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#Wishlist Wed. – #Cashmaster Bday #financialdomination

Two of the gifts from my birthday challenge are also the gifts given by those subs that earned this year’s birthday badges. Thanks TakeMyMoneyATM and IndiATM for partaking in the fun! One item was a disc to supplement my Body Beast DVDs … haven’t tried it yet as I just used some of the birthday money to start a six-week gym program and get workout clothes for that, but have truly enjoyed the DVDs – especially since the first set was also a gift from a sub! Meanwhile, tongue cleaners are one of those things I would always think, “I should get one” but then would have it slip my mind out shopping.

Talking to so many fags though, that fiflth was really starting to build up, so this was needed!

More birthday present posts to come in the weeks ahead, as well as other wishlist catch-up 😉 If you’d like to get me a gift, you can learn more about my wishlist here – or just send the best gift of all as you give us both the pleasure… for you, the pleasure of submission…. for Me, that pleasure of my power over you!

Earn Badges for #FinancialDomination – #Obedience & Loyalty to #CashMaster Josh

Well, I still need to chat with a few of you about your preferred aliases but I wanted to get my new pages launched, so I went ahead and published them – the aliases can still be changed. So, what did I just launch? Well, hopefully some stuff that allows Me to better serve you, as well as to make it more exciting for you to be serving Me!

I’ve compiled them all under the new Submit page above, which lists 15 (and growing?) items you can choose from to earn an obedience badge. I also touch on other ways one can serve Me, though a lot of that is still covered in the relocated Serve page – now under submit as a dropdown menu.

Also in that dropdown menu is the badges page, where you can see 20 (and growing?) badges that you can earn through big tributes, lifetime tributes, ATM service, payslave service, wishlist service, and obedience.

Many of my subs have already earned impressive badges, and you can check all the badges earned by ATMs and slaves here! Having used so many different payment sites in the past, and worked with subs who have used different screennames, I am confident I have forgotten some or made mistakes… so just get at Me if I did leave you off, or don’t have you at a high enough badge. Do keep in mind I go by net profits, so it could be that even though you’ve paid $500 for a badge, I have not received $500 from you due to fees. Also, again, some of you, I need to discuss what you actually want for an alias.

You of course can help choose your new alias by filling out the new submission form, which will give me a better idea about you so that I can better tailor any calls or hypnosis sessions to you.

I am really excited by all these new additions… especially seeing how many of you have already earned badges! I hope you’re excited too as you earn more, and higher, badges and continue to feel the pleasure of serving and paying Master Josh!

p.s. don’t forget about my wishlist challenge for my birthday on Friday!