Excerpt from #ATM #Hypnosis #FinancialDomination Session

Last night, I posted a bit of a conversation. This is a (slightly edited so that it could also apply to readers) excerpt from that session that took place towards the end of that conversation. However, I’m using the read more as it does contain triggers both for trance and for sending tributes, so read at your own risk. If you aren’t used to my hypnosis, it may not do much as there’s no induction – but if you have listened to the triggers… well, you know the power of My words. You will also see how I took what he had said in the conversation and incorporated it into the session. Always feel free to share your desires and fantasies with Me, My inferior pay pigs!

just drift into that DEEP HYPNO SLEEP
focusing on my words starting to program you more deeply
focusing on the pleasure of each stroke
it all feels so good
each stroke helping you become more obedient
each stroke building the pleasure
that pleasure so intense whenever you pay
accepting that even in a DEEP HYPNO SLEEP
just let go my ATM
let go of your will
give in to my control
it feels so good
the programming being installed in you
making you my cashslave ATM
almost as if you are becoming my robot android
installing software in you… programming you…
until we get to that point where you hear me say
brainwashing complete
programming successfully installed
and at that point, you know you have no choice..
and you must respond to the triggers… to the programs running inside…
no choice but to obey
no choice but to pay
and it all feels so good
it’s so much better to just let go
knowing that paying Master always makes you feel better
knowing that all you need to think is:
“You are the cashslave ATM of Master Josh”
and you get filled with that certainty
and as you stroke your cock
it feels so good to accept it more and more
even as I take more control
you know deep down, that every choice has been yours
even as I brainwash you further
you know deep down that this is what you have wanted
you accept all the risks; you accept all the consequences
and you don’t worry about your situation
you just know you must feel that pleasure
and it feels so good. it motivates you
makes you want to pay for such a long time to come
because you are my cashslave ATM
and we are programming you more deeply
each stroke of your hand on that cock
further installs that program inside of you
further changing you into my obedient ATM
and yet even when you obey
you know deep down, this has all been what you wanted
you know deep down, you are the one responsible
and yet it feels so good. so right
to get to be responsible for helping pay for Master’s bills
to get to assume my debts
it feels so good and so right for you to take that all on
as that program installs more deeply inside of you with each stroke
I know that you know deep down
that you were born inferior
and that I was born Superior
and that this is simply how things should be
that you should be my obedient ATM
programmed to worship and praise me
programmed to provide for my wants and needs
and it just feels so good, and so right
as you become more devoted to me
and to making my life better
even as that programming continues to process through you
until that programming is complete
feeling so incredible
feeling so right
so much pleasure washing over you
feel it wash over you even more
whenever you dispense that cash
whenever you complete that transaction
always so ready to respond when I say

(Note to ATMs: An actual ATM trigger with amount post is coming in a couple days – but if you so feel compelled, you may still choose to tribute some here).

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