Master Josh, the deeper he bores into your mind compelling you to submit until the subjugation grows stronger & stronger.”
– thesteve

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