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I have a new file based on a custom file, but slightly edited to be a bit more generic than the customer’s version (which included his name, as well as the new derogatory & possessive name he’d like to go by as he gets coached & molded by me). This file is to get a jockslave body while paying a fagtax – two things that I know will appeal to many (if you just wish to get a good body, check out my jockmesmerizer files; if you just wish to pay a tax, check out my 10% inferior tax on the tax page, which will also host this new file).

In this file, his request was to get motivated for a lean, muscled jock body with a tie-in to financial domination. Though wanting to appear normal to the outside world, he knows he is a secret loser and needs to pay a fagtax to get that body. This fagtax starts at 5 percent of his salary – as well as yours if you decide to get the modified file. The file encourages small goals to be set and each achieved goal increases the tax by 2.5%. I of course encourage more than just a scale to measure due to the differences in how fat & muscle weigh. So for example, if you have a big gut, get a tape measure, set a goal for losing two inches… and see that tax go up from 5 percent to 7.5 percent.

You will be encouraged to socialize less, only enough to keep up social appearances, as well as to cut back on excess spending as you budget better. This will allow that tax to go up as high as possible, stopping at the point that you either cannot afford any more without going into debt (a suggestion you can ignore if you wish) or at the point you achieve your dream body. Your tax then remains that high as you finish your goal and then as you maintain that jock body – it is not a tax that goes away.

There is a strong online Coach/Master component. You’ll want to work out for me. You’ll want to eat right for me. You’ll know without a doubt that you are my faggot jockslave and that you must pay a fagtax to get that lean muscled body you have always wanted. You can pay for extra sessions, of course, but I will not plan out your routines or meals – that is up to you. I am just here to make you want to do it, and you will want to do it to please me. You will please me in the two ways I love best – building muscle in the form of a nice lean, defined jock body, and, of course, money through the fagtax.

Faggot JockSlave Tax – Get this file for just $22.99!
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If you’re interested in a custom file, they are $150 (but approach me before any payments to make sure I agree), usually done within two weeks (again contact me), your name & special requests can be put into your file though I retain the right to re-sell an edited version of the file at a lower price – such as I am doing right now. Still, with the name requests, you can get a very unique file. Also, though you are welcome to suggest a file gets added to the list, there is no guarantee I will do a file or when I will get to a file unless paid for a custom file. So if you really want something – contact me! Make sure it applies with Niteflirt compliance policies.

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