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2016 Resolutions for #HumanATMs #PayPigs #CashSlaves #Pigs #Slaves #FinDom #FinancialDomination

This is another repost from the year beforeĀ  – with slight edits for years/etc. and a couple small additions – but still great ideas (of course they’re great ideas; they were Mine).

1) Tribute more to your CashMasters & CashGods – you can start here
2) Buy more gifts for your CashMasters & CashGods – you can start here
3) Go deeper than ever. Even if you’ve never been hypnotized before, pick a free file that fits with your interests (or just my general file) and listen to each night until you realize that you’re able to stop overthinking it and just let go deep down into trance. You can start here.

1) Set an amount to tribute on a regular basis. It could be $1/day, $5/week, $50/month – perhaps something even more random. It doesn’t matter, just pick it and stick with it and do it at each interval from now until 12/31/2016.
2) Not good at keeping to schedules? Pick an amount instead to work up to. Do you want to give $5000 by the end of the year? You could go less or more, just pick an amount that excites you and keep track in a log each time you pay to your one true Superior, Master Josh.
3) Accept that being financially dominated is what you want, need, and derive pleasure from, even when you feel humiliated after. Don’t try to fight it any longer but give in and accept your fate, your destiny, to serve those that are Superior. Self-acceptance may be the best gift you can give yourself in 2016.
4) Work towards earning badges that get you listed here.
5) Spin a wheel either once a week, or on every payday.

1) See how long you can go in chastity at the start of 2016 – try to beat any previous records.
2) Know someone with a cage or good with ropes? Take some vacation days from work and try for a new record in being bound or held captive.
3) Try a new fetish… perhaps one that has stirred that cock but scared you. You have a year to find a Master, Mistress, or other Dominant(s) willing to explore with you in person but don’t wait too long… go expand your limits (I have files that can help with this on my pigmesmerizer.com site).
4) Unless you have a Dom/me(s) that prefers you fat or as a skinny twink, start working out more and get into the best shape you can get in, knowing that fit fagmeat is likely to be more appealing to those that get into in-person scenes. Aside from the fagmeat file here, I also have more workout motivation at jockmesmerizer.com.
5) Find a way to give back more. For example, those of you with artistic talents could send Me stories, artwork, etc. for use on my blogs, for sale in goodies, or that I could use and make profit from elsewhere.

A reminder I am traveling until sometime Saturday, but go ahead and send a nice little tribute as a promise of sticking to your resolution. Might as well transition from one year to the next in style. šŸ˜‰

Missed Anniversary – Whoops! Too Busy with #CashRapes & #FinancialDomination Games

So, I was thinking the anniversary of this blog was coming up at the end of May, and when I ended up traveling two weekends in a row, I had a feeling I had missed marking the one year anniversary of this blog. Well, I just went back to look at when the first post was, and the date was 4/20 of last year. Whoops!

It just goes to show that I’ve been having too much fun coming up with new ways to take your money, such as the recent launch of the games section, as well as the great hypnosis that I’ve always provided, as well as just having fun taking your calls (and moreso your money!).

Of course, I’ve always been doing this quite a bit longer thanĀ a year. The hypnosis is going on a decade now, and at least five years for financial domination. It was small at first… but look how it’s all grown! From just having a few files to start, to having a BlogSpot, to my own site… to now multiple sites that continue to grow with new files, new games, new testimonials, and more.

This site continues to exist thanks to you guys, but I know you all know that it’s simply what’s right. It’s right to serve your Superior. It feels good to exist for the benefit of a creative Alpha mind and masculine man such as myself. I know that some of you love to give willingly, and others love to be used, taken advantage of… and I hope we can continue to bring each other more pleasure in the YEARS ahead. Because I’m not planning on quitting anytime soon.

You can thank me for over a year of great content here šŸ˜‰

#FinancialDomination Games – #poppers #humiliation #financialruin #more

Well, I still have a lot of ideas I hope to add to the pages at some point – I swear, there’s not enough time in the day. But I had enough done that I figured it was time I launched one of the big projects I’ve been working on this spring: Game Central – with many subpages of financial domination fun.

Among the highlights:
*Poppers Games including two PTV chains and two spin wheels, as well as spin wheels for ATMS & Financial Ruin.
*Humiliation Dare, where you pay $5 to see a hidden task in a PTV that you must perform or pay a $25 penalty.
*$hopping$pree,Ā where you click an icon & must buy me theĀ revealed item… justĀ one of three games related to my Wishlist.

Plus financial dominationĀ takes on black jack, table hockey, and MUCH MORE.



New Year’s Resolutions #FinancialFetish #FinDom #Cashgod #Muscle

Due to my family’s late holiday celebrations, I’ll be a week or so late in getting started on these… but I know what I want to focus on when I get back.

1) CASH – I want this to be my most profitable year ever, and that includes from when I had a full-time job.
2) Improving sites – Some other cashmasters might be better at the verbal or hotter with their pics, but no other oneĀ (to my knowledge) Ā provides you with this much free content … and I hope 2015 is even better.
3) More files, of all varieties – from more muscle motivation to new ways to financially dominate you!
4) Files that are more EXTREME. Not all of them, but I do want to figure out ways that really fuck some of your minds for my plea$ure
5) More muscle – 2015 is the year I get serious about transforming my not-bad body into something great, and I need your $upport … who wants to help $ponsor a hypnotic God’s transformation?

There may be some changes in my life in 2015. Perhaps another move (where & when?). Perhaps finding someone for an ongoing in-person hypnotic molding. Perhaps I’ll even look into doing some hypnosis that’s more legit. But in January and February, I am going to be working my ass off on my body, on my blogs, on my files, and on showing just why I am the Superior most worthy of your cash. Some of you already have experienced my power… others of you can give it a try here.