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Not All #Cum Created Equal: #Inferior #CashSlave Submission to #Superior #CashMaster – #FinDom

Sent in by JoshWorshipper, with minor editing by Master Josh:

“Not all cum is created equal
The cum of a superior alpha male is totally different from that of a faggot cocksucker.  [An] alpha male’s cum also has [a specific] purpose: to cause other men to submit to him…. An alpha male is born with special DNA that permeates every part of his body. It makes … him dominant, and it cues the hormones that cause inferiors to offer themselves for his pleasure.
When it comes to his cum, though, there’s also another property that’s almost subversive. In a woman, his cum [would] combine with her egg to get her pregnant. Of course there are no eggs in a faggot’s mouth or pussy, so instead the cum burrows into the inferior’s body and combines with everything it can – skin, blood, brain – breeding the alpha’s DNA into the faggot, combining with his own weaker material, and leaving behind sleeper cells of alpha to be activated whenever needed by the superior man they come from.
Of course at the moment of breeding the inferior is totally in thrall to the alpha’s power. When it’s over, the inferior thinks he’s just finished, but his body has now been totally changed, or will be once the alpha cum spreads and does its job. First, of course, it annihilates the opposition: if the inferior has any maleness or resistance left in his balls or dicklet, the alpha cum heads there like an army and subdues its competition. The fag is left more vulnerable, less male, more impotent, and easier to abuse. Then the alpha cum goes to the inferior’s brain, where it lies in wait.
Most of the time, the inferior has no idea: it can’t feel the difference. If the alpha ever decides he needs to use the inferior again, though, these special cells, still living in the inferior’s body, spring into action and paralyze the inferior’s brain, making it merely an extension of the alpha’s will. The alpha can now use the inferior’s body again for his sexual pleasure – implanting even more control-cells in the now helpless faggot; or he can just use it as an everyday slave, or get anything from it the alpha needs.
This is why an alpha’s cum should never go to waste…  It should always contribute to the power imbalance: gaining new slaves for the alpha to use or making already converted slaves more devoted.
Inferior cum, on the other hand, is really just waste. Especially after the faggot’s been bred with alpha cum, the inferior’s cum is ruined. If it shoots or dribbles from the fag dicklet, it should be thrown away – which also makes the faggot more powerless and ready to take a real man’s superior cum into its body.”
Master Josh adds: Through the power of hypnosis, I have had this fag eat his own cum but feel like it was My cum that had been transubstantiated. The effects mentioned above are still the same – My power seeping into his brain, taking more control. If you’re a good hypnosis subject, this might be possible with you as well… because the truth is, there are many fags and slaves whose mouths I would not want anywhere near My cock. I’m a picky, shallow bastard with standards that most of My readers don’t meet for in-person experiences. Since many of you serve from a distance anyway, taking you to an erotic orgasm (if you’re not in chastity) and having you believe that it is My cum you are eating is a good alternative, and thus makes use of your otherwise trash-destined cum. This also has nothing to do with sexuality, as this technique works with cum from gay/bi Masters if Superior and with straight faggots as well. Instead, it has everything to do with SUPERIORITY. And those who have felt My power inside your heads know deep down, without a doubt, that I am Superior.

New #Hypnosis Files – #Orgasm & #Submission – Plus #Feet #Niteflirt

I have a new mp3, an old mp3, and an old-but-new-to-mp3…

First the old mp3, “Inferior Foot Pig” is the same file that I had up before with my “Foot Pig” file, but I never had it on Niteflirt as I wanted to drive people to my newer recordings about feet, such as Serve At Coach’s Feet, Bootlicking Footrest, & Ga$ Pedal. I figured it was different enough that it’d be worth getting back up … you may get it here for $14.99.

Second is the new MP3, which I had made a couple months ago for a client as a custom file and have now edited down for all of you. It is “Stage Confusion – Submit & Sleep” and it utilizes confusion techniques for those into that, in the induction and beyond. It then incorporates several fantasies, such as that of a stage hypnotist, that of sleeping gas being used on the listener, and that of the listener’s nipples being licked by me. It combines these with light submission as you become “my good boy.” It’s best to listen right before bed as there is no awakener and in fact it suggests to sleep after – which you might do even if you’ve end up shooting a load in your pants during 😉 While not an erotic stroke file, that doesn’t mean your subconscious won’t find it hot as hell to just *snaps fingers* sleep 😉 Just $9.99 for this fun hypnotic confusion mp3 – click here!

