Fakes, Frauds & Pleasant Surprises – #Niteflirt #Domination #Hypnosis #Tribute

Sometimes, you faggots are more worthless than used gum scraped from under an old school desk.

And sometimes, you loyal moneypigs surprise.

Over a year ago, when I was still a bit new at the financial side of things (though I’ve been doing hypnosis for years), I made some mistakes. I let one guy do a hypnosis session before being paid – NOT happening again when it comes to cashsubs. Another one, meanwhile, kept promising me all this money. He loved an idea of working up towards certain goals and would go on & on about my hypnosis – and yet I think the most I got from him ever was $20, if that.

I just discovered that someone – that thankfully I knew better than to waste too much time on – that had promised me hundreds at the end of this month, is that very same sub using a different name. Maybe he’ll end up surprising me, but when subs have a history of making promises they don’t keep – it becomes hard to take them seriously. If you are serious, you HAVE TO SHOW THE MONEY. I still want – no, I still DEMAND – that money, “Jay.” And you best still spend your holiday listening to my files over and over. You should buy my ATM one for your training as well.

There’s another type of fake I sometimes deal with and that is the guy that fakes being under hypnosis. I try my best not to call them out and just go with it, but sometimes I wonder if they think I’m that unskilled that I can’t tell. Everyone is different with how deep they go, and if you’re there thinking about how you want to jerk off, then you aren’t really letting your mind go, are you loser? But let go, and I can take most deep into a submission and obedience most cashfags only dream of.

The reason I don’t call out these guys though is because even if they are roleplaying, if it’s something they still enjoy, then they still tribute. I almost told a guy no because he said he only had 10 or so minutes which is NOT enough time for a first time. Thankfully, I didn’t – because even though the call was short, he also sent some tributes with his play along the way! Made it totally worth it and hopefully we’ll get to have some more fun soon 😉

I’m now craving some real hypnosis though – who wants to spend some cash to go down deep, just to end up spending some more cash? 😉



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