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New #Erotic #Hypnosis File for #HumanATM #Cashslave Subs – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

In this fantasy, you’ll stroke your dick nice and slow until you enter a nice trance where you can experience the fantasy more fully. You’ll then visualize yourself having stopped by an ATM and arriving at My place in dress clothes. At the sight of my dick, your mind goes blank and you strip down, ready to worship my body – first my feet, then using that tongue on My Superior cock. And then, maybe, you’ll get used even further – as I reach into your wallet.

It’s a fantasy that most of you will never get to experience in person. You simply are too inferior. I am too Superior. There may be exceptions, but certainly most of the subs I’ve seen photos of, are ones I wouldn’t want to invite over. Yet, here I am, giving you the chance to truly feel mindfucked. Even better, along the way you’ll be conditioned to want to give to Me anytime you hear that phrase – BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR.  Listen to a short preview:

Like most of My Financial Domination hypnosis files, I am offering this for $9.99 – but you might find yourself paying more in the long run 😉  Go ahead and get your copy now, leave that thumbs up feedback, and be ready to BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR with a nice big tribute.

New #Hypnosis #MP3 – Enjoy #Fisting / #Handball #Sex #Pig

Based on a custom file I was recently hired to write, but with names and references to a boyfriend edited out to a more general file that should work for different genders, this hypnosis training mp3 file is to help the listener get used to the idea of anal fisting.  This is a standard hypnosis file, not an erotic file, though one may still find the end a bit arousing 😉

The hypno file suggests being better able to relax one’s anus and other muscles, suggests lowering any fear, worry or inhibition related to handball, and suggests an increased feeling of pleasure as the partner – be it a loved one or stranger – lubes up his or her hand and slides it inside of you.

The subject that paid for the custom file said, “I already feel my ass more relaxed and open thanks to the file.” Big thanks to Damien for both the order and the feedback – hope you’re enjoying being fisted by your boyfriend more and more.

Here’s a quick audio preview:

This file is available for $19.99 on my HypnoSuperior Niteflirt profile, you can also see a link to it on the Niteflirt compliant hypnosis site http://pigmesmerizer.com.