Hey, Big Spender…

What do you get? Another year older and deeper in debt. And that’s exactly where you’ll be heading with this wishlist game featuring items in the $100 through $500 range. Whichever bag(s) you click on, you MUST buy for Master, no matter how many credit cards you have to use from your fagwallet or how long it takes to pay those debts off – just  ship to “Josh Dom.” If it’s out of stock, notify your Master & choose another bag, fag!

Breakdown: Items $100-150: Thirty-Two;  $151-$200: Eight; $201-250:  Three; $251-300: Three; $301-400: T wo; $401-500: One
*Price ranges accurate at time of last update, but prices may change and does not include shipping.  Sample items include:

bag-156780_640 bag-156781_640 carryout-bag-156777_640 bag-156781_640purple bag-156780_640orange carryout-bag-156778_640 carryout-bag-156779_640

carryout-bag-156779_640 bag-156780_640 bag-156781_640 carryout-bag-156777_640  bag-156781_640purplebag-156780_640orange carryout-bag-156778_640

carryout-bag-156778_640 carryout-bag-156779_640 bag-156780_640 bag-156781_640  carryout-bag-156777_640bag-156781_640purple bag-156780_640orange

bag-156780_640orange carryout-bag-156778_640 carryout-bag-156779_640 bag-156780_640  bag-156781_640carryout-bag-156777_640 bag-156781_640purple

bag-156781_640purple bag-156780_640orange carryout-bag-156778_640 carryout-bag-156779_640  bag-156780_640bag-156781_640 carryout-bag-156777_640

carryout-bag-156777_640 bag-156781_640purple bag-156780_640orange carryout-bag-156778_640  carryout-bag-156779_640bag-156780_640 bag-156781_640

bag-156781_640 carryout-bag-156777_640 bag-156781_640purple bag-156780_640orange  carryout-bag-156778_640carryout-bag-156779_640 bag-156780_640

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