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#Wishlist Wed: #CashMaster Loves Gift Cards from #CashSlaves – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Master has been way too busy and could use some slaves around here to clean for him, provide for him, and more! Any good looking subs want to apply? ūüėČ

In the meantime, if I ever find the time, at least I won’t have to pay for a nice night out with a friend. $50 to Cheesecake Factory and $30 to AMC ought to cover one night or date.
Of course, that means I’ll just need more gift cards and I hope you all keep me stocked.

Both come courtesy of cashfagdirt, though the shirt came from MesmerizedSub. And you too can buy me gift cards, shirts and more by visiting my wishlist here Рor send Me my favorite gift of all, CASH. 

Shop for #CashMaster – #PayPigs #CashFags #CashSlaves #HumanATM #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Today is a day known for shopping – a day that’s been extended through the weekend. Some say it’s a gimmick, for one can find better deals on items elsewhere throughout the year. Maybe it is, but there’s still some good deals this time of year – making it a great time to check out My wishlists.

After all, while I do recognize many of you have loved ones to buy gifts for, isn’t it still right to put Me first? That’s why I know you are all looking for the best deals possible. You also know that you it’s never about what you want – so unless you really need it, stop ogling those items for yourself. Unless it’s a deal so great that you can resell at profits that you’ll then sell to Me, of course.

Now, a lot of times people want gift receipts for gifts, but when you do have something you need for yourself, don’t forget to consider thrift shops, garage sales, Craigslist, all those new apps for selling things, etc. And even amongst these, maybe you’ll find the perfect gift for a loved one.

Perhaps it’s too late – you’ve already spent too much. Some of you aren’t into debt, and I respect that … but the rest of you get so hard at the thought… so don’t let meeting your budget stop you from getting Master Josh a gift. Just add to that debt that I know you love.

Check out My wishlists here – or just send Me my favorite gift of all as you tribute Me that wonderful green cash.

#Wishlist Wed: #MoneySlaves & #PayPigs Keep #CashMaster Binge-Ready – #FinancialDomination

Who doesn’t enjoy a good binge on a television show now and then? And it’s especially true that a Superior like Me should get this luxury, even if you sacrifice your binges to go work harder on My behalf. After all, an inferior like you shouldn’t waste all his time on things like TV, video games, or books. You should be cleaning, serving, presenting, tributing, and working for Us. But since you are providing for our benefit – I can lounge if I want to. I have that right. You don’t.

What’s really nice is that I get to gift these to my parents. They never watch on more than one device at the same time, and so then I just share their account – spoiling my parents in a way that benefits myself, and yet it’s you guys such as LoserB and cashfagdirt that are really spoiling all of us. So far it’s been 3 $30 gift cards and 2 $60 ones, for a total of 15 months, starting last January.

I’m sure¬†my loyal cashslaves¬†will keep extending that¬†for Us¬†too!¬†And keep providing for Me in general. Go ahead, inferiors… spoil Me and My family (with some items on My wishlist being holiday gifts for them) as you buy Me an item from My primary wishlist – or spoil Me in My favorite way as you tribute a nice big amount of cash.


#Wishlist Wed: #CashMaster ‘Steaks’ His Claim on #CashFag #CashSlave – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Thanks to rubbercashslave, I’ve been able to buy myself a lot of things I’ve wanted or needed this past year as he just keeps sending Me Amazon gift card after Amazon gift card… and he’s going to keep sending Me those too, for I have power & influence over his mind now. He’s mine, and I know his cock has stirred at the realization that I have just written the truth.

One of the items I bought myself was a nice pair of dishwasher safe steak knifes.

Since I don’t have a hypnoboy here yet to wash the dishes for Me, I’d rather just throw everything I can into the dishwasher – as is My Superior rite.


… or send Me My favorite gift of all, that nice green cash.

#CashMaster BDay Sun! #CashSlaves #CashFags #PayPigs #HumanATMs Buy #MoneyMaster Gifts – #FinDom

In case you forgot, My birthday is coming up this Sunday – July 24th.¬† Below are some ideas for what you can get Me …

Before I get to that, TAXES ARE DUE if you have chosen to listen to the twice a month versions. $25 or $100 depending on which version you’ve chosen. If you haven’t checked them out yet, there are many options for faggot losers. And if that’s not how you classify yourself, I have many other options now and upcoming to choose from¬†and welcome your ideas.

