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#CashSlaves & #PayPigs : Give Thanks to Your #HypnoMaster #CashGod – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Yes, I continue to be busy working on files, and need way more time and way more help from subs. Thankfully one loyal sub, Jo$hWo$shipper, has chipped in with this prayer, only slightly modified by his God – and perfect for what is Thanksgiving weekend here in the U.S.  (for which I am visiting family and offline but will be back next week for more sessions with you all).

I give thanks to my god, the Hypno Superior.
You are my Superior. I am your inferior.
I worship the Hypno Superior above all others.
You deserves my praise, my obedience, and my cash.
I willingly give my mind to be raped by your superior mind.
Your mind is superior to my mind.
Your hypnotic chest hair reveals your power.
You are superior in every way.

I worship you as Master Josh.
I live to obey you.
I worship you as the Hypno Superior.
I was made to submit to you.
I worship you as the Financial Domination Stud.
I live to pay you.

I am thankful for the opportunity to obey you.
I am thankful for the opportunity to serve you.
I am thankful for the opportunity to give you pleasure.

My pleasure grows each time I serve you and give you pleasure.
I pray to serve Master Josh forever.
I pray to submit to the Hypno Superior forever.
I pray to give pleasure to the Financial Domination Stud for ever and ever.


#CashSlave Wor$hips #CashGod -#FinDom #FinancialDomination

Besides brainwashedATM and cashfagdirt, I also had a great session this week with JoshWorshipper. It is great to remind him – and all of you – of how powerful I am thanks to My hypnotic talent, but also just how Superior I am in general. These amounts are after Niteflirt fees, with the $35 equaling $50 cash so over $100 paid from him – plus a gift from the wishlist. I can’t wait for My next session with him.
joshworshippersession-11152016After all, I know it always feels so amazing to feel my hypnotic seeds getting planted inside of you, growing stronger and stronger each time as I mold you into the perfect submissives underneath My all-mighty power. And you too can please your God right now as you worship at My altar and tithe the Financial Domination Stud.

Your #Cock Under #Hypno – #cashgod #financialdomination

It’s amazing how much wor$hip can be tied in to cocks. My brainwashed ATM strokes during each session because it creates a stronger connection to his mind, for him – and many others are similar. But for some, it goes beyond that.

Of course, there are those that love the thought of worshipping some Master’s huge 10-inch cock, and if you’ve seen a photo that shows that Master’s real face along with that cock, then he indeed is a blessed man. If you only see dick pics, they might not be the Master’s. But even if I’m not so blessed as some, I’m at least lucky enough that mine isn’t pathetically tiny like some of the losers on here. I know that’s not all of you – at least one sub has expressed dislike of small cock wording included in stuff as it doesn’t describe him, despite loving being called faggot and similar. Yet, for so many, it does come back to the penis… and my powerful voice is enough that it doesn’t need to be my own dick, but your penis instead.

One example is my good pal Damien, who loves to worship me once a month or so… even as I squeeze his balls so tight… or at least make him feel that way with hypnosis. His request a bit back for a custom file, which I do sell an edited one on Niteflirt, was one of the stranger ones I’ve done, involving castration tied into a financial aspect – but I know he enjoys it. Of course, I have to be careful with castration suggestions as it’d not be responsible for me to suggest someone self-castrate… but that doesn’t mean the power of hypnosis can’t make my good pal feel his balls being squeezed hard by My hand and reminding him of My power over him. He e-mailed me today, “Have no choice just worshipping u. … You are my balls stretcher squeezer and owner!” While I am not the type of Dom that truly gets off on castration, I am pleased to know that I can fill Damien with pleasure as he experiences his fantasy through hypnosis… just as I also know he gets so much pleasure paying me tribute, for MY pleasure is his pleasure!

In perhaps an area in which I’m more comfortable, another sub, Jo$hWor$hipper, has taken tastes of his precum after suggestions that the precum transubstantiates into my precum. This week he sent me the following delicious e-mail: “I was lying face down on the bed to hide my erection (with the husband in the room). But apparently your installed programming and transubstantiated superior cum subconsciously activated my inferior balls and had them make tons of precum (again uncharacteristic for the inferior prior to programming), so when I stood up I was dripping.
Of course I’m also trained to take that precum (hypnomaster’s poison serum) in my mouth and it’s a vicious cycle.”

I’m sure both will love seeing themselves mentioned here… but it is a bit of a contrast. One enjoying the thought of me squeezing his balls tight, as I also squeeze his accounts a bit more… and the other finding his small cock producing more precum as he enjoys the pleasure of my hypnotic programming more than he ever realized! Either way, both are enjoying their wor$hip of Master Jo$h, the Hypno $uperior and Financial Domination $tud.

I wonder what listening to my hypnosis might do to your dick… and just how much it might get turned on when you next send me tribute.