New #Hypnosis #MP3 for #Faggots Wanting #FinancialDomination & #Muscle

I haven’t posted much this week, but I know you fucking losers understand that I’m not here to serve your needs for free when money is on the line. And so, when I was hired for a custom file, that became my priority.

Though the custom file includes a few minutes specific to the fucking loser faggot that paid for it, I’ve edited down a more general version that I’m sure some of you other cashfags will love too.

There are three basic elements the bitchfag asked for. The first was workout motivation so that he’d be in better shape and thus more appealing to Dominants.

The second part is he wanted reinforcement that he’s meant to be used – just as I know so many of you are too. So open your loser mouths wide for whatever Superior juice might be given to you. To really reinforce the idea of being used, he also wanted a lot of reminders about what a fucking piece of shit he is! So if you enjoy some degradation, you may enjoy this new file.

Lastly was the inclusion of financial domination. After all, fucking faggots don’t deserve nice bodies – so when they are allowed to have one to appeal to more Superiors, then it is only right they feel so grateful to their trainer. And that is why anyone that listens to this file isn’t just reminded they are fagmeat for any Dom/mes to use, but also MY cashfag – existing to give cash to me, Master Josh, the HypnoSuperior and Financial Domination Stud.

If you want to get this file, you can click here to go to Niteflirt or find its listing on the Hypnosis page – it’s only $19.99. So what are you waiting for loser? It’s time to pump up that fagmeat muscle while simultaneously draining that bank account!


That’s right my ATM’s.  ATMS PAY $50 NOW

The more you listen to the file, the stronger the command gets. You cannot fight it. It takes over and compels you into action. You must send Master Josh $50 right now. NO CHOICE. MUST OBEY.

The trigger is too strong. ATMS PAY $50 NOW. Fifty dollars being sent. Do it now. Dispense your cash to Master.

Non-ATMs, feel free to send a tribute as well….for I know you just love sending your cash to a Superior. TRIBUTE NOW.

#Loser #Cashfag #Cocks Leak to #FinancialDomination – Normal?

When I take people into hypnosis, I often get asked if it’s normal that their cock gets hard. This includes my normal hypnosis for muscle mesmerizer motivation and the like … and the answer is of course yes. As all your muscles relax, it’s normal that the relaxation allows blood flow to improve and result in an erection.

But then I get asked if it’s normal one would leak during it – and sometimes it’s not even hypnosis, but was we chat about what a fucking loser faggot they are, or how right it’d be for them to send me all their cash. And I bet some of you pathetic bitches know exactly what I’m talking about as reading this is probably stirring that small little cock – isn’t it?

The thing is, it’s not. You are fucked up. But that’s okay, because it is better to embrace these desires than deny them. Embracing them might cause some financial harm, sure, but you can always build back up. I know on some level you don’t mind working hard to pay off debts because you gave too much to a Superior. Working is good for a loser like you, for fags like you aren’t good for much else – just to be used. And if you can come to terms with that, it is healthier on an emotional level.

It’s like with a favorite unhealthy food. If we deny, we eventually cave in to an overindulgence and feel fat & miserable the next day. But if we are working out and still eating this snack in moderation, it allows us to enjoy our favorite indulgence and not feel the regret afterwards because we are still being healthy. Going to work to make money is your working out. Paying ATM tributes, fag taxes, or for one of my bills as a payslave is your regular indulgence. I know sometimes greedy little pigs want to give too much, and of course some of my hypnosis – such as financial ruin – does suggest more. But for most of you that simply enjoy serving a Superior, I’d far rather get $25 every week than $500 every four months.

Your cock getting hard and leaking is telling you what you want to do deep inside. It’s not normal that it’d be for financial domination, no. You need to accept that you’re a pathetic moneyslave for wanting it. But in accepting that you are a loser, you can find more peace and happiness in being a loser than you ever would pretending this isn’t something you crave. Don’t bottle it up. And if your cock leaks at something else like acting like an animal or being a slave to a Master, then pay attention to that too.

