Embrace That #Fear #Slaves – #Halloween #Hypnosis #Niteflirt #FinDom

For those in many parts of the world, including the U.S. where I hail from and live, it’s a day of celebration, candy, haunted houses, spooky costumes, and more. I just used your fagcash to run to Target for my own celebration tonight – jello shots are one of my many specialties/talents. But if you’re visiting this site, you know the talent I most like to explore is hypnosis… and on this day of frights, it can be a great way to help overcome some of those fears.

I make no secret I do this for general motivation and erotic fun, so if you have a serious phobia, please see a qualified professional. But if it’s simply a desire you have that you’ve been a bit afraid to explore, try my files or give me a call. Sometimes we just need that extra push to make the desires stronger than the fears, the inhibitions lower than they’ve ever been, and that fantasy becoming closer to reality.

It could be the fear of a specific activity … perhaps taking that spanking to the next level, for example… or perhaps it’s the fear of not being in control as you submit…. maybe, just maybe, it’s the fear of debt if you start to pursue the rush of financial domination.

Of course, those that set limits with me know I respect them… but often people do want that push. And that’s okay. You can call me, or listen to my files,  if you need that permission to just let go. If it’s something you enjoy – and it’s all legal / consensual – then what is there to truly fear? Even the lowest of scum can enjoy the pleasure he feels when he serves, worships, is used by, is abused by, or is humiliated by a Superior master or mistress. And even if it’s to help you better serve someone else, I can use my hypnosis to help you enjoy that pleasure of being put in your place.

There’s nothing to fear slave… try one of my free files or other hypnosis today.

Of course, whose to say some of this isn’t a trick? But hey, all the better for you pay pigs to want to send me a nice big TREAT – click here to treat CashMaster Josh now.

#Wishlist Wednesday 10/29/14 – #financialdomination #cashmaster #paypig

The fun gifts continue to be enjoyed! The latest I’d like to highlight from one of my favorite losers, B, is this multi-cooker that can steam, brown, and my favorite, slow-cook. If I was going to by a slow-cooker for myself, I’d probably have bought a cheap one $50 or less … but this one was easily over $100. I love it when I put nicer things then I’d buy myself on my wishlist – and actually get them!

This tip goes to both my fellow Masters and slaves… cooking in a slow-cooker is EASY and makes for awesome beef and pork roasts. Cocky guys like me don’t go all out cooking, and there’s only so much pizza a Cashmaster can order. Being a beefy guy that grew up on a farm, I definitely also dig my meat and potatoes. Any Master that doesn’t have a slow-cooker on a wishlist should definitely add one.


It’s especially sweet when I use all your fagcash to get my groceries as well…. no ramen noodles here (unlike my cashwhore of a roommate), I’m eating what the fuck I want, when I want, on your dime… and I don’t share the good roasts with the roommate either. I’m a bit selfish with your money that way 😉

Of course, you too can get the thrill of your gifts being highlighted in my blog.

Top on my list right now includes Amazon gift cards ahead of Christmas and some new luggage before my holiday travels. I am most likely to fly United Airlines and frankly it’s been a bitch finding luggage that fits their requirements. Slaves are welcome to do additional research for the carry-on item and the personal item, be it a set or separate purchases, and make suggestions for me to add to my wishlist (nothing below 4-stars). I did find this 3-piece set that might also do… so go get it for me now my cash cows when you visit my wishlist.

And as always, you can help me buy those quality groceries, airplane tickets, and everything else I want and need when you TRIBUTE HERE.

#ATMS PAY $35 NOW – #FinancialDomination #cashmaster

That’s right ATMs, it’s so easy for you to obey your programming. It’s so easy for you to let go of your human side as that machine takes over. For deep down, you want to let go. Deep down, you need to obey. That ATM is inside of you, ready to dispense cash to the owner and programmer of your ATM mind. So go ahead my ATMs and pay now.

