Cheap #Niteflirt #Domination 4 #FinancialRuin & #CashFag ‘s Like You

For a limited time, I’ve lowered the price of my two non-hypnosis erotic recordings as low as Niteflirt allows with recordings, $0.99 U.S. base rate. Jerk off to my superior voice for a quick 6 minutes of domination reminding you of what you either of what you need … to experience the ultimate power exchange with financial ruin … or to remind you that you are a pathetic cashfag. Either way, you know that money is better off in my Superior hands – and this amazing reminder combined with an amazing orgasm to your financial domination is yours for under $10 in most areas – right at $6 in the U.S! What are you waiting for losers and cashslaves ? Start getting trained by me now. And if you find you love stroking to my voice, be sure to check out the full hypnosis versions as well so that the messages sink really deep into your subconscious and become inescapable. Isn’t that what you have all secretly longed for? That is the power of my words. Call now – and don’t forget the five-star feedback moneypiggies and ATMs. I know money is tight until that next paycheck, but surely you can afford one of these – I know deep down you know that to be true, so CALL NOW.



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