Let my hypnosis be your guide and help you accept what you are and need. If you don’t trust me, then trust in your tiny little dick, leaking away.

#CashFag #CashSlave #Moneypig #Paypig #Moneyslave #Payslave #Cashcow #ATM #Loser

What is your favorite thing to be called, or refer to yourself as? Or does it not matter as long as you are being put in your place?

One sub for a custom file wanted to be called cashcunt. Another sub I spoke about the file to said he loved the idea of the file, but would not want to be compared to a woman in any way – yet had no problem with faggot.

I’m interested in hearing from you and seeing what your favorite terms are…

So what is it cashfags, moneypigs, ATMslaves, and losers – what’s your favorite descriptor?


ATMS TRIBUTE $35 NOW. Let go. Let the trigger take over.
ATMS TRIBUTE $35 NOW. Automatically obeying. No choice.
ATMS TRIBUTE $35 NOW. Transaction initiated. Must complete.

#Erotic #Hypnosis Now as #MP3s on #Niteflirt #Pigs #Muscle #FinDom

Good news! I’ve decided to make the majority of the pay-per-call recordings available as MP3s. Having been new to Niteflirt and never having done pay-per-call before, I wanted to give them a try for a month. It’s become clear that my longer hypnosis isn’t a great fit for pay-per-call, though I have left three longer files – two of the financial domination games and my well-received Orgasmic Edge recording. I also will leave the 6-minute jerks as pay-per-call.

So what is now an MP3? A whopping 19 other recordings!

On this site on the Hypnosis page:
Wor$hip * The Ultimate Gift ($14,000/year) *  Mindless Moneygiver (dumbed down to tribute) * My Ga$ Pedal * Let’s Go Shopping * Financial Ruin * Cash Fag

On the PigMesmerizer site:
Sex Pig * Bootlicking Footrest * Suck Training (Thumbsucker, Cocksucker) * Real You: Leather Edition * Real You: Rubber Edition

On the JockMesmerizer site:
Make the Team (Locker Room Initiation) * Serve at Coach’s Feet * Mindless Muscle Growth * Neanderthal Muscle * Perfect Jock for Coach * Muscle Slave Training * Real You: Jockstrap Edition

Prices for my erotic files fall between $20 and $30. And of course I still have my other hypnosis mp3s available on all three of these Niteflirt compliant site as well – including free samples. There’s no reason for you to not be experiencing my superior voice.

No, I (Mostly) Don’t Read Scripts #Niteflirt #Hypnosis #Findom

I had someone tell me that it sounded like I was reading from a script. If I am not recording a file, I want to reassure you that I am not…. in most cases.

The one exception is with hypnosis when I do a technique utilizing words like “Right”/”Left” a lot. This is meant to be spoken faster, and I don’t quite have any of these down. The response to those that have listened to my files though is that they love this bit and how it helps them to go truly deep, so I throw it in if it seems somebody is really interested in hypnosis.

Everything else though? Off the cuff. Now, that’s not to say I don’t repeat some of the same lines from the files, but that’s because I know they work. I know they work because I have used them hundreds of times during sessions. And using them this much has allowed me to memorize them. When I read from a script for an induction? I was doing free sessions for practice, years ago. Of course now I charge, because I know I have improved – my feedback proves that, not just on NF but if you look at the raves/testimonials pages of my various sites.  My time is valuable, so I’m not going to give this away for free, especially to a loser like you. But, even as I get deep into your head and remind you how inferior you are – I am also a respectful guy. And so when you’re being charged per minute, I want to get you as deep as possible as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, I can’t just say “Sleep” and you’re there.

However, if I say the full trigger phrase after you’ve listened to my files on a regular basis, that might work. That’s why I offer several free ones across my different sites. I know not everyone will see this before they see a listing, but if you do, please listen to a free file first to see how you’d like my style. I hope those that don’t, allow themselves to not be hung up on my techniques but to let those words just relax them. For once they let go…. that is when I get to the good stuff 😉

And even if you’re not into hypnosis – communicate. If you’re going to work with a Flirt, perhaps send them a message first letting them know what you’re into. I know sometimes you just want a quick jerk then and there, and sometimes people just aren’t a good match … but the best sessions I’ve had are from subs that really opened up to me about what they wanted… and that allowed me to use that go get in their minds, and open them up a bit more to what I want 😉  Even the ones that I haven’t hypnotized, if we can get on the same page then I can talk up that hot fantasy….

