You can see below for thoughts on in-person, but don’t get your hopes up slave… I’m not just selfish, but also arrogant and picky when it comes to who I interact with realtime. Luckily, I don’t care what you look like when it comes to taking your money… and if you submit to me online, you can even earn badges by completing certain tasks. Check out all the badges here   …  then check out the slaves that have already earned some!

Complete at least 5 tasks to earn an obedience badge!

1) Send an initial $25 Tribute. Buy from HypnoSuperior through

2) Complete this questionnaire by clicking here! Must be at least 90% Complete. THIS IS A MUST!!!

3) Buy 1 item from my wishlist.

4) Spin a wheel in the games section & tribute the corresponding amount. Be sure to let me know you spun & the amount of your first spin (no cheating now!).

5) Listen to one of my free financial domination files at least once a day or night, for two weeks/ 14 days in a row. Let me know when you have done so.

6) Write a guest post for my blog – write multiple and you can also earn a free file. Click here for ideas and to learn more.

7) Write an original & exclusive-to-me hot story involving fin-dom, slavery, hypnosis, kink or other hot stuff … 2500+ words that I can post here OR sell as a PPV, my choice & rights. Must be Niteflirt-compliant. Also can count towards the free file(s).

8) Create a GIF – click on the GIFs category of my blog for examples. Subject to my approval. Also can count towards the free file(s).

9) Create a Graphic, Illustration or Other Artwork that is original, exclusive-to-me, and can be posted here or sold as a PPV, my choice & rights. Must be Niteflirt-compliant.

10) Post a craigslist, backpage or similar ad offering your free domestic service. Send Me a link as proof and let Me know how it goes.

11) Wear a collar – or a proxy – as much as possible for a week that reminds you of my Power over you. Take photos of your neck on different days to send as proof.

12) Get either my Work Out for Coach file or Build Muscle for Coach file, and let me know you’ve done so. A good slave is a fit slave.

13) Send a photo of yourself with “Property of FinDomStud” written on your chest. Photo will be posted on the blog. Masks/face cropped okay.

14) Leave me five-star feedback with at least ten words praising Me (you can do this with the $25 tribute above, or other paid mails or calls).

15) Participate in a birthday or holiday gift challenge by getting Me an item from the challenge list.

16) Write “To Pay Master Josh is Pleasure” 100 times – handwritten on paper. Then scan or take photo of your obedience and send to Me.

17) Adopt one of my bills/expenses and let me know what you’d like to pay. Must make at least one payslave payment to earn a notch towards an obedience badge.

18) Earn your $100 Tribute badge by paying $140.85 (amount to give me $100 in net profits), and get closer to an obedience badge as well. Buy from HypnoSuperior through

Have an idea for this list? Let me know slave!

Thoughts On RealTime Submission:

Most likely, I want nothing to do with a loser like you in person. Those that wish to try anyway can send me multiple recent pics of face and body to give me a clear idea of what you look like and send a message telling me what you can offer. (If you’re a geezer or obese, I don’t need to see your ugly pics). Make sure that at least one pic includes you holding up a sign saying “For Master Josh” and the date (i.e. 7/24/2015).  I want to have a real idea of what you look like NOW. Be sure to include in your message if you seek short-term or long-term, if you can relocate or offer me relocation, what you do to make money, and other pertinent information. For long-term, I cannot afford to take anybody in and ultimately I seek someone who can make my life better, where there is also attraction and connection. Must be into hypnosis for in-person.

Long to serve Me online in other ways? Click here to learn more!

Hypnotically dominating minds for MY financial gain.