#CashFags #Cashslaves – Pay Your #Dues – #FinancialDomination

This one is for the cashfags….

You are inferior. That’s right. You are nothing but a puny faggot, and deep down you know it. And you know that you were only put on this earth to serve superior men. That’s right fag. You were put on this earth to be used. You understand that, and you accept that totally. You still are able to go to a job and function as normal if needed, but when you’re not there, you know that you need to serve. And the easiest way to do that is to become my fucking cash slave. That’s right.

You know you aren’t worthy of my time. And yet, you want so badly to show me that you know I’m superior by giving me money and gifts. It doesn’t matter what I look like. It doesn’t matter if we ever meet. All that matters is that I am Superior. And deep down, you can feel it. You can feel how you’re just a lowly cunt.

And even though you know you’re pathetic, you also know you don’t deserve any easy way outs. You will keep on living and serving, no matter how bad things get, because you know that is your place. You were meant to serve, and you will live to serve. And any hardships that you go through are just part of your life. You were put on this earth to suffer and you know that you have to take anything that comes your way. If your ugly face gets smacked by a master, you deserved it. If you have an unexpected expense come up that you can’t afford because you gave all your savings in tributes, too bad.

You were born to struggle because you are no better than an annoying gnat or mosquito. You recognize you’re a fucking despicable faggot, and you are at peace with that. It’s simply who you are. It is who you have always been. And it is who you will always be. Without question. Without worry. You will suffer through anything that life throws at you before you even think about giving up, because it is your place to suffer. And no matter what happens, you will still want to serve. No matter how bad things get, you will always find somebody to serve. It doesn’t matter if they rape you or steal from you or abuse you as long as you get to serve them. You are a stupid cunt, useless in every way except for when you serve.

That’s right, you fucking useless piece of shit. You only find your worth when you work jobs or serve superior beings. And you know now, and accept completely, that I am a God compared to you… and you are a puny pathetic fag that must pay tribute. That’s right cunt. And you know that every time you tribute Master Josh with cash or gifts, that it gives your life meaning. If you buy yourself something you don’t need, all you can think about is how worthless you are. How you don’t deserve to have it, if it’s not something you need. Because you don’t deserve it.

You know that I do… so you want, you desire, and you need to pay Me tribute. Like a bitch dog to his master, you want affection. And even if I never give you the time of day because I detest you and find you disgusting, you will want to keep paying me tribute like the dumb bitch you are.


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