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#CashFag Fantasy: Paying All for #CashMaster as a Live-In #CashSlave – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Recently an inferior posted on Twitter, “My dream is to fall in love with someone that only wants to use me for my money.” I bounced off that with how I had fantasies of a guy – or guys – paying for everything as a non-sexual roommate, and multiple faggots liked it. It seems more than one of you have that fantasy, so I thought I’d expand a bit on it.

One thing is that my fantasy might not match yours, or theirs. Some guys I’ve chatted with into this want me to regularly berate them, spit on them, etc. But while I am always Superior, that doesn’t mean I want to put forth effort all the time to get little fagdicks hard… because really, such fantasies are when it is more about what YOU want, and that simply is not at all how a relationship like that should work.

Rather, it should be all about Me using you in any way that I see fit. If I’m not attracted to you, it won’t be sexual … if I am, maybe you get to be used that way too. Definitely doing cleaning and other chores. But the main thing is the money. Not having to worry about rent, bills, etc. Using that cash to do other things. For example, I just had a dental appointment yesterday – $139 bucks. And I was referred to an oral surgeon that’ll easily be another couple hundred. Even now, you can all tribute to help Master with those costs…. but how hot would it be if I had so much saved up because I never had to pay any other bills, that such things were of no concern?

Few faggots have approached me realistically about this, and some offers are ones that would have been a downgrade space-wise. Living with everything paid for, does not mean that I would want to be cramped up. I need a quiet space to record, and I have lots of possessions fro the gifts I’ve been given – furniture, weight bench, etc. Others aren’t willing to move or make it tempting enough for me to move. And I find that it becomes not worth talking about sometimes, because some guys just jerk to the fantasy and waste my time without wanting it for reality. Sorry, fag, I’m too busy for you to get off. But yes, I want you here paying for everything.

The trouble with a faggot paying for everything is they are so pathetic that they’re always looking for that next rush of being used and drained into debt, and can’t be trusted with their own money. In fact, some are far too in debt to be able to get approved for a nice apartment or for a mortgage loan, so how can they truly give Me the place and space I desire? Even if it was a few faggots going in with a house and sharing a room, how could I trust that the power wouldn’t be shut off, or Internet service go down? Though not quite a “cuckhold” situation like this, I’ve lived with a cashfag loser before and have experienced what it’s like to not have cable/Internet for a couple days due to his fucking up. The only way this truly works, is if all the money gets deposited directly to Me, and I give out allowances. No way do I trust something I’m not in control of, when it comes to living with a cashfag.

That’s why it’s best if they respond to My hypnosis … that’s what I enjoy. Not spitting or calling ones names all the time, but taking one deep and exploiting that desire to submit for My own personal gain. The one other thought I’ve had sometimes with all of this, is what about dating? Most of the faggots I’ve talked to love the thought that they would provide for Me even as I dated. What I’m less sure about is what My dates might think. But… that’s something that could be worried about later. For now, I’ll keep on dreaming of that fantasy of living in a nice place that’s paid for completely by cashfags. And even if it’s not in person, you can still help make that a reality right now as you chip in towards my rents & bills as an online cashslave. Just send the Financial Domination Stud a nice big tribute right now, and feel that rush as you please your Superior and dream of someday getting to provide even more.

New #Hypnosis Files – #Orgasm & #Submission – Plus #Feet #Niteflirt

I have a new mp3, an old mp3, and an old-but-new-to-mp3…

First the old mp3, “Inferior Foot Pig” is the same file that I had up before with my “Foot Pig” file, but I never had it on Niteflirt as I wanted to drive people to my newer recordings about feet, such as Serve At Coach’s Feet, Bootlicking Footrest, & Ga$ Pedal. I figured it was different enough that it’d be worth getting back up … you may get it here for $14.99.

