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Holiday weekends are upon us, and tomorrow I’ll be driving to visit family
Needing to stop and fuel up my vehicle. Needing to stop for food on the way
And deep down, you know this is why you exist – to pay for these things for Me
For I am your Superior Master, dominating your  mind – and you are My ATM


Some of you simply know without programming that you are inferior to Me
While others of you have been deeply programmed to obey the trigger
Either way, you know deep down that it is right to provide for Master Josh
And that submission just feels too amazing…. it’s so difficult to resist


Go ahead, humanATMs, pay pigs and cashslaves – give in to those urges inside
Give in and feel that deep pleasure washing over you as you pay Me
That pleasure building inside each time you serve Me, obey Me, pay Me
Dispensing that cash as you complete the transaction NOW!


2016 Resolutions for #HumanATMs #PayPigs #CashSlaves #Pigs #Slaves #FinDom #FinancialDomination

This is another repost from the year before  – with slight edits for years/etc. and a couple small additions – but still great ideas (of course they’re great ideas; they were Mine).

1) Tribute more to your CashMasters & CashGods – you can start here
2) Buy more gifts for your CashMasters & CashGods – you can start here
3) Go deeper than ever. Even if you’ve never been hypnotized before, pick a free file that fits with your interests (or just my general file) and listen to each night until you realize that you’re able to stop overthinking it and just let go deep down into trance. You can start here.

1) Set an amount to tribute on a regular basis. It could be $1/day, $5/week, $50/month – perhaps something even more random. It doesn’t matter, just pick it and stick with it and do it at each interval from now until 12/31/2016.
2) Not good at keeping to schedules? Pick an amount instead to work up to. Do you want to give $5000 by the end of the year? You could go less or more, just pick an amount that excites you and keep track in a log each time you pay to your one true Superior, Master Josh.
3) Accept that being financially dominated is what you want, need, and derive pleasure from, even when you feel humiliated after. Don’t try to fight it any longer but give in and accept your fate, your destiny, to serve those that are Superior. Self-acceptance may be the best gift you can give yourself in 2016.
4) Work towards earning badges that get you listed here.
5) Spin a wheel either once a week, or on every payday.

1) See how long you can go in chastity at the start of 2016 – try to beat any previous records.
2) Know someone with a cage or good with ropes? Take some vacation days from work and try for a new record in being bound or held captive.
3) Try a new fetish… perhaps one that has stirred that cock but scared you. You have a year to find a Master, Mistress, or other Dominant(s) willing to explore with you in person but don’t wait too long… go expand your limits (I have files that can help with this on my pigmesmerizer.com site).
4) Unless you have a Dom/me(s) that prefers you fat or as a skinny twink, start working out more and get into the best shape you can get in, knowing that fit fagmeat is likely to be more appealing to those that get into in-person scenes. Aside from the fagmeat file here, I also have more workout motivation at jockmesmerizer.com.
5) Find a way to give back more. For example, those of you with artistic talents could send Me stories, artwork, etc. for use on my blogs, for sale in goodies, or that I could use and make profit from elsewhere.

A reminder I am traveling until sometime Saturday, but go ahead and send a nice little tribute as a promise of sticking to your resolution. Might as well transition from one year to the next in style. 😉

Excerpt from #ATM #Hypnosis #FinancialDomination Session

Last night, I posted a bit of a conversation. This is a (slightly edited so that it could also apply to readers) excerpt from that session that took place towards the end of that conversation. However, I’m using the read more as it does contain triggers both for trance and for sending tributes, so read at your own risk. If you aren’t used to my hypnosis, it may not do much as there’s no induction – but if you have listened to the triggers… well, you know the power of My words. You will also see how I took what he had said in the conversation and incorporated it into the session. Always feel free to share your desires and fantasies with Me, My inferior pay pigs!

Continue reading Excerpt from #ATM #Hypnosis #FinancialDomination Session

Missed Anniversary – Whoops! Too Busy with #CashRapes & #FinancialDomination Games

So, I was thinking the anniversary of this blog was coming up at the end of May, and when I ended up traveling two weekends in a row, I had a feeling I had missed marking the one year anniversary of this blog. Well, I just went back to look at when the first post was, and the date was 4/20 of last year. Whoops!

