No, I (Mostly) Don’t Read Scripts #Niteflirt #Hypnosis #Findom

I had someone tell me that it sounded like I was reading from a script. If I am not recording a file, I want to reassure you that I am not…. in most cases.

The one exception is with hypnosis when I do a technique utilizing words like “Right”/”Left” a lot. This is meant to be spoken faster, and I don’t quite have any of these down. The response to those that have listened to my files though is that they love this bit and how it helps them to go truly deep, so I throw it in if it seems somebody is really interested in hypnosis.

Everything else though? Off the cuff. Now, that’s not to say I don’t repeat some of the same lines from the files, but that’s because I know they work. I know they work because I have used them hundreds of times during sessions. And using them this much has allowed me to memorize them. When I read from a script for an induction? I was doing free sessions for practice, years ago. Of course now I charge, because I know I have improved – my feedback proves that, not just on NF but if you look at the raves/testimonials pages of my various sites.  My time is valuable, so I’m not going to give this away for free, especially to a loser like you. But, even as I get deep into your head and remind you how inferior you are – I am also a respectful guy. And so when you’re being charged per minute, I want to get you as deep as possible as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, I can’t just say “Sleep” and you’re there.

However, if I say the full trigger phrase after you’ve listened to my files on a regular basis, that might work. That’s why I offer several free ones across my different sites. I know not everyone will see this before they see a listing, but if you do, please listen to a free file first to see how you’d like my style. I hope those that don’t, allow themselves to not be hung up on my techniques but to let those words just relax them. For once they let go…. that is when I get to the good stuff 😉

And even if you’re not into hypnosis – communicate. If you’re going to work with a Flirt, perhaps send them a message first letting them know what you’re into. I know sometimes you just want a quick jerk then and there, and sometimes people just aren’t a good match … but the best sessions I’ve had are from subs that really opened up to me about what they wanted… and that allowed me to use that go get in their minds, and open them up a bit more to what I want 😉  Even the ones that I haven’t hypnotized, if we can get on the same page then I can talk up that hot fantasy….

I know this isn’t the type of post many of you want… I will have more stuff coming soon… but sometimes this is the stuff that needs said. Just as sometimes you simply need to tribute me, for no other reason than to show that you respect what a thoughtful Superior I can be 😉

One thought on “No, I (Mostly) Don’t Read Scripts #Niteflirt #Hypnosis #Findom”

  1. nice po$t!
    when somebody still has the capability of thinking whether a text might be read out or not instead of letting those tempting words sink in, you better be trying to listen again and again and ag…zzzZZZzzzZZZ 😉 making it finally work.

    lost track of the number of times i seem to have fallen asleep while listening to that deep voice. and yes, one can’t sleep during those left-right-stories, completely losing track of directions etc., just letting it all happen.

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