But more than that, I welcome your gifts and there’s no better time to send them to Me than My birthday … of course, one of My favorite gifts of all is CASH so birthday tributes are welcome and in certain cases required when triggered. For those wanting to send some optional gifts, here are some options with all images linked to add to your cart from My wishlist (and if any link doesn’t work, it may mean another sub has already purchased it for Me, so just choose another option):



Men’s Fashion/Accessories:


Kmart/Sears Group Gift Card:


JCPenney Gift Card:

Miscellaneous Gift Cards:

Gift cards from Amazon, Target, Kohl’s, Visa,¬†leather/rubber apparel sites, ¬†and others also accepted. Message Me for alternative options. And for you big spenders or those wanting to pursue ruin by furthering their debt:

Even if you can only afford to send $10 Amazon gift card – do that! For you all should be showing Me how much you appreciate Me and this blog and join in with helping Me celebrate My birthday. While I don’t expect those big items to go (will be a pleasant surprise if any do), I’d love to see some of those smaller items and smaller gift cards come My way as well. So go ahead …. what are you waiting for? Click on the above or browse through My wishlist … or just go ahead and send that nice cash tribute as an early birthday gift now!

#Wishlist Wed: #CashMaster Uses #CashFag to Get More Credit – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Before I got sick, I had a nice little session with CashFagDirt – who ended up paying for a membership for Myself on Recon and bought Me a few other things I needed or wanted.¬† He previously also bought Me the below shirt I’m wearing.


Well, one of the items I wanted was a prepaid credit card I could use at the gas station pumps when I travel for vacation this next week. So, that’s exactly what I used his credit card to buy Myself. Should be good for a few fill-ups!

I can’t wait to use more of you as well – and you can be of use to Me right now as you send Me a nice big tribute.

#Wishlist Wed: More Shopping for #CashMaster Thanks to #CashFags #MoneySlaves & #PayPigs – #FinDom

Two weeks ago, I posted about some K-Mart gift cards I received, but that wasn’t My only shopping excursion lately – I also received these Old Navy gift cards from CashFagDirt… and these ones weren’t even part of our recent session, but earlier this year that I just finally got around to using. And¬†after I took these pics, I actually received a third Old Navy gift card from¬†another sub!

The good thing about these gift cards is they also can be used at Gap and Banana Republic, so when a trip to My closest Old Navy turned out to be a bust, I was able to get online, use promo codes to get even more bang for the buck, and order some new summer clothes. Love being bought items, and love using my slave-in-training CashFagDirt… and hoping for some good stuff to come with the other new sub as well!

See how you too can get Me the things I want when you visit My wishlist page, or give Me the gift with the ultimate flexibility when you pay Me that nice green cash.

#Wishlist Wed: #CashFags Let #CashMaster Go Shopping – #PayPig #FinDom #FinancialDomination

One of my favorite items to receive, short of cash, is a gift card, because I love the flexibility of being able to get what *I* want. And what I want should be paramount over any of your wants or needs. That’s why I loved receiving these gift cards from subs like CashFagDirt and LoserB.

CashFagDirt especially has proved a loyal slave who I enjoy training as time allows, and I know he must feel so good in being used by Me to send Me gift cards to go shopping. I’m also looking forward to another session with LoserB though, for I know he, like many of you, received his tax refund recently, and I know just where that cash should go.

You can check out My wishlist page for more options to buy Me gift cards, or feel that pleasure as you send Me that cash.


New & Updated #FinDom Games – Shopping for #CashMaster Josh

Well, pay pigs and cashslaves, I’ve updated My three shopping games (no one item repeats within a game now) and added a NEW fourth game as well.

$HOPPING $PREE – Now features all physical items from my wishlist (no gift cards), all under $100.

GIFT CARD GRAB – Now has more options and features a variety of gift cards, all under $100. Will you be sending Me cards for movies, restaurants, clothing, department stores, travel or other?

HEY BIG SPENDER – Now more bags to choose from, with all items under $500 and most in the $100-$200 range.

GIFT WHEEL – Not sure what to buy Me? My newest game helps to narrow it down. Due to constantly changing items, this one leaves you moneyslaves and cash cows with some say in what you buy Me, but lets you know what price range or category (such as DVDs, T-Shirts, Books, Protein, Appliances, $50 Gift Cards,¬†or Electronics) to choose from. There’s one slot for “Any Gift Card” which also features a “Spin Again,” so you might end up getting Me two items. Or as many items as you want to spin for – besides the special page, I’ve also posted the wheel below for your convenience.