And finally, I’ve had Orgasmic Edge up as a recording for a long time, and I’ve finally made it available as an MP3! This hot erotic hypnosis file has the listener stroke themselves right to the edge a few times – denied at least a couple before finally getting to explode in an amazing orgasm. One listener called it “the best hypnosis file I have ever listened to” – will you agree? You can find out here also for only $9.99!

As you can see, even when I’m not tweeting as much as some other Doms, I’m hard at work creating files, getting them uploaded (which includes making thumbnails and audio previews, etc.), and so much more. This is hopefully just the first of many this summer!


Your #Cock Under #Hypno – #cashgod #financialdomination

It’s amazing how much wor$hip can be tied in to cocks. My brainwashed ATM strokes during each session because it creates a stronger connection to his mind, for him – and many others are similar. But for some, it goes beyond that.

Of course, there are those that love the thought of worshipping some Master’s huge 10-inch cock, and if you’ve seen a photo that shows that Master’s real face along with that cock, then he indeed is a blessed man. If you only see dick pics, they might not be the Master’s. But even if I’m not so blessed as some, I’m at least lucky enough that mine isn’t pathetically tiny like some of the losers on here. I know that’s not all of you – at least one sub has expressed dislike of small cock wording included in stuff as it doesn’t describe him, despite loving being called faggot and similar. Yet, for so many, it does come back to the penis… and my powerful voice is enough that it doesn’t need to be my own dick, but your penis instead.

One example is my good pal Damien, who loves to worship me once a month or so… even as I squeeze his balls so tight… or at least make him feel that way with hypnosis. His request a bit back for a custom file, which I do sell an edited one on Niteflirt, was one of the stranger ones I’ve done, involving castration tied into a financial aspect – but I know he enjoys it. Of course, I have to be careful with castration suggestions as it’d not be responsible for me to suggest someone self-castrate… but that doesn’t mean the power of hypnosis can’t make my good pal feel his balls being squeezed hard by My hand and reminding him of My power over him. He e-mailed me today, “Have no choice just worshipping u. … You are my balls stretcher squeezer and owner!” While I am not the type of Dom that truly gets off on castration, I am pleased to know that I can fill Damien with pleasure as he experiences his fantasy through hypnosis… just as I also know he gets so much pleasure paying me tribute, for MY pleasure is his pleasure!

In perhaps an area in which I’m more comfortable, another sub, Jo$hWor$hipper, has taken tastes of his precum after suggestions that the precum transubstantiates into my precum. This week he sent me the following delicious e-mail: “I was lying face down on the bed to hide my erection (with the husband in the room). But apparently your installed programming and transubstantiated superior cum subconsciously activated my inferior balls and had them make tons of precum (again uncharacteristic for the inferior prior to programming), so when I stood up I was dripping.
Of course I’m also trained to take that precum (hypnomaster’s poison serum) in my mouth and it’s a vicious cycle.”

I’m sure both will love seeing themselves mentioned here… but it is a bit of a contrast. One enjoying the thought of me squeezing his balls tight, as I also squeeze his accounts a bit more… and the other finding his small cock producing more precum as he enjoys the pleasure of my hypnotic programming more than he ever realized! Either way, both are enjoying their wor$hip of Master Jo$h, the Hypno $uperior and Financial Domination $tud.

I wonder what listening to my hypnosis might do to your dick… and just how much it might get turned on when you next send me tribute.

#verbalabuse #financialdomination New Recordings for #smallcocklosers #stupid #faggots & more


I’ve lowered the prices on all pay-per-call non-hypnosis recordings now that I have them all uploaded & approved! Regularly $1.89/minute (may vary by country), they are now only $0.99/minute (ditto). This includes the previously announced Faggot Beratement and Ca$hfag Ca$tigation as well as Muscle Growth Roleplay and Jock Bro Invasion. New files include:

*Probably a bit more on the mocking side than abusive side. It’s just more my style.
Each one is pretty obvious what it mocks 😉

*Based on the concept of confusion inductions, but not full hypnosis files or anything like that. Still, some of you might enjoy them. Look up confusion inductions first if you need to, as others of you will just think they’re stupid. But some of you will be able to truly let go with this style.
FINANCIAL CONFUSION MINDFUCK – Confusing you to accept that MY pleasure is your pleasure as you stroke along.
STUPID CONFUSION – Having each stroke dumb you down so you can just let go and enjoy the night.

Give them a try, leave me some amazing feedback, send some tributes, and don’t forget about all the new games as you BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR.