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I added some testimonials tonight to the raves page, with text taken straight from My Niteflirt profile and the abundance of five-star feedback I have received. (This was public information already, but if you’d like your name removed, just contact Me).  A few subs with longer responses, I will post about in the near future. For now, here’s some of what was added!

“Master Josh is a true hypnotist. He really puts you under and gets in your head.” “I am devoted to Master. He has molded me to be his.” “Being under hypnosis, I have become Master’s boy. I am so lucky.”
– Str8worshiper

“Satisfied long-term customer. Your deep masculine voice is so relaxing and chilling that I tend to drift away, sucking in all the information just like in a trance.”
– SuPERMad

“It is amazing to tribute The HypnoSuperior!” “I can’t wait to tribute more! So pleasurable and humiliating!” “The more i pay the more pleasure I feel. The more pleasure i feel the more i pay. Hypno Superior owns this poppers fag”.

“Hot trance.”
– nfcs

“The start of a delicious slow drain and programming for Master’s ATM.” “Feels so right to submit to Ma$ter.” “Ma$ter is deepening his hold.”

“Love this is a real guy, awesome at hypno. he takes a minute to feel comfortable with subs but once he understands what you want, he gives a great session.” “He’s a hypno pro if you give him the time to take you deep.”
– muscle2bhypno

“Because he worth it.” “For the pleasure of My GOD.”
– pierre 

“It is great, to serve Master Josh, the Hypno Superior. i love his hypnotic voice, that leads me very good into trance.”
– markus52

“Very hot.”
– PetesB

“WOW! You are great, Master!!” “Thanks a lot, that was hot! … THE BEST!”
– kinkythomas

If you haven’t checked out all the raves, you may do so here. Have some feedback for Me? I always love five-star feedback left for Me on Niteflirt, but you can also e-mail Me and request that your name / screenname be listed as you wish, in order to remain anonymous. Although I don’t always have time to respond to everyone properly, I do always love hearing your praises – and appreciate suggestions for files and the like as well.  Just e-mail hypnosuperior@gmail.com. Want to leave some 5-star feedback now? You can do it with any paid mail, so you might as well tribute as well!

#CashSlave Testimonials for My #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis & #FinDom Recordings – Rave Reviews

Catching up on some more feedback and testimonials… don’t forget cashmaster loves your positive feedback. If you wish to send in other feedback, or wish to leave some anonymously, you can contact me privately. The below is taken directly from Niteflirt and is already publicly viewable on there:

From Live Listings & Main Profile:
“Excellent call for Master Josh, paying Him is so right, giving Him his money to make his life easier is my pleasure. So deep hypnosis, so helpful with things I needed to work on, so beneficial to go deep. Wow! Just mind-blowingly deep.” “Such a great call, feel so good even now. slave loves to please Master Josh, His power and hypnotic control always takes me deeper where it always feels right to submit to Master Josh.”

“never felt soooo Content and happy with serving a Master like Master Josh make me feel!!! thanks soooo much Master for for that really great honour!!!” “it is such a honour for this inferior to get attention from Master Josh, with only a few words he show you how superior he is and u will love it!!! try it, u will not regret ;)”
– david33os

“Master Josh knows how to get deep into my natural sub-inferior mind and remind me that my purpose in life is to serve a superior mind like his and give him pleasure.” “I crave serving Master Josh, the HypnoSuperior and Financial Domination STUD. His power over me grows with each time I submit to his superior voice. His pleasure is my pleasure.” “Wow! As always the HypnoSuperior gets inside my mind and makes me know my true purpose in life, which is to give him pleasure. Some of us were born inferior, others superior, and he has the ability to show us the truth.”
– JoshWorshipper

“Amazed by playing my first findomstud ATM recording. Not sure I ought to come back, but I know I want to.”
– adrian1479

“2 weeks into enslavement with Master Josh and its the best feeling ever! Thank you Master Josh for enslaving me into a cash slave for you! gives me a purpose in life and a reason to live.” “Thank you for owning me and giving my life a purpose being your cash slave.. Thank you posting my gift on your blog Sir! hope you like it and looking forward to be more and more enslaved by you Sir”
– chinkfagsg

“It makes me happy to send the green to Master Josh.”
– queerbank

“Great chat with a man who knows exactly what I need.” “Always a hot call with Josh, such a smooth voice.” “The Best Hypno option on Niteflirt a genuine good guy who knows how and where to take you.”
– Boss Hodg

From Financial Confusion Mindfuck Recording:
“Good confusion induction/training. It is good to just let His words make us feel good.it is easy to be good and good to be easy.”
– DHSslave

From Loser Faggot (Master Josh Version) Affirmations:
“This exactly the mantra I have been searching for, to make me hear it and say it every one of these degrading words. Thank You Master Josh. More of this please!!”
– loserfaggot

From Financial Ruin Affirmations:
“This is the first affirmation which I bought from Master Josh’s series and this is mind blowing LOVE IT.. worth every second of it.. want to give Master Josh my everything! You are God and you deserve everything!!”
– chinkfagsg

From CashFag Erotic Hypnosis:
“Another excellent audio from the Master.”
– Whateverguy2

From Wor$hip $ervice Erotic Hypnosis:
“So hot”
– chgokink

From Chastity: One With Device Hypnosis
“Fantastic. The perfect thing to make you want it and need it. You’ll find yourself in chastity before you know and you’ll know it is right. ”
– chgokink

Discover what these subs, ATMs, and fags have already discovered:
Read more Raves here
Check out my Hypnosis Here
Check out my Recordings Here

And of course, you can help support the creation of more great recordings by sending a nice big tribute here.


#CashMaster Josh’s Rave Reviews – #FinancialDomination

I updated the Raves page before I left. Here are some of the new additions, culled from Niteflirt feedback:

“WOW if you want hypnosis contact him.” “Never ever has someone taken me so deep.” “Amazing man with a great voice that gets in deep.”

“I am overpowered by Master Josh’s (Hypno Superior) hypno skill and glad to be conditioned by him to contribute to his pleasure! Each time I give to him, it is a pleasure and I look forward to the next trigger.”

“It always feels right to tribute Master Josh again and again. I find myself excited even reading about OTHER inferiors tributing the hypno superior, helping my GOD have the life he, as a superior, deserves!”
– JoshWorshipper

(Regarding Ca$h Fag 6-Minute Jerk):
“Very hot…intense humiliating jerk off fun…”

(Regarding $1000 Can You Outlast? Game)
“This game is always intense. Trying to resist cumming while Master keeps pushing subliminal messages to make fag blow.”

(Regarding Faggot Beratement Recorded Listing)
“Knows how to keep a faggot in place”

“Total unrelenting verbal abuse…”

(Regarding Small Cock Loser Recorded Listing)
“Well, hypnosuperior sure has me pegged! As a small cock loser I know I’m not good for much, which is why I come here to serve a true alpha superior domination stud!”

(Regarding Ca$hfag Castigation Recorded Listing)
“Makes me want to give it all to him.”

(Regarding Poppers PTVs):
“Poppers make the payment buttons more intense.”

(Regarding Live Calls, TheMesmerizer profile):
“A great call, Josh took me right into my fantasy and had me obeying every command. A great experience to loose my load.”
– Boss Hodg

“Damn hot call. This guy has a great voice and attitude. He was very good at getting me to let go. I will definitely call back.”
– Gunner8

“Great call, hypnotic, addictive, ecstatic, erotic & intoxicating, the more you talk with Master Josh, the deeper he bores into your mind compelling you to submit until the subjugation grows stronger & stronger.”
– thesteve

I love getting all this amazing feedback from you all and always encourage you to leave it. Even if you’d rather just leave it blank, those five star ratings help others notice My profile – which helps Me take more cash from losers!

