#FinancialDomination Games – #poppers #humiliation #financialruin #more

Well, I still have a lot of ideas I hope to add to the pages at some point – I swear, there’s not enough time in the day. But I had enough done that I figured it was time I launched one of the big projects I’ve been working on this spring: Game Central – with many subpages of financial domination fun.

Among the highlights:
*Poppers Games including two PTV chains and two spin wheels, as well as spin wheels for ATMS & Financial Ruin.
*Humiliation Dare, where you pay $5 to see a hidden task in a PTV that you must perform or pay a $25 penalty.
*$hopping$pree, where you click an icon & must buy me the revealed item… just one of three games related to my Wishlist.

Plus financial domination takes on black jack, table hockey, and MUCH MORE.



New #faggot & #cashfag recordings – #financialdomination #humiliation

Four of my short 6-minute recordings have finally been approved by Niteflirt! Each of the four is $1.89/minute (may vary by country). Given NF has a connection fee and that recordings only earn 50%, anything less is you cashraping me – and we don’t want that.

The two most relevant to this site include (click the green hyperlinks for more & to call):
Ca$hFag Ca$tigation – Where I give out abuse to faggots needing to remember that I deserve their fucking money.
Faggot Beratement – General verbal abuse of pathetic faggots.

Of course, these and a few other upcoming Pay-Per-Calls aren’t truly representative of my more mild natured but HYPNOTIC self… but if you like it and want it live, just let me know faggot. I’m not a fucking mindreader, but if I know you just want an all-out verbal assault, I’ll do my best to put you down in your fucking place.

The two other recordings are for TheMesmerizer profile:
Jock Bro Invasion – Stroke along as the inner jock inside of you pushes out all doubt and invades your mind to leave you that awesome, body-focused, horny simple Alpha jock stud you long to be.
Into a Muscle Freak: Muscle Growth Roleplay – Imagine your muscles getting bigger with each stroke… your pecs… your arms… etc…. and then imagine they keep growing. (This is non-hypnotic but just roleplay – if you wish to feel hypnotic growth, check out the MP3s at http://jockmesmerizer.com).

I must admit I’m somewhat disappointed in Niteflirt’s phone system. The .wav files I uploaded sound inferior to the versions I have recorded on my computer – it must be their phone system. Still, having shorter .wavs to start with (as opposed to the longer ones, or edited down from longer ones from before) does seem to have a marginal improvement in the sound. I just hope any callers also try out some of my free mp3s to see the difference, and to know that the difference is courtesy of Niteflirt.

Anyway, what are you waiting for? I know your fagdick is already twitching to hear what I’ve recorded…. so go ahead and call, and leave me some amazing feedback once you realize just how my creative mind is truly helping to put you in your lowly place.

Quiet Yet Busy Taking #FagCash- #financialdomination

Okay, so I haven’t posted much this past week… but don’t you worry about a thing ATMs and pay pigs. I haven’t disappeared.

In fact, I’ve been working on exciting new things to add to the blog – some of which will finally get added this week. A couple things are already submitted to Niteflirt and are simply waiting approval, while others are recorded but need some editing.

And though the start of this week has been a little slow, I certainly had a very good last few weeks – so some of it was simply being busy with sessions!
HypnoSuperior 319Percent NF 41115HypnoSuperior 240Percent NF 41815
HypnoSuperior 108Percent NF 42515

So keep checking in, because I’m ready to keep growing that average – and all you moneyslaves, cashfags and ATMs are going to help me do that! 😉

#ATMS PAY $65 NOW – #FAGTAX EDITION #financialdomination

April 15th, ATMs… that means I need your inferior taxes, fag taxes, and loser taxes to help pay my own taxes.


Just giving in to the trigger…. knowing you must obey….
Knowing that it always feels so good to help Master out….
Letting him withdraw from his ATMs whenever he pleases….
Helping him pay off his taxes… his debts becoming your debts….


Feeling so good to assume my debts….  so wonderful to pay my bills….
And because you’re programmed to feel the pleasure….
You can just give in to that pleasure as you obey that trigger….
And feel the pleasure even stronger as you pay….


No matter the amount, it feels so good to pay….
Always so ready to dispense the cash and complete the transaction…
Give in to that trigger… it’s so easy to just let go and obey….
Give in to the trigger…. and feel the pleasure as you PAY NOW.


Not my ATM but feel the urge to pay a fagtax ? TRIBUTE HERE.


#ATMs #Cashfags #PayPigs – Payments for #FinancialDomination #Tribute

One of the biggest questions I get asked is about alternative payments – but this is a Niteflirt-linked site (meaning I link from my profiles there to this site) and therefore must abide by their rules – that everything (contact, payment, etc.) goes through Niteflirt. Therefore I must tread a bit lightly with the subject of this post, but I think it’ll be obvious to NF that I am abiding by their rules – for even as I discuss other methods, I’m not giving out payment links/etc. – in fact, I’m not even saying that I have other options, just that there’s one that I used to utilize prior to joining Niteflirt.

