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Empty Your Mind – #FinDomGif – #walletrape #cashdrain #findom gif #financialdomination

Master Josh could use some graphic design slaves. I’d love someone to make me some transparent spirals I can easily place over text GIFs… though the below does seem to work. So go ahead… relax deeper… and just empty your mind as you stare into the spiral… until you empty your wallet too.



New #EroticHypnosis for #FinancialDomination – To Pay #CashMaster Josh is Pleasure!

And here I am providing you with even more wonderful content for free 😉 Though the plan is to still cheaply sell most MP3s, my skills have improved with more recent files, and I wanted to showcase that to both devoted followers and curious newbies. Plus, even though it’s free…. there’s always that hope it works very well on you 😉