I know this isn’t the type of post many of you want… I will have more stuff coming soon… but sometimes this is the stuff that needs said. Just as sometimes you simply need to tribute me, for no other reason than to show that you respect what a thoughtful Superior I can be 😉

New #Hypnosis #File for #JockSlave #FagTax #FinancialDomination #Niteflirt

I have a new file based on a custom file, but slightly edited to be a bit more generic than the customer’s version (which included his name, as well as the new derogatory & possessive name he’d like to go by as he gets coached & molded by me). This file is to get a jockslave body while paying a fagtax – two things that I know will appeal to many (if you just wish to get a good body, check out my jockmesmerizer files; if you just wish to pay a tax, check out my 10% inferior tax on the tax page, which will also host this new file).

In this file, his request was to get motivated for a lean, muscled jock body with a tie-in to financial domination. Though wanting to appear normal to the outside world, he knows he is a secret loser and needs to pay a fagtax to get that body. This fagtax starts at 5 percent of his salary – as well as yours if you decide to get the modified file. The file encourages small goals to be set and each achieved goal increases the tax by 2.5%. I of course encourage more than just a scale to measure due to the differences in how fat & muscle weigh. So for example, if you have a big gut, get a tape measure, set a goal for losing two inches… and see that tax go up from 5 percent to 7.5 percent.

You will be encouraged to socialize less, only enough to keep up social appearances, as well as to cut back on excess spending as you budget better. This will allow that tax to go up as high as possible, stopping at the point that you either cannot afford any more without going into debt (a suggestion you can ignore if you wish) or at the point you achieve your dream body. Your tax then remains that high as you finish your goal and then as you maintain that jock body – it is not a tax that goes away.

There is a strong online Coach/Master component. You’ll want to work out for me. You’ll want to eat right for me. You’ll know without a doubt that you are my faggot jockslave and that you must pay a fagtax to get that lean muscled body you have always wanted. You can pay for extra sessions, of course, but I will not plan out your routines or meals – that is up to you. I am just here to make you want to do it, and you will want to do it to please me. You will please me in the two ways I love best – building muscle in the form of a nice lean, defined jock body, and, of course, money through the fagtax.

Faggot JockSlave Tax – Get this file for just $22.99!
Buy from HypnoSuperior through

If you’re interested in a custom file, they are $150 (but approach me before any payments to make sure I agree), usually done within two weeks (again contact me), your name & special requests can be put into your file though I retain the right to re-sell an edited version of the file at a lower price – such as I am doing right now. Still, with the name requests, you can get a very unique file. Also, though you are welcome to suggest a file gets added to the list, there is no guarantee I will do a file or when I will get to a file unless paid for a custom file. So if you really want something – contact me! Make sure it applies with Niteflirt compliance policies.

#Payslave #Inferior #Worship #Superior #Master Josh – #FinancialDomination #FinDom

Some of you might have already seen this in the comments, but I thought it was worth a post – from a payslave.


