Special Offers

All inferiors are welcome to do any of the below without any form of compensation – just as it should be as you work for your CashMaster. I love sub contributions with no strings attached! But if you do need that extra motivation:

*Create 4 guest blog entries and/or GIFs for 1 Free File.
*Create 7 guest blog entries and/or GIFs for 2 Free Files.
*Create 9 guest blog entries and/or GIFs for 3 Free Files
(3 is maximum free files allowed, but you are always welcome to submit more content to help make Master’s life better and easier).
*Message Me with which file(s) you would like.
*Choose from any of My hypnosis mp3s for financial domination, slaves, pigs, muscle, jocks, etc.
*Let Me know how you wish to be credited for your guest post.
*Posts may be posted in their entirety, or as excerpts combined with My own thoughts added, or reworked/edited at My discretion.
*GIFs should be text over background encouraging tributes to Master Josh. Examples of past GIFs are below.

Possible Ideas to Get Started (Feel Free to Ask My Opinion On Other Topics):
*500+words on why you enjoy submitting to Master Josh
*500+ words on what the word _____  means to you. (blank: slave, ATM, fag, loser, etc.)
*500+ words on an in-person financial domination fantasy.
*500+ words on why you enjoy being trained via hypnosis
*500+ words on why inferiors don’t deserve their cash.
*Top 10 Reasons Master Josh is Superior
*An erotic story involving financial domination (with or without hypnosis).
*An erotic story involving hypnotic domination (with or without financial).
*Write about how you discovered findom and why it turns you on so much.

GIF Examples:output_XJrxK2


Hypnotically dominating minds for MY financial gain.