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#Wishlist Wed: Good #CashSlaves & #PayPigs Shop for #CashMaster BDay – #FinancialDomination

It’s 12 days until my birthday, and I’m going to give you 12 (really more, as some options have more than one possibility) options of what you can get me for my birthday on this special edition of Wishlist Wednesday. Click on the images to add to your cart (if it doesn’t work, that item may be purchased already so try another), or just browse my wishlist here.  Can’t decide? Send an Amazon gift card…. and I also love items beyond Amazon, so e-mail me at lifecoachjosh@outlook.com with gift cards to Mr. S. Leather, Target, etc. – or message Me to discuss paying for memeberships on Recon, Dominants.co, and more.

    1. Hypnosis T-Shirts ($20 & less not including S&H)
      Mens Sloth, you are getting Sleepy Hypnosis T-Shirt XL Dark Heather
      Site Athletics Hypnotist power T-Shirt
      Idakoos Hypnotist repeat retro - Occupations - T-Shirt
      Mens Hypnosis, The missing piece to solving your problems XL Navy
    2. Entertainment & Apparel Gift Cards  ($30 & less)
      Netflix Gift Card $30Fandango Gift Card $25AMC Theatre Gift Cards, Multipack of 3 - $10JCPenney Gift Card $25
    3. Books That I Never Have Time to Read But Maybe Someday ($25 & Under):
      Fables: The Deluxe Edition, Book OneThe Ultimate Guide to Kink: BDSM, Role Play and the Erotic EdgeMastering hypnotic language - further confessions of a Rogue HypnotistThe Control Book
    4. Games ($25 & Under)
      Hot Seat - The Adult Party Game About Your FriendsWTF Did You Say A Party Game Against All Dignity and Morality Full Game, XL Set of 594 CardsDrawing Without Dignity - A NEW adult party game of uncensored sketchesForbidden Island
    5. Footwear (prices as of posting)
      Timberland PRO Men's Direct Attach Six-Inch Soft-Toe Boot, Black,10.5 M$115
      Reef Men's Fanning Sandal, Vintage Brown, 10 M US$35

      1. Fitness ($30 & Less)
        ProSource Multi-Grip Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar, Heavy Duty Doorway Trainer for Home Gym
        NOW Sports Arginine & Citrulline, 120 Veg Capsules
        Botanic Hearth Muscle Jelly Hot Cream 8.8 fl. oz. - 100% Natural Cellulite Cream Treatment, Promotes Supple & Toned Skin, Muscle Relaxant & Pain Relief Cream
    6. Kitchen & Household ($30 & Under)
      Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Smooth Touch Can Opener, Black and Chrome
      SimpleHouseware Under Sink 2 Tier Expandable Shelf Organizer Rack, Silver (expand from 15 to 25 inches)
      Bragg Nutritional Yeast Seasoning, 4.5 Oz (Pack Of 3)
      Tervis Tumbler, 24-Ounce, Clear, 2-Pack
    7. Fin-Dom/Master/Handler T-Shirts ($25 & Less not including S&H)
      Mens Dom Shirt, Funny Kinky Gift Distressed BDSM DDLG T-Shirt XL Dark Heather
      Mens Cash Only T-shirt XL Orange
      Minty Tees Who's Got My Money? X-Large Pacific Blue Men's Shirt
      Mens Puppy Handler Dominant Pup Play Controller Owner Tee Shirt XL Asphalt
    8. Food & Drink Gift Cards ($25)
      St. Louis Originals $25Sugarfire Smoke House Gift Card ($25)SUBWAY Gift Card $25Panera Bread Gift Card $25
    9. Midsized Items (prices as of posting)
      Okra 7-Port Hub USB Desktop Universal Charging Station Multi Device Dock for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Tablet PC and all Smartphones and Tablets (Gold) $45
      Bigsal 4-Piece Luxury Bath Towels Set – Super Soft & Durable - 700-GSM - 100% Pure Cotton - Machine Washable & Quick Dry - Lightweight Home, Pool, Gym, Towel - 27" x 54" Inch (Grey)$45
      Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer (4 Liter / 6 Can): AC/DC Portable Thermoelectric System w/ Exclusive On the Go USB Power Bank Option (Blue)$55
      Trancework: An Introduction to the Practice of Clinical Hypnosis$45
    10. Big Items – Surprise Me with Something Huge (up to $400)
      Newest HP 15.6 inch HD Flagship High Performance Laptop PC | AMD A6-7310 | AMD Radeon R4 | 8GB RAM | 500GB HDD | DVD +/-RW | Bluetooth | WIFI | Webcam | Ethernet | Windows 10 | BlackSerta Smart Layers Hensley Executive Big Tall Chair, Roasted Chestnut/Satin NickelTiVo Roamio OTA 1 TB DVR - With No Monthly Service Fees - Digital Video Recorder and Streaming Media Player - Compatible only with HDTV Antennas (does not work with cable)
    11. And of course, my favorite item to get is CASH!
      Click here to send Me a nice big birthday tribute. 

