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25+ Xmas Gifts for #CashSlave #PayPig Subs to Get #CashMaster – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

It’s true, I’ve been busy with files, family and even had to take some sick time, but I’m around as I can be for sessions and more. And of course, one of my favorite things is receiving gifts. Below, you’ll find 25 items ranging from $10 to $35 for My cashslaves, pay pigs and wor$hippers (as well as a few bonus items for some of my semi-regular bigger gift givers) to shop for the Financial Domination Stud. If something has been bought or goes out of stock, choose another item from the list – or anything else from the wishlist!

Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens, Fine Pt, Dozen Box, Black
$12 Pens
BOUGHT! But send more.

And for gift #25, what else but My favorite gift of all – THAT GREEN CASH. 

CashFagDirt, what I want most from you are these:

And Loser B, I didn’t forget about you. Here’s a special list just for my favorite big-spending loser with five must-buy items and a bonus big buy item if you want to truly feel My power over you … though ANY of you are welcome to send Me one of these larger items, as well as anything else from My wishlist:

BONUS: Your Choice, for Me or My Mom:
TiVo Roamio OTA 1 TB DVR - With No Monthly Service Fees - Digital Video Recorder and Streaming Media PlayerLenovo IdeaPad 15.6" HD Flagship High Performance Laptop PC | A6-7310 Quad-Core | 4GB RAM | 500GB HDD | DVD+/-RW | HDMI | Windows 10
$399 Tivo or $312 Laptop



Master has been toiling away all day, working on custom files I’ve been hired for
Trying to get them all done and to the clients prior to the holidays
Yet, still not done – up later, or finishing tomorrow – tired and sore.
So much work I put into content for you guys, that you never see.


Someday soon releasing general versions of those custom files – more for you
But this CashMaster feels My hard work should be rewarded this holiday
Time to hit up My ATMs, this eve before Christmas Eve, ahead of Hanukkah & Kwanzaa
Time for all My ATMs to dispense that holiday cash I so deserve


Not just because I work hard, but also because I am Superior. Talented. Handsome.
Intelligent and only slightly modest – hell, who do I kid – I am a GOD.
Give in to My hypnotic voice and feel My immense power over you
And if you have, you’ve been programmed to have no choice


Those that aren’t ATMs may give the tribute amount of their choice
But ATMs should be dispensing out that $85 to complete the transaction
Feeling so good to give in to the pleasure of MY pleasure as I use you
And feeling so amazing to know you’re making My holiday so bright as you pay.


#Wishlist Wed: #HypnoMaster Work$ Better Thanks to #CashSlave – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Recently I realized that the reception on My new laptop wasn’t quite as good, and often I was having to spend time trying to reconnect as I did My work. After realizing the old router was probably outdated, I put a new one on the wishlist – and thankfully, CashFagDirt responded to I could get to work dominating more moneyslaves and paypigs!

I also am late on this as I haven’t had to edit photos since switching to the new laptop and should have looked at it sooner – how is it so hard to find a simple program to crop & resize images? If you have suggestions for a PC, comment below. Thankfully, I can at least download any programs faster thanks to the new WiFi Router.

It’s been up and running a week or so now, and definitely seems to be a vast improvement to keep Me connected during sessions with you inferiors – all the better to keep draining you of more cash.
Don’t forget My holiday challenge is still going on – click here to get the details.

Of course you are welcome to get Me any item from My wishlist at any time, and can always send Me my favorite gift of all – CASH.

#CashMaster 15 Days of Xmas #ATM #PayPig #CashSlave Challenge – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Let’s see how many items from My wishlist we can cross off this holiday season – below are 15 options, all $30 or below. Surely each of you can afford up to $30 for your Superior? If an item link doesn’t work, it may have been purchased already – so just try again! If you see a (1), I’ve received it but can accept multiple quantities so am open to more of that item.  I’ve also swapped out an item that went out of stock. 15 options for 15 days takes us to the 21st, just in time to ship to Me ahead of Christmas. And perhaps you even want to get Me multiple items to see if you qualify for free shipping 😉





Of course, I’d gladly swap any of the above items for even larger purchases….