It just goes to show that I’ve been having too much fun coming up with new ways to take your money, such as the recent launch of the games section, as well as the great hypnosis that I’ve always provided, as well as just having fun taking your calls (and moreso your money!).

Of course, I’ve always been doing this quite a bit longer than a year. The hypnosis is going on a decade now, and at least five years for financial domination. It was small at first… but look how it’s all grown! From just having a few files to start, to having a BlogSpot, to my own site… to now multiple sites that continue to grow with new files, new games, new testimonials, and more.

This site continues to exist thanks to you guys, but I know you all know that it’s simply what’s right. It’s right to serve your Superior. It feels good to exist for the benefit of a creative Alpha mind and masculine man such as myself. I know that some of you love to give willingly, and others love to be used, taken advantage of… and I hope we can continue to bring each other more pleasure in the YEARS ahead. Because I’m not planning on quitting anytime soon.

You can thank me for over a year of great content here 😉

Why Do #Fag #Fuckers Expect Things Free? #PAY UP, #BITCH. -#financialdomination

Obviously with the Pay-to-View games, you have to pay for them…  but some of the games could theoretically be played without you guys paying. But are you really going to sit there and eat up my fucking bandwidth, and then not follow the rules? Then fuck you.

I know at least some have done this because I had a quiz up with rules for paying for how many a loser got wrong. I received e-mail notifications when the quiz was completed – but no follow-up tributes. I was honestly a bit unsure of that quiz anyway, so I just decided to delete it. I hope I don’t have to delete the other non-PTV games if dumbasses don’t follow the rules. Here I am trying to provide entertainment for you, when you should be providing for ME – your Superior.

I know it’s not just you guys though. I just had somebody message elsewhere relating to my muscle mesmerizer files about when I might add more free files. CHEAPASS. Most files there are currently only around $15. If you can’t afford to support me that little much to make more new files (whether I sell them or do put any free), then FUCK YOU.

Makes me grateful to those of you that I know understand the value of creative effort and have supported me.  But I needed to vent today about the others.

You want free… the blog content is free (well, aside from triggers, but that’s besides the point). And you cheap-ass cunts can shove a dildo up your ass and fuck off to this post for all I care. But you want some time put into new games, new files, new ways to get your tiny fagdick off? THEN PAY UP.

#FinancialDomination Games – #poppers #humiliation #financialruin #more

Well, I still have a lot of ideas I hope to add to the pages at some point – I swear, there’s not enough time in the day. But I had enough done that I figured it was time I launched one of the big projects I’ve been working on this spring: Game Central – with many subpages of financial domination fun.

Among the highlights:
*Poppers Games including two PTV chains and two spin wheels, as well as spin wheels for ATMS & Financial Ruin.
*Humiliation Dare, where you pay $5 to see a hidden task in a PTV that you must perform or pay a $25 penalty.
*$hopping$pree, where you click an icon & must buy me the revealed item… just one of three games related to my Wishlist.

Plus financial domination takes on black jack, table hockey, and MUCH MORE.



#ATMs #Cashfags #PayPigs – Payments for #FinancialDomination #Tribute

One of the biggest questions I get asked is about alternative payments – but this is a Niteflirt-linked site (meaning I link from my profiles there to this site) and therefore must abide by their rules – that everything (contact, payment, etc.) goes through Niteflirt. Therefore I must tread a bit lightly with the subject of this post, but I think it’ll be obvious to NF that I am abiding by their rules – for even as I discuss other methods, I’m not giving out payment links/etc. – in fact, I’m not even saying that I have other options, just that there’s one that I used to utilize prior to joining Niteflirt.

