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Why Do #Fag #Fuckers Expect Things Free? #PAY UP, #BITCH. -#financialdomination

Obviously with the Pay-to-View games, you have to pay for them…  but some of the games could theoretically be played without you guys paying. But are you really going to sit there and eat up my fucking bandwidth, and then not follow the rules? Then fuck you.

I know at least some have done this because I had a quiz up with rules for paying for how many a loser got wrong. I received e-mail notifications when the quiz was completed – but no follow-up tributes. I was honestly a bit unsure of that quiz anyway, so I just decided to delete it. I hope I don’t have to delete the other non-PTV games if dumbasses don’t follow the rules. Here I am trying to provide entertainment for you, when you should be providing for ME – your Superior.

I know it’s not just you guys though. I just had somebody message elsewhere relating to my muscle mesmerizer files about when I might add more free files. CHEAPASS. Most files there are currently only around $15. If you can’t afford to support me that little much to make more new files (whether I sell them or do put any free), then FUCK YOU.

Makes me grateful to those of you that I know understand the value of creative effort and have supported me.  But I needed to vent today about the others.

You want free… the blog content is free (well, aside from triggers, but that’s besides the point). And you cheap-ass cunts can shove a dildo up your ass and fuck off to this post for all I care. But you want some time put into new games, new files, new ways to get your tiny fagdick off? THEN PAY UP.