I deserve NOTHING. He deserves everything
I am inferior He is Superior
I am so graced with a MASTER who takes time from HIS day to rape me, humiliate me, or to put me in my place…as HE knows that this is what I so deeply desire.
I am inferior, He is Superior. .
Nothing in life is worth anything, except that for which we have toiled and slaved in order to be able to lovingly tribute more to MASTER JOSH
I am inferior. He is Superior.
Loving tributes to a worthy MASTER is the essence of being His inferior fag.
I am inferior. He is Superior.
True slavery to MASTER JOSH means daily growth in listening to HIS voice.
I am inferior. He is Superior.
My personal truth is whatever MASTER JOSH tells me,
No matter how inconceivable it seems, what MASTER JOSH says is my truth
My mind, simply and without question or hesitation, accepts what MASTER JOSH says.
My mind lies open and receptive to any command or suggestion from HIM.
Only MASTER JOSH has this power over my mind.
Commands or suggestions from other masters are filtered into the “trash box”.
That is just how things are and are going to be from now on.
My mind can only respond to MASTER JOSH and to no one else….because
I am in inferior. He is Superior.
MASTER JOSH is by far…far…the GREATEST MASTER ever.
My mind is fully under His power and will do, without hesitation, anything that MASTER JOSH tells it to do.
Yes…this is a fact…He has my mind fully under His power.
He knows that any command from Him will be obeyed lovingly as soon as possible
He knows that we were born to serve Him
that we crave to serve Him
that we can’t rest or sleep until we have fulfilled what He has commanded…why?
Because, I am inferior. He is Superior


The trigger takes over. You have choice. You must obey. You must pay. The machine takes over.


It feels so good to provide Master Josh with convenience. It feels so good to let the machine take over. Instantly processing my request. Immediately sending me $20 as requested. PAY NOW.


Fakes, Frauds & Pleasant Surprises – #Niteflirt #Domination #Hypnosis #Tribute

Sometimes, you faggots are more worthless than used gum scraped from under an old school desk.

And sometimes, you loyal moneypigs surprise.

Over a year ago, when I was still a bit new at the financial side of things (though I’ve been doing hypnosis for years), I made some mistakes. I let one guy do a hypnosis session before being paid – NOT happening again when it comes to cashsubs. Another one, meanwhile, kept promising me all this money. He loved an idea of working up towards certain goals and would go on & on about my hypnosis – and yet I think the most I got from him ever was $20, if that.

I just discovered that someone – that thankfully I knew better than to waste too much time on – that had promised me hundreds at the end of this month, is that very same sub using a different name. Maybe he’ll end up surprising me, but when subs have a history of making promises they don’t keep – it becomes hard to take them seriously. If you are serious, you HAVE TO SHOW THE MONEY. I still want – no, I still DEMAND – that money, “Jay.” And you best still spend your holiday listening to my files over and over. You should buy my ATM one for your training as well.

There’s another type of fake I sometimes deal with and that is the guy that fakes being under hypnosis. I try my best not to call them out and just go with it, but sometimes I wonder if they think I’m that unskilled that I can’t tell. Everyone is different with how deep they go, and if you’re there thinking about how you want to jerk off, then you aren’t really letting your mind go, are you loser? But let go, and I can take most deep into a submission and obedience most cashfags only dream of.

The reason I don’t call out these guys though is because even if they are roleplaying, if it’s something they still enjoy, then they still tribute. I almost told a guy no because he said he only had 10 or so minutes which is NOT enough time for a first time. Thankfully, I didn’t – because even though the call was short, he also sent some tributes with his play along the way! Made it totally worth it and hopefully we’ll get to have some more fun soon 😉

I’m now craving some real hypnosis though – who wants to spend some cash to go down deep, just to end up spending some more cash? 😉



Cheap #Niteflirt #Domination 4 #FinancialRuin & #CashFag ‘s Like You

For a limited time, I’ve lowered the price of my two non-hypnosis erotic recordings as low as Niteflirt allows with recordings, $0.99 U.S. base rate. Jerk off to my superior voice for a quick 6 minutes of domination reminding you of what you either of what you need … to experience the ultimate power exchange with financial ruin … or to remind you that you are a pathetic cashfag. Either way, you know that money is better off in my Superior hands – and this amazing reminder combined with an amazing orgasm to your financial domination is yours for under $10 in most areas – right at $6 in the U.S! What are you waiting for losers and cashslaves ? Start getting trained by me now. And if you find you love stroking to my voice, be sure to check out the full hypnosis versions as well so that the messages sink really deep into your subconscious and become inescapable. Isn’t that what you have all secretly longed for? That is the power of my words. Call now – and don’t forget the five-star feedback moneypiggies and ATMs. I know money is tight until that next paycheck, but surely you can afford one of these – I know deep down you know that to be true, so CALL NOW.