I hesitate to write this old payment place out by its full name…  And I’m not saying that just because of the rules of having a Niteflirt compliant site… I am saying that all you stupid fags and slaves that love that one service so much…  the one with the initials P… P… you really need to be looking elsewhere, such as Niteflirt. Perhaps you work with a cashmaster that’s not on NF and loves that other service… but if he at all self-promotes online as I do; if you at all leave notes “tribute for you Master,” etc.; if you like to send multiple tributes over the course of a session – any of this leads to the risk of him being banned, and his accounts frozen for six months. Any cash that’s still in there would be unusable until much later.

I have heard of one guy not on NF who has multiple accounts open using fake names/etc., but P.. P… has upped its game in what it requires for verification in order to withdraw cash and so that’s not a viable option for many. I had thought myself lucky though that I had an old account open, so that when my new account was banned… I still had one account I could use. I just had to be much more careful with it. (on a funny note, the reasoning for the first one said they don’t allow their service to be used by “financial dommes” – so I didn’t think they’d really looked at things that closely.

The second time though, I was careful with what subs said and did with the account. I never allowed more than two payments be sent in one session. I didn’t mention the site on a website I had that wasn’t linked to NF. However, I did mention the e-mail to use with other payment options – and P.. P.. had found the mention of this e-mail on a site they had already become familiar with from when they banned the first one, and though there was absolutely no way for them to know just how I had used their service, the linking of that e-mail to such a site was enough for them to ban the second one.

I could list you a slew of other alternatives … a few US only, but some worldwide … that I’ve never had issues with, though I both can’t due to NF terms and due to own being afraid that these other sites might follow in P…P…’s footsteps. And they may have their reasons, no matter how frustrating it is. Perhaps too many fag losers balked about how much they got raped, or overdid it on credit cards past limits, and the site balked at chargeback fees and the like. But it’s not just them either – it’s the credit cards they work with, and that includes not just financial domination, but erotic hypnosis.

You see, even other fetish sites don’t allows allow hypnosis talk if they take credit card payments because though you can find all sorts of books & CDs about hypnosis on retail sites/etc., when it comes to the sexual it is considered a very dirty word. The reason has to do with the idea of a person being taken advantage of while not fully coherent and not able to give true consent. While I do get this sentiment, as any form of rape shouldn’t be condoned by credit card companies, it goes a bit too far to not allow erotic hypnosis. Things like my files are things people CHOOSE to listen to. Sometimes we include fantasy stuff that’s not mainstream, with the use of “cashrape” often used in financial domination, but everyone is fully aware of what’s going on.  The erotic files are mainly a way for people to get off, and yet a site can talk about cashmasters, wallet rape, faggots, etc. and be allowed to say all that by the credit cards – yet not have hypnosis. One site banned me altogether while another allowed me to stay, but all references to hypnosis had to be removed.

And so then sometimes a sub comes and asks, “Can I pay this way?” and they think I’m being a dick for saying NO. Or don’t get why I’m getting upset when I’ve tried explaining this at least five other times to them, and they still wish to do it. But guess what? You are the dick if you can’t be flexible enough to find a different service that I do accept, which on here is only NF. Afraid of your wife seeing the statement? Well, here’s an idea… get a pre-paid card. If using that certain service is because you like the secrecy, then there are ways to do it with NF too … and in fact, you stay more anonymous on NF than you do on the others. And in terms of visiting the Niteflirt site, you can always delete your browsing history, cookies, etc. and also most browsers have incognito window options these days.

And if you then go on about how you love P…P… to an experienced Cashmaster who’s had his share of drama with that company just as I have, you’re going to either encounter a guy that just wants as much money now regardless of how he gets it, hoping for his best… or someone that’s in it for the long haul that wants to abide by the rules, even if it means turning down some subs along the way. And I’m in this for the long haul, hoping to make many more files this year and for many years to come. And really… YOU ARE INFERIOR. It shouldn’t matter at all what you prefer. And what you prefer should NEVER come before the livelihood of a Master. So even if there were to be a Cashmaster out there who does have a P…P… he uses for a separate legit business, you should NOT be offended when he says you can’t use that for him, or gives you restrictions on how much you can use it. If you don’t want the restrictions, then GO TO NITEFLIRT! Seriously!

Now, NF does take out more fees on my end, but having looked into multiple options of where to host my erotic hypnosis, other options either also wouldn’t allow it (some I could try at the risk of getting banned, then starting over AGAIN); while other options were quite spendy as it’d only be allowed in a high-risk category… which for big producers with the money for that, great; but as a one-man start-up doing his own thing, it wasn’t viable. Some of the shopping cart options also required more programming knowledge than I had, and hiring someone was again not an option for me at this point.

Niteflirt then, despite it’s fees, has given me something that the other options couldn’t provide.
1) Minimal Set-Up Costs – really just my time to make content and such, and a little bit of advertising.
2) Ability to freely advertise Erotic Hypnosis – something I can’t even do on some other fetish sites … and as you know, it’s my specialty.
3) Ease of use – it’s not too hard to copy html from Niteflirt and paste on one’s website for a payment button.
4) More peace of mind that I won’t get caught for doing financial domination, such as if a sub wants to send multiple tributes during a session.