Shop for #CashMaster – #PayPigs #CashFags #CashSlaves #HumanATM #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Today is a day known for shopping – a day that’s been extended through the weekend. Some say it’s a gimmick, for one can find better deals on items elsewhere throughout the year. Maybe it is, but there’s still some good deals this time of year – making it a great time to check out My wishlists.

After all, while I do recognize many of you have loved ones to buy gifts for, isn’t it still right to put Me first? That’s why I know you are all looking for the best deals possible. You also know that you it’s never about what you want – so unless you really need it, stop ogling those items for yourself. Unless it’s a deal so great that you can resell at profits that you’ll then sell to Me, of course.

Now, a lot of times people want gift receipts for gifts, but when you do have something you need for yourself, don’t forget to consider thrift shops, garage sales, Craigslist, all those new apps for selling things, etc. And even amongst these, maybe you’ll find the perfect gift for a loved one.

Perhaps it’s too late – you’ve already spent too much. Some of you aren’t into debt, and I respect that … but the rest of you get so hard at the thought… so don’t let meeting your budget stop you from getting Master Josh a gift. Just add to that debt that I know you love.

Check out My wishlists here – or just send Me my favorite gift of all as you tribute Me that wonderful green cash.

#Wishlist Wed – #CashMaster Takes Advantage of #paypigs #cashfags for Muscle #Advantage – #findom

I love taking advantage of you as I provide myself with all advantages possible to get bigger, faster.

That includes supplements to help my progress, Suma and ZMA. If you’re not familiar with them, you can google the benefits. It’s hard to tell for sure if they’re helping when I’m doing multiple changes at once, but I can only hope it’s all worth it.



Of course, having the time to focus on that muscle is only because I’ve been so successful taking advantage of you and those like you – humanATMs, cashslaves, pay pigs, cash cows, cashfags, and other inferiors with a need to serve a Superior.

Be it from my hypnosis, my financial domination games and PTVs, or other ways, it’s amazing to take advantage of you so that I can have all the advantages one would want on a fitness journey. And I know you all love the feeling of being used by a true Superior.

Don’t stop now, subs. Keep worshiping Me with a nice gift from the wishlist or by getting us both hard when you send Me my favorite gift of all – that nice green cash.

#Wishlist Wed. – #domesticservice for #slaves – #financialdomination

This is one of those old items I just never got around to posting. It comes from Loser Shawn – the biggest faggot I’ve ever met.

It’s not the most exciting of gifts, but it is practical, allowing for quick clean-up of spills etc. when you don’t feel like getting out a full vacuum (which, I actually don’t have anymore anyway as each time I move, I have to sell things or leave them to family/friends).


You can rectify that by getting Me a new one from the wishlist..

Of course, you should be the ones coming and doing all my cleaning for Me anyway …. so here you go, slave. Make yourself useful with some domestic service for your CashMaster. I’ve got the mini-vac all ready to go for you, loser.

Another way to make yourself useful? Getting Me really hard by sending Me lots of cash.


#Wishlist Wed. – #Moneymaster Muscle in Making – #financialdomination

Well, I’m back from My trip (assuming all has gone as planned as I’m writing this ahead in queue), and it’s time your CashMaster got focused on building more muscle.

Thankfully, you’ve all been providing Me with plenty of arsenal for my goals. I’ve posted before about adjustable dumbbells, whey & casein protein powders, a push-up training system, workout DVD sets, and more – all bought by you, or using gift cards from you.

Add on to that list this “home gym” band system. It’s actually my second, but one just wasn’t enough to make Me feel challenged – so now I have two side by side. Though I prefer weights, it’s great to have the ability to switch things up.


Keep providing for Me and I’ll keep entertaining you with this blog as I work on both my muscle and more hypnosis. You can help Me keep my priorities in line – as you keep your priorities right where they should be – by buying Me another item from my wishlist, or better yet, sending a nice big cash tribute. Get Me hard, loser.

#Wishlist Wed. – #CashMaster New TV – #financialdomination

Though I’m already falling behind due to my travels this week, fall TV shows have just started back up. Helping out is this new TV that MesmerizedSub got yours truly for my birthday.

Though it’s not as big as I deserve (maybe one of you will correct that by buying Me something bigger from my wishlist), it’s still a convenient extra TV.

Even better, it has the benefits of being a SmartTV as well. Hello, Hulu.

Of course, I’m going to be needing a LOT of new furniture & such with my upcoming move. Help your Superior out with a nice cash tribute.

Why just now post something from my birthday? Because often my gifts come in clusters and I’m trying to spread them out for your enjoyment… keeping the blog fresh and updated. Of course, if you all just started buying Me more… 😉

#Wishlist Wed. – #CashMaster Making Gains – plus #payslave reminder – #financialdomination

In an effort to keep transforming my body from cub to musclebear, I’m relying on all of you to help.

Helping with that are a couple of gifts from my wishlist courtesy of My subs – casein powder and a supergreens formula. Perfect additions to my regimen.



Though I’m going to be gone the first full week in October, I’ll be working up right up to then – and then getting right back into it once I’m back from vacation.