Second is the new MP3, which I had made a couple months ago for a client as a custom file and have now edited down for all of you. It is “Stage Confusion – Submit & Sleep” and it utilizes confusion techniques for those into that, in the induction and beyond. It then incorporates several fantasies, such as that of a stage hypnotist, that of sleeping gas being used on the listener, and that of the listener’s nipples being licked by me. It combines these with light submission as you become “my good boy.” It’s best to listen right before bed as there is no awakener and in fact it suggests to sleep after – which you might do even if you’ve end up shooting a load in your pants during 😉 While not an erotic stroke file, that doesn’t mean your subconscious won’t find it hot as hell to just *snaps fingers* sleep 😉 Just $9.99 for this fun hypnotic confusion mp3 – click here!

And finally, I’ve had Orgasmic Edge up as a recording for a long time, and I’ve finally made it available as an MP3! This hot erotic hypnosis file has the listener stroke themselves right to the edge a few times – denied at least a couple before finally getting to explode in an amazing orgasm. One listener called it “the best hypnosis file I have ever listened to” – will you agree? You can find out here also for only $9.99!

As you can see, even when I’m not tweeting as much as some other Doms, I’m hard at work creating files, getting them uploaded (which includes making thumbnails and audio previews, etc.), and so much more. This is hopefully just the first of many this summer!


New #Hypnosis #Mp3s for #Muscle

I have two new files up on Niteflirt and listed on my Niteflirt-compliant jock and muscle site, http://jockmesmerizer.com.

The first is a more mainstream file with an arousing bent as one feels their testosterone increasing. Though no guarantees it actual increases testosterone production, it should make those susceptible to my hypnosis much more pumped up to go work out! Listen to a preview below:

The other one is in the same vein but takes things into becoming more of a masculine, macho, beefy, brawny, hairy, bearded musclebear. This erotic stroke along file is a temporary transformation but also may leave men feeling the urge to go push themselves during their next lifting sessions… as well as the desire to never shave unless required for a job. Listen to a short clip:

Both files are being introduced at my sale prices as my Holi-Anniversary Sale continues… $14.99 for Testosterone Motivator (would have been $19.99) and $19.99 for Into A Musclebear (would have been $24.99).

As for all my pay pigs and cashslaves, though I’ll be largely unavailable from now through the first week of January, I expect to be very productive after that and have some great new file ideas for ATMs, payslaves, fagtaxes, cash cows, and more. No promises on when I’ll get to them all but custom hires can speed up the process, or simply send in your ideas to HypnoSuperior or TheMesmerizer on Niteflirt (that’s all I can give here due to compliance).

I of course love muscles and can’t wait to build my own and all yours more in 2015, but I also am very much looking forward to mindfucking more of you further in the new year… whether I’m programming you as an obedient ATM that feels the pleasure whenever they pay and even go into debt, or helping you to give in to those desires to serve straight jocks like the cashfag you are, or otherwise perverting that mind and taking that cash… here’s hoping to a very good and profitable-for-me new year.

#Hypnosis #Fetish #FinancialDomination – How Did Yours Start?

I’m always interested in why people are the way they are… what makes a man crave that humiliation of being put in his place by a Master? What gives an inferior that rush when he tributes cash to a true Superior?

I often don’t ask my financial subs this because honestly – I don’t care so long as you are sending Me that cash (as is only right for you to do).  But I have had this topic discussed with quite a few others I’ve encountered on the hypnosis side of things, as well as certain other fetishes.

For example, some of the guys that enjoy being bullied now were bullied as a kid – but perhaps that bully was a hot guy they secretly lusted after, and so now their cock still gets hard at the thought of bullying.

With hypnosis though, it’s usually a bit more simple – TV and movies. Some common things I’ve seen mentioned included Mowgli hypnotized by the snake Kaa in “The Jungle Book;” mind control / brainwash plots in cartoons such as G.I. Joe, He-Man, and several of the superhero ones; and vampires putting people into trances in several bloodsucker flicks. Of course some discover how arousing it is to them later in life – perhaps seeing a stage show.

Whatever your fetishes, whatever your desires, know matter what dark fantasies you have, and however/wherever those fantasies have sprung from… I love using hypnosis to help you explore these. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out some of my free hypnosis available on jockmesmerizer.com, pigmesmerizer.com or right here on the bottom of this site’s hypnosis page.