Now, I do still have to be careful, as Niteflirt also can ban people that break their protocols. Usually they give their warnings first. I was hired to do a custom file for a sexual act and edited a version down to sell, and though it was an innocent mistake, I forgot to double check the NF terms. It just didn’t occur to me that it was an act they’d have a problem with. That’s why I was struggling the other day when I asked for humiliation ideas… some of the best ideas involve things that I can’t really mention on NF, so then I was hoping for some creative alternatives. It’s also why on some things they did allow, I have been very clear on the content… for example I am clear that any pup play files are about ADULT HUMAN ROLEPLAY and nothing more than that. And there are certain things I’d like to see, such as certain changes to the feedback policy and some banner ads aimed at gay/bi customers.

In general though, I am grateful that Niteflirt has allowed me a place to host my files and given me the ability to get payments from ATMs, poppers fags, losers and more in exchange for my services. I couldn’t do this without them which is why I do strongly hope that if I ever mess up, that they work with me on simply making clear what I need to do better. I do hope this post hasn’t talked too much about competition – again, I’m not giving out any links, e-mails, or anything like that. Just spelling out my experiences that led to Niteflirt, and why I am very happy that a site such as Niteflirt does exist as I make more fetish hypnosis files in the very future.

The benefits of being on Niteflirt far outweigh any negatives, and I think a smart sub will find that it’s a good alternative for them to enjoy a wider variety of payment options and fun as well.

Big Bills for #PaySlaves & Addicted #ATMs – #financialdomination

Well, yesterday I had a bit of a bill shock when I took my car into the shop and the estimate was much more than expected. I still don’t know the total, and am hoping that it won’t get any worse than the bad news I’ve already been given.

One bright spot is an ATM eager to help me pay for it… and today with a great session, he perhaps helped with 1/7th of the current estimated total (closer to 1/6th if you don’t count NF fees). It was hot to talk with him about the fantasy of calling my auto shop and putting it all on one of his credit cards… and though he probably can’t afford that much all at once, it’s definitely a thought that I love the thought of should any other payslaves wish to add over $1000 to their credit cards for Master’s benefit 😉

Making it even hotter for those of you into ruin… this brainwashed ATM recently learned he is being let go from his company. Now, he still has maybe six weeks left and already has an interview for Friday with the hopes that he can keep paying me for a long time to come… yet, there are no guarantees. But deep down, he knows he exists to make My life better, regardless of his own personal circumstances. I’d love to have some more ATMs programmed like him… ATMs, pay pigs, cashslaves, moneyfags… any that are ready to learn the pleasure of paying Master Josh and assuming my debts.

Want to help me out with unexpected car costs? Send Master Josh a big tribute here.

#ATMS PAY $10 NOW – #findom #financialfetish

Originally I posted a version of this with a different amount in queue for Friday, but it posted to pages not the blog and most of my ATMs didn’t see it… but you will now 😉


We’ve had Good Friday and Good Monday…
now it’s time to be good to Master.
So go ahead, and submit to your programming…
So very easy to just give in.


The trigger having stronger and stronger hold over you….
All resistance having faded away… until you just pay….
So instantly and automatically… without question or thought….


And the more you pay, the more pleasure you feel
Always feeling so good to get to pay me more….
Feel the bliss of mindless obedience as you pay now…


Even non-ATMs can make my day very good …  just click here to pay Master Josh.

#Fags Suck & So Does the Web

So, I had written a few posts in queue for over the weekend, including a travel notice that I’d be offline for Easter travel and an ATM trigger post. Though not quite back (tonight or tomorrow), I had a chance to check in on the blog and realized none of them posted – nor were any saved on drafts. Even though I’m not a physical Dom, preferring the molding of hypnosis, it’s times like this that I do wish I had an inferior fag to beat down. Good stuff coming soon, so keep tuned in – and hopefully there won’t be further issues (though I will have some more travels coming up in spring & summer – nice being back closer to family, but not always good for business… but I’ll be on when I can ATMs and moneyslaves).

Easter Presents & Being Spoiled

I’m doing this ahead of my trip in queue, but I’m curious if I might be getting any Easter presents. Usually it’d be at least one … nothing like Christmas, but still a toy when little or a nice new outfit once grown. My family didn’t always have a lot, but my mom always made sure to spoil on holidays and such. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy being spoiled by all of you… it was always such a treat, that I grew to crave it more and more.

I’d love for you pay pigs and cashfags to spoil me some more too… you can do so with my wishlist here or with a cash tribute here.

#Wishist Wed. Catch-Up – #financialdomination

It seems like every time I get a vacuum, I have to sell it or give it away because I end up moving and don’t have room. The exception is this minivac I got from loser B a bit back. It might not be the flashiest gift, but it is useful.


Maybe someday I’ll have a muscle slave to use it for me 😉 Until then, I’ll count on all you inferiors to keep getting me items both useful and fun – because I know it just feels so good for you to put My wants before your needs.

Start by checking out my gift list here – or click here to send the best gift of all – cold hard fagcash.