#Wishlist Wednesday 10/22/14 – #FinancialDomination #Cashmaster

One of my favorite losers, ‘B’, loves to buy me gifts… it’s such a rush for him to see it when I take the photos and post them online, and I know it could be a rush for you too. I’m going to be splitting up what he bought me into a few posts, starting with the smallest two…. a nice new brown leather wallet from Tommy Hilfiger and a new DVD set that I hope to find the time to use soon, Body Beast by Beachbody.


One was an item I was needing, another that I wanted…. and either way it’s only right for pay pigs like you to sacrifice your own wants to help take care of a true Superior’s wants and needs. What do you need with that fagcash anyway? Wouldn’t you rather spend it on a cashmaster and get hours of endless pleasure stroking your cock as you listen to my hypnosis and read over my posts – even posts that might make a reference to you? I know your cock is already throbbing at the thought.

Why don’t you shop my wishlist now?

Newly added is an external storage drive that will come in handy as I keep on making more and more hypnosis files… my current laptop is running out of room. And of course those gift cards ahead of the holiday season are always a terrific way for you to spend your piggy money helping a Superior buy better gifts for his family then you’ll end up buying for your own.  A nice big tribute always never hurt…. me 😉

Raking It In – #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis

I don’t always like to brag about how much I make when I score… and really, it’s smart not to do it all the time for (I) various (R) reasons (S). I also know there are those doms that make more than me, and since financial domination isn’t the only thing I do – nor do I cam/etc. – I’m not really trying to compete with them.

That said, I know you pay pigs love it when we do brag a bit and show some proof. And some of you cashfags love when what you’ve done is put on display, even if done so anonymously, knowing that what you sent as a gift or in tributes is there for everyone to see.

Since I mentioned having a couple of big scores even in the midst of being offline less due to the friend-with-mental-health issue taking up too much of my time lately, I thought it’s only right I at least brag about one of them. I’ve blocked out the guy’s real name, but you’re seeing that right… the same guy sending $200…. then another $200….. and then another $200. On top of that, he sent some gifts that I’ll be posting about soon as well 😉

Thank you to one of my favorite losers… you know who you are “B”.

I know this loser loved sending his cash to a true Superior… I’m confident you will too. Listen to my hypnosis, then send a nice big tribute NOW.


The words trigger your programming. Deep within you know you must obey.
Your will is weak. Resistance fades away as you give in to the power of my hypnosis.
You simply must send that payment. The cash must be dispensed.
You are part human and part automated teller machine. When triggered, you are machine.
You are the ATM of Master Josh. You exist to provide me with cash and convenience.
You are the ATM of Master Josh. You must obey your machine programming.
You are the ATM of Master Josh.  You must send the HypnoSuperior his money.
You are the ATM of Master Josh. You have been accessed and must complete the transaction.

New #Hypnosis #MP3 – Enjoy #Fisting / #Handball #Sex #Pig

Based on a custom file I was recently hired to write, but with names and references to a boyfriend edited out to a more general file that should work for different genders, this hypnosis training mp3 file is to help the listener get used to the idea of anal fisting.  This is a standard hypnosis file, not an erotic file, though one may still find the end a bit arousing 😉

The hypno file suggests being better able to relax one’s anus and other muscles, suggests lowering any fear, worry or inhibition related to handball, and suggests an increased feeling of pleasure as the partner – be it a loved one or stranger – lubes up his or her hand and slides it inside of you.

The subject that paid for the custom file said, “I already feel my ass more relaxed and open thanks to the file.” Big thanks to Damien for both the order and the feedback – hope you’re enjoying being fisted by your boyfriend more and more.

Here’s a quick audio preview:

This file is available for $19.99 on my HypnoSuperior Niteflirt profile, you can also see a link to it on the Niteflirt compliant hypnosis site http://pigmesmerizer.com.

Sometimes Life Gets in the Way… & this Dom Still Scores – #FinancialDomination

Just as I felt good about getting ahead with the blog, working on some stuff ahead of time and scheduling via the queue, life gets in the way.

