#Wishlist Wed: #HypnoMaster Work$ Better Thanks to #CashSlave – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Recently I realized that the reception on My new laptop wasn’t quite as good, and often I was having to spend time trying to reconnect as I did My work. After realizing the old router was probably outdated, I put a new one on the wishlist – and thankfully, CashFagDirt responded to I could get to work dominating more moneyslaves and paypigs!

I also am late on this as I haven’t had to edit photos since switching to the new laptop and should have looked at it sooner – how is it so hard to find a simple program to crop & resize images? If you have suggestions for a PC, comment below. Thankfully, I can at least download any programs faster thanks to the new WiFi Router.

It’s been up and running a week or so now, and definitely seems to be a vast improvement to keep Me connected during sessions with you inferiors – all the better to keep draining you of more cash.
Don’t forget My holiday challenge is still going on – click here to get the details.

Of course you are welcome to get Me any item from My wishlist at any time, and can always send Me my favorite gift of all – CASH.

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