You can check out more on My Amazon wishlist.

Of course, I also love Target gift cards, Kohl’s gift cards , Burly Shirts gift cards , and gift cards to fetish/kink apparel websites, such as Mr. S Leather, The Stockroom, and more  – click on any of the hyperlinked names or find your own favorite site that offers gift certificates, then e-mail a holiday surprise to Me using  lifecoachjosh@outlook.com

And then, there’s always My favorite gift of cash!


Wishlist Wed: On #CashMaster ‘s Xmas List for #PayPigs #CashSlaves #HumanATMs #CashFags to Buy NOW

Sometimes us CashMasters and FinDoms get busy with real life. For Me, it’s quite a whammy of a month that was already busy due to holidays. Traveling for a funeral combined with unexpectedly apartment searching again (as my waiting list fell through), has left Me with less time online taking calls. I mean, I haven’t even posted this hot pic of gifts I got in November… so if Christmas is slow, I can always say it came early for Me … but I’m greedy, and of course want MORE. And I know deep down that pay pigs and cashslaves like you crave getting to give me MORE.

It’s amazing that even in these circumstances, I can still rake in cash with the sessions I do have, but I’m behind on a few things with the sites. That includes posting about earning the Christmas badge – which one can earn by sending a special $25 or higher tribute – make note via Niteflirt that it’s a Christmas tribute – and also sending Me one gift. But you best be checking my wishlist now – I’ll be traveling again for Christmas, so let’s get those presents in the mail! Be sure I know you sent a gift as your name might not match how I recognize you / screenname.

Some sample gifts on my wishlist – lots of supplement options from $10 to $30, and a range of prices on everything else:

Another way to help me out this holiday season? Help pay for the gifts I’ve bought others! That includes….
A $100 bottle of Johnnie Walker Platinum Scotch for my dad
A $40 electric griddle for my mom
Various – $15, $25, $30 – for ages I can’t mention on a NF-linked blog
?  … will probably get something else for my mom to get her total closer to the $100 range of my dad’s gift

Remember you can also send me gift cards but the best gift of all is cash – TRIBUTE NOW!

Availability Reminder for #Niteflirt #Hypnosis #FinancialDomination Chat

If you don’t catch me within the next 24 hours – by sometime Sunday evening – I’ll be signing off through the first week of January and returning to normal sometime around the 8th or so.

Though my average earnings are bound to go down with my upcoming unavailability, at least they went up in great ways thanks to my ATMS, my hypnosis fans, and taking advantage of a cashfag or two and their weak little minds that simply need to pay. The one on the right is for TheMesmerizer profile – up 203% this last week (they reset on Saturdays) – while HypnoSuperior saw even more awesome results, up 319%. And this is just the Niteflirt stuff 😉

HypnoSuperior 319Percent NF
TheMesmerizer 203Percent NF Goal

Though my travels will leave me lacking time, privacy, Internet, and a good cell signal, I will have some posts in queue and have big plans for when I return. Let’s keep this momentum going pay pigs 😉


It was a year ago that I celebrated my first holiday doing hypnosis and financial domination as my primary sources of income, and launched my second official hypnosis site. In honor of that, I’ve discounted prices across all the sites including the hypnosis here, at jockmesmerizer.com and at pigmesmerizer.com.

It’s the perfect time between Christmas today and all those 2015 New Year’s resolutions – keep your eye for some upcoming posts on mine and suggested resolutions for you. In the meantime, be you a hypnoslave, ATM, cashfag, slave-in-training, pig wanting to explore his fetish, wannabe jock, guy into chastity or pup play…. well, you get the idea, there’s a lot to choose from, both mainstream and erotic hypnosis mp3s, ON SALE NOW!

