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Remember #CashSlaves & #PayPigs: Tax Refunds Go to #CashMaster – #FinDom #Hypnosis

Many of you inferiors in the U.S. have probably received the forms you need to start paying your taxes… and if you haven’t, you should get them by the end of the month. Though some of you may be waiting until closer to the deadline, there are probably some of you that are doing taxes right away so that you get that refund. A few of you might have even already submitted and are awaiting your check or deposit.

But don’t you forget who that cash truly belongs to. If you are not paying in and are indeed getting a refund, that is an extra income source that is beyond what you need for your daily living. And that extra income should, of course, go to Master Josh.

In case you need a reminder of that:


Wishlist Wed: On #CashMaster ‘s Xmas List for #PayPigs #CashSlaves #HumanATMs #CashFags to Buy NOW

Sometimes us CashMasters and FinDoms get busy with real life. For Me, it’s quite a whammy of a month that was already busy due to holidays. Traveling for a funeral combined with unexpectedly apartment searching again (as my waiting list fell through), has left Me with less time online taking calls. I mean, I haven’t even posted this hot pic of gifts I got in November… so if Christmas is slow, I can always say it came early for Me … but I’m greedy, and of course want MORE. And I know deep down that pay pigs and cashslaves like you crave getting to give me MORE.

It’s amazing that even in these circumstances, I can still rake in cash with the sessions I do have, but I’m behind on a few things with the sites. That includes posting about earning the Christmas badge – which one can earn by sending a special $25 or higher tribute – make note via Niteflirt that it’s a Christmas tribute – and also sending Me one gift. But you best be checking my wishlist now – I’ll be traveling again for Christmas, so let’s get those presents in the mail! Be sure I know you sent a gift as your name might not match how I recognize you / screenname.

Some sample gifts on my wishlist – lots of supplement options from $10 to $30, and a range of prices on everything else:

Another way to help me out this holiday season? Help pay for the gifts I’ve bought others! That includes….
A $100 bottle of Johnnie Walker Platinum Scotch for my dad
A $40 electric griddle for my mom
Various – $15, $25, $30 – for ages I can’t mention on a NF-linked blog
?  … will probably get something else for my mom to get her total closer to the $100 range of my dad’s gift

Remember you can also send me gift cards but the best gift of all is cash – TRIBUTE NOW!

#CashMaster Takes #HumanATM #CashSlave to 10 Grand – #FinDom

I’ve had my first sub cross the $10,000 mark, and it feels fantastic. BrainwashedATM crossed it in about a year and half and we’re both hoping (since he enjoys being used by me so much) for a very nice total in 2016 that will more than double the lifelong total. We do lots of regular programming with tributes involved – you’ve seen Me post some sample session excerpts before – and the consistency combined with the hypnotic repetition pays off… for Me literally, and for BrainwashedATM with the pleasure he receives.
BrainwashedATM Sampletributes
BrainwashedATM Sampletributes2
BrainwashedATM Sampletributes3
The truth is he passed it a couple months ago with what he spent … but since Niteflirt takes 30% of most tributes/paid mails/etc., it only recently surpassed that big mark for Me. And though it might take longer with some of you, I can’t wait to help many of you cross this line in the very near future.

Work on getting closer to that line now – send a nice big tribute.

#ATMS PAY $10 NOW – #humanATM #cashslave #financialdomination

HumanATMS … some of you come and go. Those that have been most consistent, don’t always respond to this file/trigger but instead do individual sessions with me via text or voice, programming them further and deeper. I welcome your ideas to make being my ATM more exciting, and encourage those interested to listen to the file repeatedly – because it is in repetition, speaking on that deep subconscious desire, that one truly begins to change and be programmed as MY automated teller machine.

And yet, as I say ATMS PAY $10 NOW … I know those that have listened are feeling stirred, because you know deep down that is cash I deserve as your Superior. I know deep down you know that you should budget and sacrifice like the inferior you are, living on less so that I can live on more.

Whether you listened last night or two years ago, I know that programming is still there deep in your subconscious…. clinging to your desires to serve Me…. knowing that I am most worthy of that cash because only I can make you feel so good to pay Me, even when I use you as my personal ATM.

I know that it feels so right to see those words that I have left for you right on this blog… right on your screen. ATMS PAY $10 NOW. For you know you want to respond … you know you need to respond … that programming is just too strong.  The suggestions are in you, taking over even more as you read this… compelling you to obey …. compelling you to pay.

And even those of you that have never listened are beginning to sense My power… the power I have over weak fag minds like yours …. the power I have over inferior losers like you…. you find yourself craving to serve a real Superior man like Me… needing to help make My life better, as I deserve.