Up until vacation, my priority has been and will be fat loss… but I’m switching back to muscle growth when I return. Can’t wait to get these muscles growing stronger and bigger!

Help Master focus on growing his muscle by sending Me that cash that allows Me to remain focused on my goals. After all, your tributes make us both hard – and also give Me time to make my muscles hard.

PAYSLAVES: Also don’t forget we’re at the end of the month. If you haven’t yet paid one of my bills or expenses, do so now! New month starts tomorrow.

#Wishlist Wed. – #CashMaster Shreddin’ Cash – #financialdomination


You think I need your cash, fag?

I don’t need your stinkin’ money!

Fuck you and your cash.

I’m shredding it all.

Of course, the above is a joke… I’m far too greedy to ever shred cash. You know how many things I can buy with cash? Of course, that’s the point… what *I* can buy, because what I want comes before what you need.

Yet, you can still enjoy the thrill of shopping and buy things – so long as you’re doing it for Me, loser. Shop my wishlist and discover what a thrill it is to spend your cash on what someone else wants or needs.

Loser Barry knows. He bought Me this paper shredder which will come in quite handy in helping to keep my information secure from desperate lowlife fags.


To Pay Master Josh is Pleasure – Tribute Here.


#Wishlist Wednesday 11/5/14 – #cashmaster #findom

Ah yes piggies, I love me a gift card. Not quite as much as cash, but it’s a close second… choosing what I want to buy, when I want to buy it, be it for myself or someone else. Guess how I’m paying for all my Christmas presents for family? You got it.  And thanks to one of my favorite losers, ‘B’, I was able to add another $100 to mine … plus another $50 as an electronic gift card from my good pal Damien, who also loves how my hypnosis helps mold him to be a good slave boy for his dom boyfriend.


I know it gave them both pleasure to provide for such a Superior… knowing at some level that it just is so right to help provide for someone with my hypnotic talents and who simply is better than they are. I bet even reading that has made their cocks so hard.

I know you too would love to get me a gift, so be it a gift card or something else from my wishlist, click here to go shopping for Master Josh … or send the best gift of all, CASH.

#Wishlist Wednesday 10/29/14 – #financialdomination #cashmaster #paypig

The fun gifts continue to be enjoyed! The latest I’d like to highlight from one of my favorite losers, B, is this multi-cooker that can steam, brown, and my favorite, slow-cook. If I was going to by a slow-cooker for myself, I’d probably have bought a cheap one $50 or less … but this one was easily over $100. I love it when I put nicer things then I’d buy myself on my wishlist – and actually get them!

This tip goes to both my fellow Masters and slaves… cooking in a slow-cooker is EASY and makes for awesome beef and pork roasts. Cocky guys like me don’t go all out cooking, and there’s only so much pizza a Cashmaster can order. Being a beefy guy that grew up on a farm, I definitely also dig my meat and potatoes. Any Master that doesn’t have a slow-cooker on a wishlist should definitely add one.


It’s especially sweet when I use all your fagcash to get my groceries as well…. no ramen noodles here (unlike my cashwhore of a roommate), I’m eating what the fuck I want, when I want, on your dime… and I don’t share the good roasts with the roommate either. I’m a bit selfish with your money that way 😉

Of course, you too can get the thrill of your gifts being highlighted in my blog.

Top on my list right now includes Amazon gift cards ahead of Christmas and some new luggage before my holiday travels. I am most likely to fly United Airlines and frankly it’s been a bitch finding luggage that fits their requirements. Slaves are welcome to do additional research for the carry-on item and the personal item, be it a set or separate purchases, and make suggestions for me to add to my wishlist (nothing below 4-stars). I did find this 3-piece set that might also do… so go get it for me now my cash cows when you visit my wishlist.

And as always, you can help me buy those quality groceries, airplane tickets, and everything else I want and need when you TRIBUTE HERE.

#Wishlist Wednesday 10/22/14 – #FinancialDomination #Cashmaster

One of my favorite losers, ‘B’, loves to buy me gifts… it’s such a rush for him to see it when I take the photos and post them online, and I know it could be a rush for you too. I’m going to be splitting up what he bought me into a few posts, starting with the smallest two…. a nice new brown leather wallet from Tommy Hilfiger and a new DVD set that I hope to find the time to use soon, Body Beast by Beachbody.


One was an item I was needing, another that I wanted…. and either way it’s only right for pay pigs like you to sacrifice your own wants to help take care of a true Superior’s wants and needs. What do you need with that fagcash anyway? Wouldn’t you rather spend it on a cashmaster and get hours of endless pleasure stroking your cock as you listen to my hypnosis and read over my posts – even posts that might make a reference to you? I know your cock is already throbbing at the thought.

Why don’t you shop my wishlist now?

Newly added is an external storage drive that will come in handy as I keep on making more and more hypnosis files… my current laptop is running out of room. And of course those gift cards ahead of the holiday season are always a terrific way for you to spend your piggy money helping a Superior buy better gifts for his family then you’ll end up buying for your own.  A nice big tribute always never hurt…. me 😉