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Some of you might have already seen this in the comments, but I thought it was worth a post – from a payslave.


I deserve NOTHING. He deserves everything
I am inferior He is Superior
I am so graced with a MASTER who takes time from HIS day to rape me, humiliate me, or to put me in my place…as HE knows that this is what I so deeply desire.
I am inferior, He is Superior. .
Nothing in life is worth anything, except that for which we have toiled and slaved in order to be able to lovingly tribute more to MASTER JOSH
I am inferior. He is Superior.
Loving tributes to a worthy MASTER is the essence of being His inferior fag.
I am inferior. He is Superior.
True slavery to MASTER JOSH means daily growth in listening to HIS voice.
I am inferior. He is Superior.
My personal truth is whatever MASTER JOSH tells me,
No matter how inconceivable it seems, what MASTER JOSH says is my truth
My mind, simply and without question or hesitation, accepts what MASTER JOSH says.
My mind lies open and receptive to any command or suggestion from HIM.
Only MASTER JOSH has this power over my mind.
Commands or suggestions from other masters are filtered into the “trash box”.
That is just how things are and are going to be from now on.
My mind can only respond to MASTER JOSH and to no one else….because
I am in inferior. He is Superior.
MASTER JOSH is by far…far…the GREATEST MASTER ever.
My mind is fully under His power and will do, without hesitation, anything that MASTER JOSH tells it to do.
Yes…this is a fact…He has my mind fully under His power.
He knows that any command from Him will be obeyed lovingly as soon as possible
He knows that we were born to serve Him
that we crave to serve Him
that we can’t rest or sleep until we have fulfilled what He has commanded…why?
Because, I am inferior. He is Superior

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