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New #EroticHypnosis MP3 for Men – #Hypnosis #Orgasm #Cum #Hypno

Another new free file for you… this one isn’t for financial domination, but a more general file for those that’d like to give my erotic hypnosis files a try but want a free sample first. It helps one to better enjoy my erotic hypnosis, as well as helps my suggestions for any fantasies or goals to become more effective … as well as using techniques including confusion methods to build towards a nice big orgasm at the end. Enjoy!

Excerpt from #ATM #Hypnosis #FinancialDomination Session

Last night, I posted a bit of a conversation. This is a (slightly edited so that it could also apply to readers) excerpt from that session that took place towards the end of that conversation. However, I’m using the read more as it does contain triggers both for trance and for sending tributes, so read at your own risk. If you aren’t used to my hypnosis, it may not do much as there’s no induction – but if you have listened to the triggers… well, you know the power of My words. You will also see how I took what he had said in the conversation and incorporated it into the session. Always feel free to share your desires and fantasies with Me, My inferior pay pigs!

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An #ATM Feels Pleasure to #Tribute #CashMaster Josh – #financialdomination

The following text is a slightly edited (for readability & privacy reasons) excerpt from a recent conversation with an ATM, mostly ahead of a session (which I haven’t included here due to length, but maybe I’ll post some of that soon too 😉 ). But re-reading this, I thought it was kind of hot – and I bet a lot of you think so too. Though probably for different reasons 😉 For Me, it’s knowing how successful my hypnosis has been on him and how much pleasure he gets in paying his Superior. I’m sure he can’t wait to pay again, just as I’m sure many of you would love to be in his shoes.

hypnosuperior: hey, how is it going, ATM?
ATM K: pretty good
ATM K: i meant to tell you, i had another bizarre dream
ATM K: i heard people talking in my bedroom
hypnosuperior: yeah?
ATM K: one voice said, “Brainwashing completed, program successfully installed”
ATM K: i could not make out anything more
ATM K: all i know was my penis was like concrete
hypnosuperior: you were awaiting your turn in the room?
ATM K: no clue
ATM K: not sure if they were talking about me
ATM K: i was in a fog, half asleep
ATM K: i just heard the mans voice
ATM K: brainwashing complete
hypnosuperior: nice.
ATM K: program successfully installed
hypnosuperior: i bet you are getting so excited for me to do some brainwashing with you right now, aren’t you ATM?
ATM K: im always excited
ATM K: it feels so good josh
ATM K: nothing makes me happier than to help you and pay your bills
hypnosuperior: I am so glad it feels good
ATM K: it does and i believe you’ve really brainwashed and programmed me
ATM K: thats why i love to pay you
ATM K: and im not too concerned about my situation or the consequences
hypnosuperior: yes, it does seem the brainwashing and programming has been working
hypnosuperior: should we commence with a session then?
ATM K: oh josh
ATM K: im so hard
hypnosuperior: I think that’s your answer
ATM K: im not in control here
hypnosuperior: yet, it feels so good to give up control, doesn’t it, ATM?
hypnosuperior: to know deep down that any amount paid, is what you have wanted to paid
hypnosuperior: to know deep inside that this is programming is what you longed fo
rhypnosuperior: and asked for… and got…
hypnosuperior: brainwashed the way you desired….
hypnosuperior: even as I strengthen them…
hypnosuperior: it’s just so easy for you to give in
ATM K: fuck that felt so amazing

I bet some of you would love to feel the pleasure my words can have over you with my Hypnosis … and to then send me tribute after tribute. Well, what’s stopping you? Listen … to my files, or to me during a session… pay your Superior… repeat. 😉

New Year’s Resolutions #FinancialFetish #FinDom #Cashgod #Muscle

Due to my family’s late holiday celebrations, I’ll be a week or so late in getting started on these… but I know what I want to focus on when I get back.

1) CASH – I want this to be my most profitable year ever, and that includes from when I had a full-time job.
2) Improving sites – Some other cashmasters might be better at the verbal or hotter with their pics, but no other one (to my knowledge)  provides you with this much free content … and I hope 2015 is even better.
3) More files, of all varieties – from more muscle motivation to new ways to financially dominate you!
4) Files that are more EXTREME. Not all of them, but I do want to figure out ways that really fuck some of your minds for my plea$ure
5) More muscle – 2015 is the year I get serious about transforming my not-bad body into something great, and I need your $upport … who wants to help $ponsor a hypnotic God’s transformation?

There may be some changes in my life in 2015. Perhaps another move (where & when?). Perhaps finding someone for an ongoing in-person hypnotic molding. Perhaps I’ll even look into doing some hypnosis that’s more legit. But in January and February, I am going to be working my ass off on my body, on my blogs, on my files, and on showing just why I am the Superior most worthy of your cash. Some of you already have experienced my power… others of you can give it a try here.

Milking the #cashcow #ATM into #Debt – #financialdomination

Another hot text session with an ATM …

stroke along if you’d like too, but be warned you may head into trance… just click read more if you’re so ready to relax… and be molded by my words…. molded into such a cashslave ATM…. addicted to debt for the benefit of measure

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Not Just About #Money – #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis

When you search out Dom(mes), sometimes you can figure out the ones that are in it just for the money, and the ones that legitimately enjoy other areas as well. Some, for example, like the control.

For me, it’s less about control and more about influence. Because I do hypnosis for so many different areas, I get hit up by way too many people to control – and frankly, just telling people what to do isn’t always as much of a personal turn-on for me. And yet many people want it, from ATMs to jockslaves to camsluts.  Of course… for the right price, I’m always game to assert more control… and for no price, I give nothing (well, aside from some free blog posts and a handful of free files).