All of you realizing that the desire has been building even as you’ve read this post… stirring your cock at the thought of paying Me just $10 … surely any of you reading this can afford that…. and surely so many of you would love to pay even more. For you know deep down that I, Master Josh, always deserve more.

Go ahead, cashslaves and paypigs. Serve alongside my HumanATMs and tribute Me now. ATMS PAY $10 NOW!

Wishlist Wed. – #CashMaster Wants His Shows, #CashSlaves & #PayPigs Pay For Them – #findom

Last week, I mentioned a great example of using your gift cards on what I want would be highlighted this week. Well, here it is. Since moving this past winter, I haven’t had cable. That might change when I finally get to my own place (either late this year or early next year depending on the waiting list). This summer, though … with so much in repeats…  it was a great time to keep up or catch up on shows. This also gives you some insight into my tastes, for those that enjoy learning such things. I could have waited for some of these to be on Netflix, which I’m sure I’ll eventually get… and probably would have for at least 3 of these if I was trying to watch My money. But it wasn’t My money. It was yours, in the form of gift cards. Just sitting there, for Me to use however the fuck I wanted.

And even though it might have been wiser to spend them on something with more lasting power (I’m not the type to watch shows over and over), I wanted to watch these shows. Shows that I had watched when I did had cable, and wanted to keep up on as soon as possible so that I didn’t have too much spoiled for Me (avoiding those spoilers is also why I’m currently using the money I’ve drained from you to try out Sling so I can keep up on Walking Dead). I love that I’ve been able to get protein powders, workout DVDs, and fitness equipment from you all… but sometimes it’s good to take a break from the hypnosis and from the walletraping, to relax myself.

And it’s so much better getting to do so because of the comfort you provide Me. I know  all true inferiors agree with Me on that… so why don’t you keep giving Me that comfort with a nice gift card…. or even better, a big tribute.

#HumanATMs #CashFags Earn Badges, #PoppersFag #CashRape – #findom #financialdomination

One of my longest serving ATMs has recently crossed the $1000 mark for profits earned for Master Josh. Though others crossed that mark sooner, the consistent loyalty of PierreSlave is always appreciated. He  gets that even sending $20 here and there, as one can, is capable of giving us both great pleasure, and more subs should follow in his example.

Also, I realized that MasterEriksSlave had crossed the $500 total mark as well. This is the sub I train for Master Erik, but he always tips (with Master Erik’s permission) and I always encourage him to serve his one true God well, Master Erik in this case, as I act as a trainer. Though I love those that worship Me as well, other Masters that have subs into hypnosis would be wise to consider Me as a training option. Just make sure your slaves are willing to pay for a call, and I can help them feel more ready to worship and pay You.

I also had a nice little start to my morning thanks to KinkPoppersSlave – now over the $3500 mark – and I look forward to continuing this all week … hope your wallets are preparing to open for Me 😉
HS PoppersSlave 11082015

You can add to my weekly total here.


#CashMaster Loves When #PayPigs #CashSlaves #HumanATMS Addicted

Tuesday even, I got a call from a sub who has a boyfriend… he told me how he couldn’t wait until his boyfriend left so that he could call Me. Our calls are often short and the amounts vary, but this past time was a quick $60 plus the call for Me. I loved getting paid by him, but it was even hotter to hear him tell Me that he couldn’t wait to call Me.

My current #1 humanATM (what big spenders are going to challenge him for that spot?) also is addicted to Me. We had a couple false starts this week as we’d catch each other too late at night. But Wednesday we were able to have a nice session earlier in the day…. scoring Me $200. I love using his addiction to paying Me for my own gain and benefit, and he loves that I use him… for that is his addiction.

In fact, he was so addicted, that he came back that night for another $200 session… $400 before fees for Master Josh. And my brainwashedATM, I know that felt so good for you.

I know some of you would love to become addicted to Me too. Go ahead… give my hypnosis a try.  Then be a good paypig and add to my weekly total here.

HS Tributes 11042015

Wishlist Wed. – #CashMaster Needs & Wants Taken Care of by #CashFags #PayPigs #MoneySlaves #HumanATMs

Sometimes it’s the glamorous gifts… and sometimes it’s using your gift card money for the small things I need or want. For example, printer ink as a need. And in the past, plenty of water enhancers as a want (I’ve since -mostly- kicked the habit as I try to eat and drink healthier). As I prepare to move to a new place (delayed after finding an apartment I like with a waiting list), there’ll be more of the needs added. Sure, they won’t all be glamorous… some will be things like cleaning supplies that I had at one point, but lost moving across the country twice. But isn’t it so much better when you moneyslaves and cashfags make sure that I don’t have to waste My money on such things, and can instead spend that cash I’ve drained from you… however I’d like? Because even if it’s a small thing I want – and another great example of this will come next week – it’s what I deserve. That luxury of getting what I want, when I want.