Of course fans of this site are reminded that discounted prices on files are no reason to skimp on those holiday tributes – congratulate me on my anniversary here.


#CashSlaves – what to do with holiday bonus? Give to your #CashMaster #financialdomination

Yesterday I had  a sub write in on Niteflirt:

I got a $200 bonus at work. What your advice on what to do with it.

My response:
“Extra cash should always be given to your Superior.

After all, as you budget to live on your wages, you know what you can afford to live on – and that is all an inferior needs, nothing more.

Since you don’t need it, you should remember that your Cashmaster’s pleasure is your pleasure… since buying things you don’t need would not give you pleasure, you should give to to your Cashmaster, as that would bring you pleasure.

The one exception of something to buy could be more of my hypnosis files to help train that mind.

The rest can all be sent to Me as a tribute as you remember your inferior place and accept that I am your Superior

– Master Josh, the HypnoSuperior”

He proceeded to send $100 as tribute, and split the other $100 between a one-on-one hypnosis session and buying some hypno mp3s to further train him into such a good hypnoslave for me. All good pay pigs and cashfags could learn from his example.

Did you get a bonus at work this holiday? Send it to where it really belongs NOW.

Holidays – #PayPigs & #PaySlaves Pay More, Not Less – #financialfetish #findom

Yesterday I spoke about unexpected expenses – today let me speak of the expected expenses. For example, knowing you’ve spent (or will spend if a last-minute shopper) extra cash this time of year on presents for Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, or whatever you might exchange for… perhaps even someone’s birthday or a holiday wedding or cash to get into a New Year’s Eve party.

I understand that means cash is tight, but my philosophy on this has evolved as I have grown while exploring this scene … you can hear the difference in older versus newer files. Of course, sometimes I can’t shake the niceness that is me by nature… it’s just how I was raised… if I say, “Oh it’s okay, I know times are tight.” But deep down, and I need to get better at expressing this, I don’t care. Why should you having to spend more on others, mean spending less on your cashmaster at a time when he also is having to buy more for others? It shouldn’t. You should in fact be paying your cashmaster more at this time of year to make sure he can get nice presents, be it for himself or loved ones. And on top of that, you should be hitting up the wishlists and getting your cashmaster gifts as well… even if it means you’re adding to your debt.

After all, this is the time of year to be generous with one’s giving … and the fact that a Superior might give you even time at all, even if it’s just taking the time to write this blog that you read… that is far more than an inferior like you deserves. So go ahead (though I ask gifts come before 12/28) – hit up my wishlist if you still need to get me something nice for the holiday, it’s not too late… with gift cards very welcome too.  Of course, as I always say, my favorite gift of all is a nice tribute of CASH.

#Wishlist Wednesday – Have you bought #CashMaster Josh a Gift Yet?

One of my early Christmas presents was this awesome Shark vacuum – a present valued at a sum greater than $100. It comes courtesy of Loser B.

I’m not always able to get great photos (perhaps I need to add a better camera to the wishlist) but it’s a sleek, masculine look great for a bachelor like me.

I still really haven’t gone thru the manual or anything, just used it once for spilled cereal though a sub did use it once as part of a cleaning weekend – just the way it was intended to be used. 😉

I think it’s quite fitting to include the tree as a reminder of what is coming up as well… have you bought me a Christmas gift yet?

Given that typical free shipping on Amazon can be around 8 business days, now is the time to buy me something if you want to ensure I get it as close to Christmas as possible.


I also will be traveling after Christmas into the New Year, so I ask that if you get me a physical gift from Amazon, you either do it now or wait until the second week of January. And though Christmas is what I celebrate with family, I’m open to any other holiday gifts subs would like to send as well. After all, I’m always a God compared to you.

You can visit my wishlist here and of course electronic gift cards can be sent at any time, as can my favorite gift of all – cash!