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Does #CashMaster ‘s Hot Session with #CashSlave Mean More Pics? – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I’m not one that likes to show My face off places where it could be shared over and over. While being judged wouldn’t make Me feel ashamed (unlike all of you with your pathetic thoughts and perverse fantasies), it’s still better to avoid attracting that kind of attention. A part of Me wishes I’d started doing all this in a mask, but the truth is that I would have been recognized from My muscle files regardless – My voice is My voice; My style is My style. And so eventually I went from posting pics of just gifts to pics holding the gifts here …. yet, I’m still reluctant about the type of crazies that might get attracted via more sharing on sites like Tumblr. So even though I plan to keep showing pics here with My face for now, I have wondered about getting a mask.

Well, I just had a hot session with Jo$hWor$hipper wherehe felt My seed getting planted deep inside of him, taking root and then growing – My power growing stronger as he became more submissive to his CashGod. And, thanks to him, I now have a gift certificate to Mr. S Leather …. something you are all welcome to send to Me as well, via lifecoachjosh@outlook.com .

I might change My mind and go with something else, but looking at Masks and the like ….

Leather Mask "Titan"
Spandex Hood Eye Mouth Opening
…what do you guys like and think Master Josh would look hot in for doing gift pics on Tumblr?

A sexy leather mask with a sinister touch as I dominate you?

Maybe more like a robber’s mask as I take money from that wallet of yours?

Or perhaps a gas mask to symbolize the idea of sleeping gas getting released through My hypnosis.

Comment below or e-mail hypnosuperior@gmail.com to let Me know!

Hell, maybe all three and more if you all contribute more to Me right now.

Just don’t be shy with that cash now, tis the season for cashfags and paypigs to be giving the Financial Domination Stud MORE!

#Leather #Rubber & More for #PayPigs to Buy #CashMaster from #WishList – #FinancialDomination

I’m a bit late for Wishlist Wednesday – it’s been a busy day – but there’s still great fun to be had with even more items to buy me than ever before. And not just items, but rubber, leather and so much more!

It’s all thanks to Delivery Code, which allows Me to add items from almost any site. There were a few I tried, such as RedBubble and Best Buy, that did not work, and there are some kinks they need to work out when it comes to adding a page that has different options at different prices. Yet still, I was able to add so much more great stuff, from cool T-shirts to leather harnesses, porn DVDs to laptops … I even added things like a Lasik groupon and a car. Though I’m unsure it’s really possible to buy a car in this manner, it let Me add it – so I did.

Be sure to check it all out here …. of course, I always have my Amazon wishlist as well, or you could opt for my favorite gift of all: cash. Speaking of which, those Visa and MasterCard prepaid options from Target were great additions to the list as well 😉

#Wishlist Wed. – #Leather gloves for #Cashmaster Josh – #findom

Now that I’m getting back to the blog more regularly, it’s time to update with some gifts that cashslaves have bought me, or that I’ve bought using gift cards sent to me. The following came from my bud Damian who doesn’t get to tribute as much as he’d like due to a boyfriend, but I know he always loves it when he can show Me he knows I’m Superior.

In this case, it was with a pair of leather gloves. They look good holding green. 😉


I actually took these pics after the holidays before having my posting plans delayed by lying ex-roommate, and have shaped back up some since this pic, but I bet it still makes you so hot to see your handsome Master wearing a gift from his cashslaves.  

Don’t you just want to add to my pleasure and see a post about Master getting your gift? Of course you do my pay pigs and ATMS! So go on over to my Wishlist… or just send the best gift of all, a tribute of CASH.