Some of it was good – two custom files, the edited versions I’ll release for sale soon.

Some if it was not so good – dealing (and actually, still dealing) with someone that has mental illness. Not as a hypnotist… I’m skilled at what I do but not qualified for such therapy… but in real life. I do not wish to get into too much detail on here, but suffice it to say that it’s been time-consuming and exhausting.

This is part of why my Niteflirt listings have been offline more than they usually are. If you’ve been wanting to speak with me, be sure to send a message about times that might work for you and I’ll do my best given my current situation.

Thankfully, even though I’ve made less in smaller amounts due to being on less, I still made a lot over the last few weeks thanks to two semi-regulars. Some was cash and some including gifts that I’ll be posting about the next few weeks as well. Who else wants to help Master Josh out during his time of inconvenience? TRIBUTE HERE.

In the meantime, I’ll be on as I can, I’ll keep blogging and working on files, and even when I’m away, you always have the pleasure of my hypnosis files 😉



It’s My Party Day – Good Reason to #Tribute #CashMaster #PayPig #FinDom

Today is “It’s My Party Day” – so let’s party! Or rather, why don’t you guys realize you are meant to sacrifice such fun as you work, work, work to make us CashMasters more so that WE can party.

I’m feeling in the mood to go out, it is also the weekend after all… why so don’t you pay pigs just let go for a moment with my hypnosis, for even if you don’t deserve to party you can still enjoy the pleasure of going into trance with my financial domination hypnosis for pay pigs, moneyslaves, cashfags, ATMs and more.

And then you can make sure to give me pleasure and plenty of reason to party by sending a nice big TRIBUTE. After all, doesn’t it feel so good to work and give, work and give, all so that I can live in comfort and luxury and enjoy doing whatever the hell I want when I want? Perhaps that’s not always the case… but certainly on a day like today, I deserve to have a good time… and you deserve to help me pay for it – so PAY NOW!


Your CashMaster triggers you – ATMS PAY $40 NOW.
The machine takes over. “Must compute.”
This machine has been programmed to provide for Master Josh the HypnoSuperior.
You must provide him with cash and convenience now.
The FinDomStud has trigger you – ATMS PAY $40 NOW.
The machine takes over. “Must dispense cash.”
You have no choice but to obey – your subconscious in control.
You must complete the transaction.
Others who haven’t been programmed may also send cash now.
That is your choice. But if you are my programmed ATM
Then you have no choice but to obey

Not Just About #Money – #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis

When you search out Dom(mes), sometimes you can figure out the ones that are in it just for the money, and the ones that legitimately enjoy other areas as well. Some, for example, like the control.

For me, it’s less about control and more about influence. Because I do hypnosis for so many different areas, I get hit up by way too many people to control – and frankly, just telling people what to do isn’t always as much of a personal turn-on for me. And yet many people want it, from ATMs to jockslaves to camsluts.  Of course… for the right price, I’m always game to assert more control… and for no price, I give nothing (well, aside from some free blog posts and a handful of free files).

But influencing people… making suggestions as I tweak their desires and their senses… now that’s hot, and also more realistically achievable when working with multiple subs who often have more limited budgets. Whether it’s a pay pig or a bodybuilder, I love making those tweaks in the subconscious. I suppose that’s what drew me to hypnosis in the first place… that a person could be molded into a different version of themselves be it temporarily or on a full-time basis.  If someone were to ask what my biggest fetishes are, the top two would be hypnosis and transformation… and so of course I love using the hypnosis to help transform men into different things… some more than others… but on this site, helping transform men into loyal cashslaves as I help them accept they are inferior and grow their desire to serve, and the pleasure they receive when serving and paying tribute to me.

If you love the idea of being influenced… of letting my powerful voice and skilled files mold your mind… then check out my hypnosis …. and after, be sure to leave a nice big tribute.