New #Erotic #Hypnosis #MP3 for #Muscle Growth & #Worship #Niteflirt

Though this is my financial domination site, I also will use this as a platform to let my hypnosis fans know when I have other new files done as well – and that is the case with a new goody bag uploaded to my TheMesmerizer profile titled “Muscle Worship & Growth Fantasy.”

Running just over 23 minutes long and priced at $22.99, here is the description:
“This stroke fantasy session finds you and your average body working out in a gym next to a buff, muscular bodybuilder whose physique you wish you could worship. You finish & head to the locker room where you find a bottled potion with a note saying it’ll grow your own muscles – so you take it. But just how big will you grow – and what if it has other side effects? If it does work, will it be enough for that bodybuilding hunk to notice you? It’s all part of the fun in this mp3 designed for the enjoyment of men into muscle worship and/or muscle growth, with a small side effect that it does encourage you to work out towards the end to truly get some big muscle.”

Visit http://jockmesmerizer.com for more of my erotic hypnosis offerings for jocks and muscle available through NiteFlirt.

#FinancialDomination #Hypnosis #Domination

I love hypnotizing people. Of course, only when it financially benefits me.

I always recommend listening to my free files found on my hypnosis page first… just scroll down and click for a listen (also on YouTube).

But once you know you respond… I love getting to do sessions to take you further under my control. Making you crave those inner desires. Helping you accept your lot in life.

Though this is the financial domination blog, the hypnosis could be for many different things… if it makes you feel right and helps you with your desires, then it’s such a rush for me.

That doesn’t necessarily mean I want to see you… or hear you grossly stroking your cock to my words… sometimes I prefer when certain fags listen to files. But arranging for some one on one can also be a lot of fun – for both of us.

What are your desires? Let’s explore them today…. just remember, I don’t do one-on-one sessions for free, and, unless you’re a proven follower, payment is upfront or as done through the Niteflirt calls.

#EroticHypnosis #MP3 Spotlight – Ultimate Gift – #FinancialDomination

I realize not all my fans are in the U.S., but I was inspired by U.S. tax law to write the erotic hypnosis file I’m spotlighting right now – TheUltimateGift.

You see, in the U.S. current law allows a man to give his spouse, child, close friend up to $14,000 without having to pay a gift tax on it. Anything over and it’s still free for the recipient but the giver has to pay a gift tax. I don’t think tributes really count as a gift (this is my first year getting truly serious about selling files and financial domination, so it will be the first year I consult with someone rather than do it online), so I’ve been setting some extra money into my savings just in case – but I still love the fantasy of someone giving me $14000 in one year.

Even if you’re not in the U.S., you might find it hot to stroke your cock to my voice encouraging you to give $14000 a year. Perhaps it’s only half of that this year… but imagine it. $1000 each month, plus an extra $1000 in July for my birthday and in December for Christmas. It’d be so easy to get up to that amount. And that doesn’t even count any goody bag or other hypno mp3 purchases, be they for financial domination or one of the other areas I’ve explored.

Obviously many cannot afford this, and any small tribute is appreciated as it does add up. But if you get into the fantasy of spending big money on a Dominant, try one of my free hypnosis files and take a listen to the free preview below. If you like it, you know where you can go to find it and buy it!

There truly is no better gift than cash – except more cash!

Busy – Custom #Hypnosis & More #FinancialDomination

I try to keep up to date here pretty regularly but admit sometimes a couple more days go back then I’d like, but that is life. One of the things keeping me busy this time was a custom file. I now try to make custom files unique with names or other requests, but usually edit down a version I can also sell – might as well maximize profits, right? But this is one I will not be uploading.

You see, some of you have unique desires. I might not understand them always, but I get it and don’t judge. (At least not until the memoir but hey complete anonymity if that ever happens 😉 ). I partially kid there… but really, I’m open to do most things so long as I am paid, it’s what you want, you aren’t harming others, and you seem to understand the consequences.

So, I won’t make files for someone else you want to be a certain way, and I won’t make files that encourage you to drink & drive, or increase murderous tendencies. Um, seek some help. But if you have a really odd fetish you’ve been afraid to tell someone, you can share with me. And though I recommend trying the free files first to make sure you respond to my hypnosis, for a couple hundred we could get you a custom file just for you 😉