I do ask that one keeps in mind that part of the success for the live calls was communication … these guys had the minutes in their accounts so we could really chat about what turned them on, and use that to both of our advantage as I took their cash while getting them off. Work with me, and I’ll work with you … if in doubt, message me first about your fantasies and desires.

And, sadly I’ll be offline this next week anyway due to travels… but in a week I’ll be back, ready for more sessions and to launch more great recordings and other content I’m sure will make your inferior dicks hard. And a few more blog posts in queue so you still feel My presence even when I’m away using your ca$h to enjoy Myself 😉

Good Day for #FinancialDomination

Actually, it’s been a good week – and a great day. I’m going out tonight, or I’d wait to post this closer towards the end of the night (of course, always the chance for more files / etc. to be purchased before the night is done, even if I’m not online, so maybe there will be more). And to think…. none of this was from the ATM trigger either. Rather, most of it was some fun with the games.

HypnoSuperiorNF GoodDay 06062015

Would you like to add to my total? Tribute here.

New #faggot & #cashfag recordings – #financialdomination #humiliation

Four of my short 6-minute recordings have finally been approved by Niteflirt! Each of the four is $1.89/minute (may vary by country). Given NF has a connection fee and that recordings only earn 50%, anything less is you cashraping me – and we don’t want that.

The two most relevant to this site include (click the green hyperlinks for more & to call):
Ca$hFag Ca$tigation – Where I give out abuse to faggots needing to remember that I deserve their fucking money.
Faggot Beratement – General verbal abuse of pathetic faggots.

Of course, these and a few other upcoming Pay-Per-Calls aren’t truly representative of my more mild natured but HYPNOTIC self… but if you like it and want it live, just let me know faggot. I’m not a fucking mindreader, but if I know you just want an all-out verbal assault, I’ll do my best to put you down in your fucking place.

The two other recordings are for TheMesmerizer profile:
Jock Bro Invasion – Stroke along as the inner jock inside of you pushes out all doubt and invades your mind to leave you that awesome, body-focused, horny simple Alpha jock stud you long to be.
Into a Muscle Freak: Muscle Growth Roleplay – Imagine your muscles getting bigger with each stroke… your pecs… your arms… etc…. and then imagine they keep growing. (This is non-hypnotic but just roleplay – if you wish to feel hypnotic growth, check out the MP3s at http://jockmesmerizer.com).

I must admit I’m somewhat disappointed in Niteflirt’s phone system. The .wav files I uploaded sound inferior to the versions I have recorded on my computer – it must be their phone system. Still, having shorter .wavs to start with (as opposed to the longer ones, or edited down from longer ones from before) does seem to have a marginal improvement in the sound. I just hope any callers also try out some of my free mp3s to see the difference, and to know that the difference is courtesy of Niteflirt.

Anyway, what are you waiting for? I know your fagdick is already twitching to hear what I’ve recorded…. so go ahead and call, and leave me some amazing feedback once you realize just how my creative mind is truly helping to put you in your lowly place.

#ATMs #Cashfags #PayPigs – Payments for #FinancialDomination #Tribute

One of the biggest questions I get asked is about alternative payments – but this is a Niteflirt-linked site (meaning I link from my profiles there to this site) and therefore must abide by their rules – that everything (contact, payment, etc.) goes through Niteflirt. Therefore I must tread a bit lightly with the subject of this post, but I think it’ll be obvious to NF that I am abiding by their rules – for even as I discuss other methods, I’m not giving out payment links/etc. – in fact, I’m not even saying that I have other options, just that there’s one that I used to utilize prior to joining Niteflirt.

I hesitate to write this old payment place out by its full name…  And I’m not saying that just because of the rules of having a Niteflirt compliant site… I am saying that all you stupid fags and slaves that love that one service so much…  the one with the initials P… P… you really need to be looking elsewhere, such as Niteflirt. Perhaps you work with a cashmaster that’s not on NF and loves that other service… but if he at all self-promotes online as I do; if you at all leave notes “tribute for you Master,” etc.; if you like to send multiple tributes over the course of a session – any of this leads to the risk of him being banned, and his accounts frozen for six months. Any cash that’s still in there would be unusable until much later.