But influencing people… making suggestions as I tweak their desires and their senses… now that’s hot, and also more realistically achievable when working with multiple subs who often have more limited budgets. Whether it’s a pay pig or a bodybuilder, I love making those tweaks in the subconscious. I suppose that’s what drew me to hypnosis in the first place… that a person could be molded into a different version of themselves be it temporarily or on a full-time basis.  If someone were to ask what my biggest fetishes are, the top two would be hypnosis and transformation… and so of course I love using the hypnosis to help transform men into different things… some more than others… but on this site, helping transform men into loyal cashslaves as I help them accept they are inferior and grow their desire to serve, and the pleasure they receive when serving and paying tribute to me.

If you love the idea of being influenced… of letting my powerful voice and skilled files mold your mind… then check out my hypnosis …. and after, be sure to leave a nice big tribute.



#Hypnosis #Fetish #FinancialDomination – How Did Yours Start?

I’m always interested in why people are the way they are… what makes a man crave that humiliation of being put in his place by a Master? What gives an inferior that rush when he tributes cash to a true Superior?

I often don’t ask my financial subs this because honestly – I don’t care so long as you are sending Me that cash (as is only right for you to do).  But I have had this topic discussed with quite a few others I’ve encountered on the hypnosis side of things, as well as certain other fetishes.

For example, some of the guys that enjoy being bullied now were bullied as a kid – but perhaps that bully was a hot guy they secretly lusted after, and so now their cock still gets hard at the thought of bullying.

With hypnosis though, it’s usually a bit more simple – TV and movies. Some common things I’ve seen mentioned included Mowgli hypnotized by the snake Kaa in “The Jungle Book;” mind control / brainwash plots in cartoons such as G.I. Joe, He-Man, and several of the superhero ones; and vampires putting people into trances in several bloodsucker flicks. Of course some discover how arousing it is to them later in life – perhaps seeing a stage show.

Whatever your fetishes, whatever your desires, know matter what dark fantasies you have, and however/wherever those fantasies have sprung from… I love using hypnosis to help you explore these. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out some of my free hypnosis available on jockmesmerizer.com, pigmesmerizer.com or right here on the bottom of this site’s hypnosis page.

#ATM #CashSlave Adds to #Debt 4 #Cashmaster – #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis

On Wednesday, I posted about a session with an ATM of mine… here is most of that transcript in which he stroked into trance and allowed my words to program him. If you click read more, this contains both my hypnosis trigger and later the ATM trigger. It also encourages going into debt. You’ve been warned!

And if you still want to proceed, simply click more as you relax… one hand stroking your cock… the other nicely scrolling through this long text session even as you keep going further down into that nice trance state…

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Back & Running #FinancialDomination #Cashmaster #Hypnosis #Niteflirt

Internet and cable back up, so nice to be able to properly monitor Niteflirt on the laptop and be doing se$$ions again.

Here’s a brief little text session – warning, trigger below followed by suggestion to tribute… Still want to read on?


Okay then…


It feels so good to relax even as you read these words
Relaxing more when I say relax
Going deeper when I say deeper
Simply relax deeper and deeper into a DEEP HYPNO SLEEP Allowing your mind to drift off
Your body so heavy and comfortable
Focusing on my words as you scroll down
Let go of all conscious thought
Let your mind go blank
Each word taking you deeper
Each breath you take relaxing you more
Deeper with each number as I count you down
5 The deeper you go, the better you feel
4 The better you feel, the deeper you go
3 So easy to LET GO
2 So easy to submit
1 It feels amazing to relax for me
0 – down deeper and deeper into that DEEP HYPNO SLEEP
Even as you read, you continue to relax and submit further
Accepting that my ability to trance you so easily
Means you know without a doubt that I am Superior
And your weak mind is inferior, and yet that feels so right
No thoughts of your own left, it just feels so right
You are meant to serve superior men and women
It is your place to make us money…. to pay because we are worthy
And deep down, you know that you are NOT
It is your destiny to exist for the pleasure and benefit of Superiors
And because it feels so good to relax for me…
That pleasure washing over you stronger and stronger with each word…
Feeling so good to just submit and obey….
You know that no one is more worthy of your money than ME
Master Josh, the Hypno Superior, FinDomStud and Mesmerizer of CashSlaves
And as good as you feel right now
You know that you would feel even better
If you simply sent me a TRIBUTE RIGHT NOW
That’s right. It just feels so good to send me that hard-earned cash
Cash you know you don’t deserve…
deep down you know it’s better in my hands
It is what feels so right … and so very good
Even as it puts you in your place… even if you wake up humiliated
You accept that you are meant to be used and taken advantage of
And my hypnosis is quickly becoming your favorite way
As you pay for sessions and send nice big TRIBUTES

Go ahead and PAY ME NOW – you can return to this after…

Feel how good it feels to have sent me money
How right it feels to have been put in your place
To be reminded that you are my inferior
And I am the Superior most worthy of your cash….

Waking you up on 3….
1… becoming more aware
2… coming to
3 ……

This may have worked on some of you very easily… and others not at all. I’d remind my readers that audio usually works better than text for most subjects and those that are curious can scroll to the bottom of the Hypnosis page for FREE files to try. And anyone else that enjoyed this purely as amusement and would like to see more, feel free to  Send Cash / TRIBUTE as a means of supporting this site and more hypnosis.

Good cashslaves.