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#CashMaster #CashRapes #CashPig More, Pt 2 – #FinancialDomination

Well, I said there was more – and there was. Stupid Piggy Bank made this an awesome week with not one but two big drainings on Thursday. We’re getting him closer and closer to the financial ruin that he knows deep down he deserves, and has been craving – a total fuck-up loser fucking his life up even more.  It’s so right to be able to mindfuck and cashdrain such a stupid faggot loser for My own benefit.

And the best part is that I help him focus not on the pain of it, but the pleasure – for that erotic bliss just feels way too good… for to pay Master Josh IS pleasure. And sometimes he gets to cum, sometimes he gets denied, and sometimes it’s that ruined orgasm that’s just right for a cashfag like him. Feel how good it feels to be of use to a Superior man as you pay for that pleasure – as MY pleasure is your pleasure – and send some of that cash over right now!

#CashMaster #CashDrains His #CashPig Again – #CashSlave #FinDom #FinancialDomination

A couple more hot sessions with Stupid Piggy Bank this week and CashMaster Josh the Financial Domination Stud continues to rake it in.
stupidpiggybank-11092016 stupidpiggybank-11122016
I love telling him what a stupid inferior little faggot that deserves nothing he is, as well as how Superior, powerful and deserving of his cash I am. I know deep down you know this to be true too – so why not show Me with a little love right now?

#CashMaster Makes #CashPig Squeal During #CashRape – #CashFag #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I’ve been meaning to post about a new sub that loves to give into the mindlessness of erotic bliss. We’ll call him StupidPiggyBank for the purposes of this blog. He’ll feel his cock leaking towards a hands-free orgasm (though he does work his nipples) as he pays for and reads My powerful words through sending PTVs. I never know how much to push, but I easily took him past the couple hundred mark the first couple times – as seen below via the transactions (which reflect after-fees, so that $70 you see was $100 that he paid).
And he’s been back a couple of times since.

I just keep draining him – of thoughts, of his will, of precum, of cash.stupidpiggybank-10252016

Most recently, last night – and I definitely milked him good once more. And StupidPiggyBank really is such a stupid loser, that he doesn’t really know any better than to give Me his money – but it’s all okay, because it all just feels so good.
There’s no need for you to think about it – you too can feel that pleasure of mindless bliss as you keep paying Me more and more. Go ahead and start as you pay Me tribute right now.