I have heard of one guy not on NF who has multiple accounts open using fake names/etc., but P.. P… has upped its game in what it requires for verification in order to withdraw cash and so that’s not a viable option for many. I had thought myself lucky though that I had an old account open, so that when my new account was banned… I still had one account I could use. I just had to be much more careful with it. (on a funny note, the reasoning for the first one said they don’t allow their service to be used by “financial dommes” – so I didn’t think they’d really looked at things that closely.

The second time though, I was careful with what subs said and did with the account. I never allowed more than two payments be sent in one session. I didn’t mention the site on a website I had that wasn’t linked to NF. However, I did mention the e-mail to use with other payment options – and P.. P.. had found the mention of this e-mail on a site they had already become familiar with from when they banned the first one, and though there was absolutely no way for them to know just how I had used their service, the linking of that e-mail to such a site was enough for them to ban the second one.

I could list you a slew of other alternatives … a few US only, but some worldwide … that I’ve never had issues with, though I both can’t due to NF terms and due to own being afraid that these other sites might follow in P…P…’s footsteps. And they may have their reasons, no matter how frustrating it is. Perhaps too many fag losers balked about how much they got raped, or overdid it on credit cards past limits, and the site balked at chargeback fees and the like. But it’s not just them either – it’s the credit cards they work with, and that includes not just financial domination, but erotic hypnosis.

You see, even other fetish sites don’t allows allow hypnosis talk if they take credit card payments because though you can find all sorts of books & CDs about hypnosis on retail sites/etc., when it comes to the sexual it is considered a very dirty word. The reason has to do with the idea of a person being taken advantage of while not fully coherent and not able to give true consent. While I do get this sentiment, as any form of rape shouldn’t be condoned by credit card companies, it goes a bit too far to not allow erotic hypnosis. Things like my files are things people CHOOSE to listen to. Sometimes we include fantasy stuff that’s not mainstream, with the use of “cashrape” often used in financial domination, but everyone is fully aware of what’s going on.  The erotic files are mainly a way for people to get off, and yet a site can talk about cashmasters, wallet rape, faggots, etc. and be allowed to say all that by the credit cards – yet not have hypnosis. One site banned me altogether while another allowed me to stay, but all references to hypnosis had to be removed.

And so then sometimes a sub comes and asks, “Can I pay this way?” and they think I’m being a dick for saying NO. Or don’t get why I’m getting upset when I’ve tried explaining this at least five other times to them, and they still wish to do it. But guess what? You are the dick if you can’t be flexible enough to find a different service that I do accept, which on here is only NF. Afraid of your wife seeing the statement? Well, here’s an idea… get a pre-paid card. If using that certain service is because you like the secrecy, then there are ways to do it with NF too … and in fact, you stay more anonymous on NF than you do on the others. And in terms of visiting the Niteflirt site, you can always delete your browsing history, cookies, etc. and also most browsers have incognito window options these days.

And if you then go on about how you love P…P… to an experienced Cashmaster who’s had his share of drama with that company just as I have, you’re going to either encounter a guy that just wants as much money now regardless of how he gets it, hoping for his best… or someone that’s in it for the long haul that wants to abide by the rules, even if it means turning down some subs along the way. And I’m in this for the long haul, hoping to make many more files this year and for many years to come. And really… YOU ARE INFERIOR. It shouldn’t matter at all what you prefer. And what you prefer should NEVER come before the livelihood of a Master. So even if there were to be a Cashmaster out there who does have a P…P… he uses for a separate legit business, you should NOT be offended when he says you can’t use that for him, or gives you restrictions on how much you can use it. If you don’t want the restrictions, then GO TO NITEFLIRT! Seriously!

Now, NF does take out more fees on my end, but having looked into multiple options of where to host my erotic hypnosis, other options either also wouldn’t allow it (some I could try at the risk of getting banned, then starting over AGAIN); while other options were quite spendy as it’d only be allowed in a high-risk category… which for big producers with the money for that, great; but as a one-man start-up doing his own thing, it wasn’t viable. Some of the shopping cart options also required more programming knowledge than I had, and hiring someone was again not an option for me at this point.

Niteflirt then, despite it’s fees, has given me something that the other options couldn’t provide.
1) Minimal Set-Up Costs – really just my time to make content and such, and a little bit of advertising.
2) Ability to freely advertise Erotic Hypnosis – something I can’t even do on some other fetish sites … and as you know, it’s my specialty.
3) Ease of use – it’s not too hard to copy html from Niteflirt and paste on one’s website for a payment button.
4) More peace of mind that I won’t get caught for doing financial domination, such as if a sub wants to send multiple tributes during a session.

Now, I do still have to be careful, as Niteflirt also can ban people that break their protocols. Usually they give their warnings first. I was hired to do a custom file for a sexual act and edited a version down to sell, and though it was an innocent mistake, I forgot to double check the NF terms. It just didn’t occur to me that it was an act they’d have a problem with. That’s why I was struggling the other day when I asked for humiliation ideas… some of the best ideas involve things that I can’t really mention on NF, so then I was hoping for some creative alternatives. It’s also why on some things they did allow, I have been very clear on the content… for example I am clear that any pup play files are about ADULT HUMAN ROLEPLAY and nothing more than that. And there are certain things I’d like to see, such as certain changes to the feedback policy and some banner ads aimed at gay/bi customers.

In general though, I am grateful that Niteflirt has allowed me a place to host my files and given me the ability to get payments from ATMs, poppers fags, losers and more in exchange for my services. I couldn’t do this without them which is why I do strongly hope that if I ever mess up, that they work with me on simply making clear what I need to do better. I do hope this post hasn’t talked too much about competition – again, I’m not giving out any links, e-mails, or anything like that. Just spelling out my experiences that led to Niteflirt, and why I am very happy that a site such as Niteflirt does exist as I make more fetish hypnosis files in the very future.

The benefits of being on Niteflirt far outweigh any negatives, and I think a smart sub will find that it’s a good alternative for them to enjoy a wider variety of payment options and fun as well.

Availability Reminder for #Niteflirt #Hypnosis #FinancialDomination Chat

If you don’t catch me within the next 24 hours – by sometime Sunday evening – I’ll be signing off through the first week of January and returning to normal sometime around the 8th or so.

Though my average earnings are bound to go down with my upcoming unavailability, at least they went up in great ways thanks to my ATMS, my hypnosis fans, and taking advantage of a cashfag or two and their weak little minds that simply need to pay. The one on the right is for TheMesmerizer profile – up 203% this last week (they reset on Saturdays) – while HypnoSuperior saw even more awesome results, up 319%. And this is just the Niteflirt stuff 😉

HypnoSuperior 319Percent NF
TheMesmerizer 203Percent NF Goal

Though my travels will leave me lacking time, privacy, Internet, and a good cell signal, I will have some posts in queue and have big plans for when I return. Let’s keep this momentum going pay pigs 😉

Taking #Advantage of Those with #FinancialFetish & #Hypnosis

Tuesday, I posted a bit about enjoying taking advantage of those that have the financial fetish. I wanted to elaborate a bit on that. I’ve had a couple hypnosis subs say they enjoyed my other files (such as for fitness) so much, that they were tempted to try my financial domination files. This is not my intent, or something I enjoy. If you enjoy my hypnosis but don’t have this interest, do not let the desire to please tempt you into listening. Stick to listening to those files that fit within your interests.

When I am paid for a one-on-one session, that is being paid for a service just as if one had paid a masseur. And while I certainly welcome those I work with in other areas to leave tips or donations to help support the costs of my sites, I consider that as helping to support an artist or author you like, and not as financial domination. I also believe in honesty, which is why all financial domination files are clearly marked. Should any sub choose to listen to them and be impacted by them, that is their choice. But it is not something I encourage, unless you have prior interest in financial domination.

This also separates me from a few predatory hypnotists that have financial elements in their files that are not disclosed, and sometimes not even obvious because the early files perhaps include elements of being dumbed down or giving up control – often both – and the predatory hypnotist then uses that combination of factors to their advantage. I know some of you probably think that’s hot, but that is NOT how I operate.

That said, for those of you that are into this fetish… I want you to listen to my files and see how you respond. That’s why I do provide a few free ones. If you’re going to be giving your cash away, then why not to a hypnotic God who has mastered a skill that can manipulate your mind and dominate your will? The thought of taking advantage of you actually makes me a bit hard.

And I think that’s part of what it boils down to for me… the enjoyment I get from hypnosis is not imposing my will on others, but seeing subs overcome their hesitations as they fully embrace their desires and enjoy their interest or fetish more than they ever felt possible. I love it when a sub into fitness tells me that they used to dread the gym but look forward to it now because the workouts feel so good. I love it when a guy into pup play tells me that he was able to let go more fully into the headspace than ever before. I love it when a guy that enjoys being a slave tells me how good it feels to let go and obey his Master or Mistress more easily than ever thanks to my hypnosis. And I love it when a financial sub says something (as one of my ATMs recently told me): “I never knew paying somebody could feel so good. I’m going to be paying you for a long time to come.”

Some people do have multiple interests… I do have a couple jocks into the financial domination fetish, and that’s fine. But hypnosis works best with your interests, and I as a hypnotist feel much better about myself when we are working towards your interests. Financial domination can be a dangerous, addictive, and even destructive path that isn’t for everybody, and it’s not one I aim to lure anyone down.

However, if you are already going down this path, then my eyes widen up with excitement at the thought of using you to fatten my wallet. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … if you’re going to give your cash away, it might as well be to someone who can truly get in your head and make you feel such a rush whenever you tribute me. Even when you’re sending that cash of your own “free will” and choosing your own amount to put in, you might realize later… “wow that’s more then I meant to send, but it just felt so good.”

By the way, it seems that whenever a sub does want me to say an amount, either I say too much and they end up giving nothing (I am greedy!) or I say too little and they say I could have asked for more. It grows a bit tiresome, and that is part of why I do often prefer a sub enter his own amount. But even if I’m generic in just saying you want to give more, I very much love to encourage all of that… that if you do have this financial fetish, then it just feels so good to give me cash because My pleasure is your pleasure. The more I get, the more I am pleased. The more I am pleased, the more you are pleased. Therefore, you are pleased to give me more. The right amount of cash isn’t an amount… it’s simply, always, “More.” And you never have to wait to send it. You don’t need to be ordered or commanded or triggered or have it suggested. You can simply GIVE IN AND GIVE. And then you can GIVE MORE.

A few of you might be disappointed to read that I’m not completely evil, and others on the hypnosis side would frown upon me exploring this area at all.  The latter can at least try to respect that if there is any dignity for someone that takes money from others, at least I am honest and only encourage it with those that are already into financial domination. The former can then enjoy knowing that despite a “nice” side that tries to retain some integrity, I do love to get in the heads of those of you with this fetish and program you accordingly 😉

If you have enjoyed my hypnosis but are not into financial domination, you can still send a tribute as a gift of support for my work… but in terms of listening to my hypnosis, stick to the files on jockmesmerizer.com and pigmesmerizer.com … and those of you that are ready for a truly warped mind that also warps your bank account, go ahead if you dare and check out the files on the hypnosis page… then after I’ve properly influenced your mind, keep on listening more and more as you feel how amazing it feels to listen and tribute, and then to send me MORE 😉


#RaisetheRate #Niteflirt #Hypnosis

Those that follow this blog know I’m not an aggressive Master, instead preferring to subtly get in your head and make suggestions of pleasures, desires, and more all I remind you of how Superior I am with my hypnosis talent and skill. But the other day did a raise-the-rate for the first time and had some fun doing it… of course, the man was hypnotized and begging me to raise the rate, rather than me being aggressive about it… yet it still ended up in over $200 of calls (and that’s after the Niteflirt fees). Here’s hoping for more of the same soon 😉

New #Erotic #Hypnosis #MP3 for #Muscle Growth & #Worship #Niteflirt

Though this is my financial domination site, I also will use this as a platform to let my hypnosis fans know when I have other new files done as well – and that is the case with a new goody bag uploaded to my TheMesmerizer profile titled “Muscle Worship & Growth Fantasy.”

Running just over 23 minutes long and priced at $22.99, here is the description:
“This stroke fantasy session finds you and your average body working out in a gym next to a buff, muscular bodybuilder whose physique you wish you could worship. You finish & head to the locker room where you find a bottled potion with a note saying it’ll grow your own muscles – so you take it. But just how big will you grow – and what if it has other side effects? If it does work, will it be enough for that bodybuilding hunk to notice you? It’s all part of the fun in this mp3 designed for the enjoyment of men into muscle worship and/or muscle growth, with a small side effect that it does encourage you to work out towards the end to truly get some big muscle.”

Visit http://jockmesmerizer.com for more of my erotic hypnosis offerings for jocks and muscle available through NiteFlirt.

#Pay Up or Shut Up – #Cashmaster #FinancialDomination

I’m glad to answer questions and such… but there comes a point where it goes from being friendly inquiry to wasting time. I know some Masters that don’t even chat with subs unless they pay up first. I will, because I understand subs want to know what they’re getting. But eventually it gets to the point of “pay up or shut up!”

Sometimes a sub even promises money is coming… but some fags are lowly liars with empty promises. Call them out on it though – chew them out for that time wasting – and you are giving them exactly what they want for free.

If any subs don’t understand that they need to pay to keep talking to a Master, then they surely don’t know their place. Though some like me are friendlier Doms and welcome questions, while other Doms have a no tolerance policy, it still comes down to the sub to prove that they are worth the Superior’s time.

Because there are many more subs than Masters, even answering simple messages might not seem like much to a sub, but adds up to a lot of time for a Superior like me… time that could be better spent doing things that actually make me money. Of course, it’s that chance that a sub will pay but wants to establish trust first that I am not one of those Masters with a no tolerance policy and do chat with inferiors for a bit. But eventually – especially when countless questions keep getting asked that I’ve already answered – I have to say, “PAY UP OR SHUT UP.”

If you don’t pay, degradation doesn’t come your way – you simply get ignored.

Love My Recurring #Cashslaves – #FinancialDomination

I often am asked how many regulars I have. The truth is, I have far more “semi-regulars” and, their brags aside, I think the same is true for most cashmasters.

There are a couple reasons for this. One is that cashslaves aren’t made out of money – though don’t I wish I could find a sugarslave! 😉 Some are content with small regular tributes but others prefer the rush of a big spend – but that means they need to then retreat until they build back up.

Another reason is some just like to go from master to master because they have no loyalty. Some masters they’ll never go back to, for they realize those masters don’t provide them with the thrill, humiliation, pleasure, or other feeling they are seeking. But some do, and those they return to.

My hypnosis has a way of getting in a sub’s head. Even if it’s been a while, it doesn’t take much for them to think about what they really crave deep down…. how they know deep within that they want to just let go and give in to my programming. There is a need deep inside to give…. a desire deep inside to provide for a Superior…. a craving deep down within themselves to allow a Dominant man inside their heads… fuck with their minds a little… and remind them just exactly why they love to keep coming back to me and TRIBUTE NOW.