#Fags – Where did you Moms go Wrong? #financialdomination

As I celebrate my fantastic mom who did such a great job raising me into a confident and talented man, I can’t help but wonder how your moms did with you.

I mean, perhaps some of you are like this because you didn’t have a mom, or had a mom with addiction issues, or who was abused or an abuser, or an overbearing mother (anyone watch “Bates Motel” for an example?). However, I’m betting many of you had great moms… just that they didn’t know what to do with you.

They maybe saw there was something wrong with you, but they didn’t know how to address it. So they just ignored the issue, letting you develop further into the weak loser you are. They maybe tried to encourage you that “everything would be okay,” but whatever they suspected probably was nowhere close to the truth of the nasty, perverted thoughts going through your fagmind.

I wonder how many of them would be disappointed in you, if they knew you were giving your money away to a Man like me. Surely having your faggot desires and loser fetishes exposed would test the limits of a parent’s unconditional love. Because it’d take one hell of a mother to keep loving a fucking failure of a man like you.

But, it’s okay to feel ashamed and have your secrets fag. So long as you know that the only way to help you feel better is to give in and pay those Superiors like me you desperately long to serve. Because even if your mom can’t accept you for who you are, I sure can. I can accept you for the pathetic loser you are, so long as you serve me well.

One faggot just tried to screw me over on a deal, and it is all the more reason why I fucking hate fags that make promises. Though I have some that have served me well repeatedly, they typically don’t promise me things – they just enjoy the files and pay when triggered, or make it worth the time for a session, etc. But the ones that are full of promises seem to be full of shit ( yes I mean you 21 Teketeke … you’ll be unblocked when you make it right )… didn’t your moms teach you fuckers the value of being true to what you say, and set you on the right course? If they did, you clearly were too busy being distracted by your perversions to pay proper attention.

But my mom raised me right… perhaps sometimes too right as I’ve realized better how some of you damn inferiors wish to be treated, which I admit has been a learning curve for me. But I have reason to be proud of her, and she has reason to be proud of me. I doubt many of you can truly say the same. I mean, seriously, where did your moms go wrong? But hey, at least if you were to tell your mom that your money is being used wisely, that wouldn’t be a lie – for it’s always wise to send a tribute to your Superior.

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