Go check them out via the links above or on the Game Central page, and have fun draining your accounts & adding to your debts as you buy your Superior everything I need or want.  What are you waiting for? I know deep down you have the desire to make My life better, so go ahead & play. If you prefer not to but still wish to tribute, you can visit My wishlist here.

Another #CashSlave Under My #Hypnotic Power – #MoneySlave #FinDom #FinancialDomination

A while back, RubberCashSlave wrote Me … and nothing really happened. It happens. Sometimes subs don’t want to spend cash until they have worked with someone, but knowing that I am not for everyone, I point people to my free files and then say “prove you’re worth my time.” And if you show multiple times that you aren’t worth my time, I’m not above blocking you, because you can “promise” all the cash you want … but as long as it remains a “promise”… that’s all it is. I don’t think my interaction with this sub was by any means bad, as I did not block him, I just wasn’t sure if he was worth My time at first, and we lost contact for a bit.

Cut to months later, and he’s been training with My files and learned just how truly powerful I am. With some added suggestions sent to him during trance as we text, he is learning just how amazing it feels to have My power fill up in him and his cock. Yet, he knows he is too inferior to cum. Rather, he edges, and edges, and edges, going deeper into submission with each stroke until all his lust centers on Me. Other guys are losing their luster, for he knows no one can arouse him like I can. And he has proven worth my time after all, just as he will continue to be worth my time for such a long time to come. For he is Mine now.

And in just a few short weeks, he has already sent me over $400 in Amazon Gift Cards. Some of them were spread out with other messages, but I managed to capture a nice string of the majority:
RubberCashSlaveAmazonGiftCards RubberCashSlaveAmazonGiftCardsRedeemed

I’m sure that just seeing this is making him crave sending Me more … for he knows now that to pay Master Josh is pleasure. Just as he feels pleasure as he strokes…. yet he is not allowed to cum. And all the rubber and other gear he loves to wear tight against his body, have now become reminders of My power over him… pressing against his body the same way My words press deep into his subconscious…. taking over…. brainwashing him into my loyal cashslave.

My hypnosis can do the same for you …. and if you already know that, then you can give in to that desire to feel the pleasure as you pay CashMaster Josh now!

Wishlist Wed. – #CashMaster Wants His Shows, #CashSlaves & #PayPigs Pay For Them – #findom

Last week, I mentioned a great example of using your gift cards on what I want would be highlighted this week. Well, here it is. Since moving this past winter, I haven’t had cable. That might change when I finally get to my own place (either late this year or early next year depending on the waiting list). This summer, though … with so much in repeats… ¬†it was a great time to keep up or catch up on shows. This also gives you some insight into my tastes, for those that enjoy learning such things. I could have waited for some of these to be on Netflix, which I’m sure I’ll eventually get… and probably would have for at least 3 of these if I was trying to watch My money. But it wasn’t My money. It was yours, in the form of gift cards. Just sitting there, for Me to use however the fuck I wanted.

And even though it might have been wiser to spend them on something with more lasting power (I’m not the type to watch shows over and over), I wanted to watch these shows. Shows that I had watched when I did had cable, and wanted to keep up on as soon as possible so that I didn’t have too much spoiled for Me (avoiding those spoilers is also why I’m currently using the money I’ve drained from you to try out Sling so I can keep up on Walking Dead). I love that I’ve been able to get protein powders, workout DVDs, and fitness equipment from you¬†all… but sometimes it’s good to take a break from the hypnosis and from the walletraping, to relax myself.

And it’s so much better getting to do so because of the comfort you provide Me. I know¬† all true inferiors agree with Me on that… so why don’t you keep giving Me that comfort with a nice gift card…. or even better, a big tribute.

#Wishlist Catch-up: #financialdomination – Get #Master More #Gifts

Here’s some more I got a bit back from loser Barry but just never got around to posting…. easily a couple hundred dollar value worth haul.

Of course a big part of that was the gift card… which was great to get to buy family birthday presents as I have quite a few to buy for through the year.

And certainly I loved not having to spend my own money on my preferred hair gel.

It’s always better when even things I need are purchased by slaves and fags.

But what really upped the cost here was the two 64GB flash drives – always great to have some of those around.

I bet you’d love to see your own gifts for me posted here… so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and visit my wishlist now – or just send a nice cash tribute.