I hesitate to write this old payment place out by its full name…  And I’m not saying that just because of the rules of having a Niteflirt compliant site… I am saying that all you stupid fags and slaves that love that one service so much…  the one with the initials P… P… you really need to be looking elsewhere, such as Niteflirt. Perhaps you work with a cashmaster that’s not on NF and loves that other service… but if he at all self-promotes online as I do; if you at all leave notes “tribute for you Master,” etc.; if you like to send multiple tributes over the course of a session – any of this leads to the risk of him being banned, and his accounts frozen for six months. Any cash that’s still in there would be unusable until much later.

I have heard of one guy not on NF who has multiple accounts open using fake names/etc., but P.. P… has upped its game in what it requires for verification in order to withdraw cash and so that’s not a viable option for many. I had thought myself lucky though that I had an old account open, so that when my new account was banned… I still had one account I could use. I just had to be much more careful with it. (on a funny note, the reasoning for the first one said they don’t allow their service to be used by “financial dommes” – so I didn’t think they’d really looked at things that closely.

The second time though, I was careful with what subs said and did with the account. I never allowed more than two payments be sent in one session. I didn’t mention the site on a website I had that wasn’t linked to NF. However, I did mention the e-mail to use with other payment options – and P.. P.. had found the mention of this e-mail on a site they had already become familiar with from when they banned the first one, and though there was absolutely no way for them to know just how I had used their service, the linking of that e-mail to such a site was enough for them to ban the second one.

I could list you a slew of other alternatives … a few US only, but some worldwide … that I’ve never had issues with, though I both can’t due to NF terms and due to own being afraid that these other sites might follow in P…P…’s footsteps. And they may have their reasons, no matter how frustrating it is. Perhaps too many fag losers balked about how much they got raped, or overdid it on credit cards past limits, and the site balked at chargeback fees and the like. But it’s not just them either – it’s the credit cards they work with, and that includes not just financial domination, but erotic hypnosis.

You see, even other fetish sites don’t allows allow hypnosis talk if they take credit card payments because though you can find all sorts of books & CDs about hypnosis on retail sites/etc., when it comes to the sexual it is considered a very dirty word. The reason has to do with the idea of a person being taken advantage of while not fully coherent and not able to give true consent. While I do get this sentiment, as any form of rape shouldn’t be condoned by credit card companies, it goes a bit too far to not allow erotic hypnosis. Things like my files are things people CHOOSE to listen to. Sometimes we include fantasy stuff that’s not mainstream, with the use of “cashrape” often used in financial domination, but everyone is fully aware of what’s going on.  The erotic files are mainly a way for people to get off, and yet a site can talk about cashmasters, wallet rape, faggots, etc. and be allowed to say all that by the credit cards – yet not have hypnosis. One site banned me altogether while another allowed me to stay, but all references to hypnosis had to be removed.

And so then sometimes a sub comes and asks, “Can I pay this way?” and they think I’m being a dick for saying NO. Or don’t get why I’m getting upset when I’ve tried explaining this at least five other times to them, and they still wish to do it. But guess what? You are the dick if you can’t be flexible enough to find a different service that I do accept, which on here is only NF. Afraid of your wife seeing the statement? Well, here’s an idea… get a pre-paid card. If using that certain service is because you like the secrecy, then there are ways to do it with NF too … and in fact, you stay more anonymous on NF than you do on the others. And in terms of visiting the Niteflirt site, you can always delete your browsing history, cookies, etc. and also most browsers have incognito window options these days.

And if you then go on about how you love P…P… to an experienced Cashmaster who’s had his share of drama with that company just as I have, you’re going to either encounter a guy that just wants as much money now regardless of how he gets it, hoping for his best… or someone that’s in it for the long haul that wants to abide by the rules, even if it means turning down some subs along the way. And I’m in this for the long haul, hoping to make many more files this year and for many years to come. And really… YOU ARE INFERIOR. It shouldn’t matter at all what you prefer. And what you prefer should NEVER come before the livelihood of a Master. So even if there were to be a Cashmaster out there who does have a P…P… he uses for a separate legit business, you should NOT be offended when he says you can’t use that for him, or gives you restrictions on how much you can use it. If you don’t want the restrictions, then GO TO NITEFLIRT! Seriously!

