#Wishlist Wednesday 10/29/14 – #financialdomination #cashmaster #paypig

The fun gifts continue to be enjoyed! The latest I’d like to highlight from one of my favorite losers, B, is this multi-cooker that can steam, brown, and my favorite, slow-cook. If I was going to by a slow-cooker for myself, I’d probably have bought a cheap one $50 or less … but this one was easily over $100. I love it when I put nicer things then I’d buy myself on my wishlist – and actually get them!

This tip goes to both my fellow Masters and slaves… cooking in a slow-cooker is EASY and makes for awesome beef and pork roasts. Cocky guys like me don’t go all out cooking, and there’s only so much pizza a Cashmaster can order. Being a beefy guy that grew up on a farm, I definitely also dig my meat and potatoes. Any Master that doesn’t have a slow-cooker on a wishlist should definitely add one.


It’s especially sweet when I use all your fagcash to get my groceries as well…. no ramen noodles here (unlike my cashwhore of a roommate), I’m eating what the fuck I want, when I want, on your dime… and I don’t share the good roasts with the roommate either. I’m a bit selfish with your money that way 😉

Of course, you too can get the thrill of your gifts being highlighted in my blog.

Top on my list right now includes Amazon gift cards ahead of Christmas and some new luggage before my holiday travels. I am most likely to fly United Airlines and frankly it’s been a bitch finding luggage that fits their requirements. Slaves are welcome to do additional research for the carry-on item and the personal item, be it a set or separate purchases, and make suggestions for me to add to my wishlist (nothing below 4-stars). I did find this 3-piece set that might also do… so go get it for me now my cash cows when you visit my wishlist.

And as always, you can help me buy those quality groceries, airplane tickets, and everything else I want and need when you TRIBUTE HERE.

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