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Good news! I’ve decided to make the majority of the pay-per-call recordings available as MP3s. Having been new to Niteflirt and never having done pay-per-call before, I wanted to give them a try for a month. It’s become clear that my longer hypnosis isn’t a great fit for pay-per-call, though I have left three longer files – two of the financial domination games and my well-received Orgasmic Edge recording. I also will leave the 6-minute jerks as pay-per-call.

So what is now an MP3? A whopping 19 other recordings!

On this site on the Hypnosis page:
Wor$hip * The Ultimate Gift ($14,000/year) *  Mindless Moneygiver (dumbed down to tribute) * My Ga$ Pedal * Let’s Go Shopping * Financial Ruin * Cash Fag

On the PigMesmerizer site:
Sex Pig * Bootlicking Footrest * Suck Training (Thumbsucker, Cocksucker) * Real You: Leather Edition * Real You: Rubber Edition

On the JockMesmerizer site:
Make the Team (Locker Room Initiation) * Serve at Coach’s Feet * Mindless Muscle Growth * Neanderthal Muscle * Perfect Jock for Coach * Muscle Slave Training * Real You: Jockstrap Edition

Prices for my erotic files fall between $20 and $30. And of course I still have my other hypnosis mp3s available on all three of these Niteflirt compliant site as well – including free samples. There’s no reason for you to not be experiencing my superior voice.

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