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#Wishlist Wed: #CashMaster Enjoys a Good Game – #PayPig #CashSlave #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Your CashMaster enjoys a good game, and perhaps someday I’ll come up with more fun ones for you. In the meantime, I’m enjoying all the games you’ve bought for Me from My wishlist.
One of those games was Dixit Рnot just one version, but a couple. You see, the Odyssey version allows you to play with up to 12 players, making it great for hanging out with my friends Рnone of whom are into this scene, but who are all Superior to you.

For that’s just how inferior you are.

If you’ve never played, it’s an interesting game, with lots of great art from different artists, depending on which set you get.

It’s just one of many games I’m glad I own thanks to you … the type of thing I don’t really “need” but that is good to have… but whether it’s a need or want, it should always be paid for with YOUR cash.

A special thanks to CashFagDirt for these ones … Master is always pleased to go shopping on your dime ūüėČ

Check out the wishlist for yourself, or send Me my favorite gift of all – cash!

Big Game #FinancialDomination Fun – #CashSlave #CashFag #PayPig Football #FinDom Assignment

Some people watch for the game, and some watch for the ads… and I thought it’d be fun to play a game for those in the U.S. and other places that are able to watch the big event. The rule for this¬†to count only the¬†the ads during the game – not preshow or postshow – and only for the first airing (if an ad repeats, you don’t have to count it again). Keep a running tally of if these events happen and the corresponding amounts, then pay the total at the end via the “Tribute” link on my Niteflirt profile.¬† It’s hard to imagine a loser like you being invited to a party, but if you are, DVR the game so you can skim back through the ads later.

$1 for any games with a football tie-in (not for the NFL or later in the game, but for example, if Doritos or Pepsi had a football themed ad)
$1 for every movie trailer
$2 for each ad centered around a live dog, cat, monkey and/or horse(s), but not other animals.
$4 for each ad featuring another kind of animal (live, not animated movies or company mascots).
$1 for each movie or TV star in a promo that you can name. $2 if you know you should know their name but can’t think of it.
$1.50 for any ad focused on a well-known musician
$3 for any ads with people singing together (think “I Want to Buy the World a Coke”)
$2.50 for each “sex sells” type of ad (think GoDaddy ads with Danica or Coke ad with Lucky V back in the day)
$5 for any commerical with a guy getting kicked in the nuts, or landing on them

I think that should give plenty of things to look for and tally ūüėȬ† There may be some variation due to local commercials, and if you miss a few during a bathroom break, that’s okay … but add up what you do catch, and¬†be sure to send the total to the one Superior that is truly worthy of your cash – Master Josh.

New #Foot Game – Worship #CashMaster #Feet – #footfetish #footpig #footslave

So, this summer I’ve been taking photos of My feet in various footwear – white socks, dress socks,¬†sandals, dress shoes, sneakers, My boots, and of course bare. I’ve compiled these into 25 different pay-to-views ranging from $5 to $20 in price – but have mixed them all up. Take a chance and you might end up with just a couple pics of My feet in dress socks … or maybe four pics wearing a shoe … or maybe five pics of My feet bare …¬†and though most¬†only contain close-ups of¬†My still-hot Superior¬†feet,¬†maybe you’ll pick¬†a PTV that has¬†just one really hot dominating¬†pic showing both¬†My booted feet and My face.

IMG_1910 - Copy IMG_1409 - Copy IMG_1352 - Copy IMG_1346 - Copy IMG_1317 - Copy IMG_1200 - Copy
All pics are exclusive to this game, so I ask that you keep them to yourself – I don’t want to see these on Tumblr or elsewhere, because that wouldn’t be fair to others who have paid cash during the game. I think it’s hotter that way though… I know you all love getting to see pics of Me that you can’t see elsewhere!

Whether you’re a footslave, sockslave, bootslave, foot pig, sub indulging a foot fetish, lowly faggot knowing you belong down at feet, or anything else… I¬†know you’ll¬†enjoy these pics. The only thing that’d make them better (besides smell-o’-vision so you could sniff them too)¬†is if I had a hot new camera from my wishlist to take even more quality photos with. ¬†Still, most of you won’t ever be worthy to worship My feet in person, so feast your eyes on as many as you can afford! ūüėČ

If you like these feet pics, also don’t forget to go vote that I have the best feet here!

You can check out this new game – FinDom$tud’s $uperior Feet – by clicking here!

#Dare Day – #humiliation #tasks #games #financialdomination

Today, June 1st, is “Dare Day” (not to be confused with DARE Day, which was in April and involved the anti-drug program). Dare Day is one of those fun holidays that’s about giving others a challenge or taking on a dare yourself … be it some sort of action … or prankish fun. It’s of course the perfect opportunity to remind you about one of my games, Humiliation Dare.

With 36 random dares to choose from for just $5, part of the fun is not knowing what you will have to do!¬† I know at least a few of you have already enjoyed going out and had fun with these. And if you enjoy it, you can always send me some ideas for a sequel. ¬†If you’ve been afraid to try, don’t worry – you can back down for a $25 penalty. I don’t expect much from you losers!

But it seems fitting that on Dare Day, you guys should go choose a task. So go ahead – I triple dog dare you!