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#CashMaster Has An Offer for #PayPigs #CashSlaves & #HumanATMS – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I’ve been a bit distracted lately. Between searching for apartments, prepping my car for a lease trade-in, and planning some travels (head’s up – I’ll be largely unavailable Oct. 2nd thru 11th as I visit family and friends), I’ve found it hard to get in the writing zone for this blog. Which spurred on the thought that more of you should be helping Me with the blog. I know at least a few of you have already done so simply because you know it is right for you to serve a Superior like Me … but perhaps more of you would contribute with a little incentive.

That’s why I’m offering up to 3 “free” files in exchange for content – guest blog entries, stories, GIFs, and other great content for the blog. You can check it all out and get ideas for posts on the new Special Offers page. Some of it overlaps with being able to earn slave obedience badges as detailed on the slightly revised Submit page.

Of course, all this stress over so many financial aspects lining up at once could be relieved in a much preferred way – you can keep on sending that cash so that my savings stay right where they are, as all you moneypigs and cashslaves cover the costs of my deposits, travels, and new furniture. You’ve been so great to Me this year… let’s make this last quarter the best one yet, my loyal inferiors and wor$hippers.

Do what you know deep down is the right thing to do… TRIBUTE MASTER JOSH NOW.

New #EroticHypnosis for #FinancialDomination – To Pay #CashMaster Josh is Pleasure!

And here I am providing you with even more wonderful content for free 😉 Though the plan is to still cheaply sell most MP3s, my skills have improved with more recent files, and I wanted to showcase that to both devoted followers and curious newbies. Plus, even though it’s free…. there’s always that hope it works very well on you 😉