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Don’t Be a Timewaster, Make it Worth #CashMaster ‘s Time #paypig #cashslave #financialdomination

One of my Dom buds was surprised I don’t typically feature my flirt profile on Niteflirt. The reason is twofold – though I could potentially make more cash, I’m doing okay as it is; and also when I’m not doing sessions or other activities (working out, hanging with friends, etc.) then I like to use the time to research,¬†write, record, edit and otherwise be creative with the blogs and hypnosis. It’s also why I emphasis that My time deserves compensation. When I leave messengers online, it most likely is while I am working but I could often break given the right motivation ūüėČ

It’s those that want to chat but then say, “I don’t have much money” that bother Me – and I know other CashMasters and FinDom(me)s feel the same way. Now, similarly many of you don’t want to just hand over your cash to any Dom(me), which is why it does make sense to answer questions etc. But if you don’t have the cash and aren’t just feeling us out, why are you wasting our time? Some would ban you outright for that. I don’t because I appreciate what little you can pay to Me to make My life better. It might not get my cock very hard, but at least it keeps it from falling asleep trying to figure out if the chat is going to be worth it or not. But if I’m going to waste time chatting when I should be working, I’m going to do it with one of my friends I hang with in real life.

Of course sometimes you have questions or ideas. Those are welcomed by Me¬†– and even the poorest of you might have an idea¬†for a file or similar that could end up making¬†Me cash.¬† It’s just often preferred that you would e-mail those. If you tell Me how much you want to serve Me and be My slave but don’t have the resources to provide for Me … well, any chat attempt is going to end up short. In person isn’t out of the question but highly unlikely for most readers due to My high standards, so really it’s an unreachable fantasy. At least if you do work hard to get to pay Me more, you can feel satisfaction in serving Me, being used by Me, and making My life better and My cock harder. Don’t have much cash? Work your ass off getting a second or third job; and stop wasting cash elsewhere that could be better spent on Me. Buy a $5 coffee every day? Even if you’d give up one day a week of that, it’d be $20 extra you could pay.

I don’t want to hear about how you don’t have much cash. I want to hear about what would make it worth My time to chat with you. As for you knowing the same of Me, that’s why I provide free hypnosis samples and this non-membership blog. You already get a lot from Me. What am I going to get from you?

You can start by paying tribute here.

#Cashmaster Bday Haul 2015 – #financialdomination #cashslavery

I meant to get this up sooner, but it was quite the busy birthday weekend with calls, text, etc. All the wishes are appreciated, but what I really loved is my birthday haul. I didn’t get everything on the challenge list, but that’s okay, because some of the other gifts I received were bigger & better! Over $500 worth in gifts, which I’ll showcase in the Wishlist Wednesdays coming up. Plus some gift cards and¬†plenty of my favorite gift of all, cash! Two subs, TakeMyMoneyATM and IndiATM, earned the birthday badges as they were the ones that gave both a gift from the challenge and cash, though a special shout out to BarryLoser and MesmerizedSub as well for some of the bigger gifts!