Now, NF does take out more fees on my end, but having looked into multiple options of where to host my erotic hypnosis, other options either also wouldn’t allow it (some I could try at the risk of getting banned, then starting over AGAIN); while other options were quite spendy as it’d only be allowed in a high-risk category… which for big producers with the money for that, great; but as a one-man start-up doing his own thing, it wasn’t viable. Some of the shopping cart options also required more programming knowledge than I had, and hiring someone was again not an option for me at this point.

Niteflirt then, despite it’s fees, has given me something that the other options couldn’t provide.
1) Minimal Set-Up Costs – really just my time to make content and such, and a little bit of advertising.
2) Ability to freely advertise Erotic Hypnosis – something I can’t even do on some other fetish sites … and as you know, it’s my specialty.
3) Ease of use – it’s not too hard to copy html from Niteflirt and paste on one’s website for a payment button.
4) More peace of mind that I won’t get caught for doing financial domination, such as if a sub wants to send multiple tributes during a session.

Now, I do still have to be careful, as Niteflirt also can ban people that break their protocols. Usually they give their warnings first. I was hired to do a custom file for a sexual act and edited a version down to sell, and though it was an innocent mistake, I forgot to double check the NF terms. It just didn’t occur to me that it was an act they’d have a problem with. That’s why I was struggling the other day when I asked for humiliation ideas… some of the best ideas involve things that I can’t really mention on NF, so then I was hoping for some creative alternatives. It’s also why on some things they did allow, I have been very clear on the content… for example I am clear that any pup play files are about ADULT HUMAN ROLEPLAY and nothing more than that. And there are certain things I’d like to see, such as certain changes to the feedback policy and some banner ads aimed at gay/bi customers.

In general though, I am grateful that Niteflirt has allowed me a place to host my files and given me the ability to get payments from ATMs, poppers fags, losers and more in exchange for my services. I couldn’t do this without them which is why I do strongly hope that if I ever mess up, that they work with me on simply making clear what I need to do better. I do hope this post hasn’t talked too much about competition – again, I’m not giving out any links, e-mails, or anything like that. Just spelling out my experiences that led to Niteflirt, and why I am very happy that a site such as Niteflirt does exist as I make more fetish hypnosis files in the very future.

The benefits of being on Niteflirt far outweigh any negatives, and I think a smart sub will find that it’s a good alternative for them to enjoy a wider variety of payment options and fun as well.

#Wishlist Wednesday 10/29/14 – #financialdomination #cashmaster #paypig

The fun gifts continue to be enjoyed! The latest I’d like to highlight from one of my favorite losers, B, is this multi-cooker that can steam, brown, and my favorite, slow-cook. If I was going to by a slow-cooker for myself, I’d probably have bought a cheap one $50 or less … but this one was easily over $100. I love it when I put nicer things then I’d buy myself on my wishlist – and actually get them!

This tip goes to both my fellow Masters and slaves… cooking in a slow-cooker is EASY and makes for awesome beef and pork roasts. Cocky guys like me don’t go all out cooking, and there’s only so much pizza a Cashmaster can order. Being a beefy guy that grew up on a farm, I definitely also dig my meat and potatoes. Any Master that doesn’t have a slow-cooker on a wishlist should definitely add one.


It’s especially sweet when I use all your fagcash to get my groceries as well…. no ramen noodles here (unlike my cashwhore of a roommate), I’m eating what the fuck I want, when I want, on your dime… and I don’t share the good roasts with the roommate either. I’m a bit selfish with your money that way 😉

Of course, you too can get the thrill of your gifts being highlighted in my blog.

Top on my list right now includes Amazon gift cards ahead of Christmas and some new luggage before my holiday travels. I am most likely to fly United Airlines and frankly it’s been a bitch finding luggage that fits their requirements. Slaves are welcome to do additional research for the carry-on item and the personal item, be it a set or separate purchases, and make suggestions for me to add to my wishlist (nothing below 4-stars). I did find this 3-piece set that might also do… so go get it for me now my cash cows when you visit my wishlist.

And as always, you can help me buy those quality groceries, airplane tickets, and everything else I want and need when you TRIBUTE HERE.