And although I won’t add some of the really big stuff until I move, wouldn’t you love to furnish my New place? I’ll need plenty of new furniture – bed, table, sofa. I don’t need you to buy it for Me … I can survive with or without you… but it’d be fucking hot if you did. Imagine, knowing that whenever Cashmaster Josh sat down to eat or watch TV, He was doing it on something you bought Him …. bought Me. If your dick is twitching at the thought, then you need to get past the fear of spending too much. My move coming up will be the perfect time to get out your credit cards.

#ATMS PAY $35 NOW – #humanATM #cashslave #paypig #cashmaster #findom #financialdomination


You are programmed to be My HumanATM.
You are programmed to serve and obey Master Josh.
The trigger grows stronger over you every day.
The trigger grows more powerful with each use.


It feels so right to be used by your Superior
It feels so right to give Me what I deserve
It feels so right to give Me more and more
It feels so right to dispense cash to your Superior


It feels so good to be of use to Master Josh.
It feels so good make My life better
It feels so good to serve as My obedient ATM.
It feels so good to obey as you complete the transaction.



#Wishlist Wed – #CashMaster Takes Advantage of #paypigs #cashfags for Muscle #Advantage – #findom

I love taking advantage of you as I provide myself with all advantages possible to get bigger, faster.

That includes supplements to help my progress, Suma and ZMA. If you’re not familiar with them, you can google the benefits. It’s hard to tell for sure if they’re helping when I’m doing multiple changes at once, but I can only hope it’s all worth it.



Of course, having the time to focus on that muscle is only because I’ve been so successful taking advantage of you and those like you – humanATMs, cashslaves, pay pigs, cash cows, cashfags, and other inferiors with a need to serve a Superior.

Be it from my hypnosis, my financial domination games and PTVs, or other ways, it’s amazing to take advantage of you so that I can have all the advantages one would want on a fitness journey. And I know you all love the feeling of being used by a true Superior.

Don’t stop now, subs. Keep worshiping Me with a nice gift from the wishlist or by getting us both hard when you send Me my favorite gift of all – that nice green cash.

Big $1000 #Tribute 4 #CashMaster plus $500 Gifts – #Cashslave #PayPig #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I had an amazing session late Tuesday night with my favorite Loser B, but didn’t get this posted – in part due to being busy, and in part due to wanting to make sure it all processed and arrived okay.

You see, this loser loves how I get in his head with the hypnosis and take him deep down for programming. And he knows without a doubt that to pay Master Josh is pleasure. He gave me a nice score right around my birthday, and it was good to have him back.

Of course, last time, he just had to say that I could have taken him for more. So this time, I did.

At first, it was just a couple items on Amazon and $100. I tried to suggest $500 to push for it… but he seemed a bit unsure. Or perhaps wanted me to seem more sure. I couldn’t read it at first … was he saying it was too much, or something else? So, I went down to $400…. afterall, $500 total would still be nice. But he still seemed hesitant.

So, I went for it. I suggested $900 the next time I took him under, and the cashslave felt that amazing rush as he indeed sent me $900. A grand total in cash, one night.

TributefromLoserB 10212015

That wasn’t enough though … so then he bought me one more Amazon gift, over $200 for that one … over $500 total in gifts. You’ll see them posted soon enough as part of Wishlist Wednesdays 😉

I hope I can catch some of you very soon and get just as much pleasure… because fuck is it hot seeing that big amount now deposited in my bank account. And I’m too greedy to stop there.


#Wishlist Wed. – #Moneymaster Muscle in Making – #financialdomination

Well, I’m back from My trip (assuming all has gone as planned as I’m writing this ahead in queue), and it’s time your CashMaster got focused on building more muscle.

Thankfully, you’ve all been providing Me with plenty of arsenal for my goals. I’ve posted before about adjustable dumbbells, whey & casein protein powders, a push-up training system, workout DVD sets, and more – all bought by you, or using gift cards from you.

Add on to that list this “home gym” band system. It’s actually my second, but one just wasn’t enough to make Me feel challenged – so now I have two side by side. Though I prefer weights, it’s great to have the ability to switch things up.


Keep providing for Me and I’ll keep entertaining you with this blog as I work on both my muscle and more hypnosis. You can help Me keep my priorities in line – as you keep your priorities right where they should be – by buying Me another item from my wishlist, or better yet, sending a nice big cash tribute. Get Me hard, loser.