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How I Got into #FinDom & Other Answers to #Submissive ‘s ?s

I have had a few questions in recent comments, and I figured my answers would be more visible here in case others were also interested in my responses.

One had to do with amounts… well there are various reasons to not go into specifics here, so let me just say that one day is not a regular occurrence but yet I’ve done okay for myself. However, I’d love to take both this and my regular hypnosis to the next level that I’m living even further in comfort, and not having to worry about things like dental care. A follow-up to that question seemed to want an amount and really, I don’t have a specific number in mine at this time (although I do have the goal that I’d love for one sub to do 14,000 in one year per my ultimate gift erotic hypnosis file, the number tied into “gift” amounts). Mainly though it’s the aim to become more comfortable and not worry about things like health or car problems, etc. same as anybody else but the easier it is for me to get there, the hardest it is for you all to get there… something a bit hot in that.  And I’d love for you all to help with taking me there 😉

When I do get those big amounts, my mind can’t believe it … didn’t expect to be down this path (I mean what kid thinks “I want to be a financial dominant when I grow up”? I hadn’t even heard of this fetish back then). I also think, fuck yeah, time to do grocery shopping and load up on everything I want. I’ve never had a need to be on food stamps regardless of my old job or doing this, but I have had to watch the budget at the store in the past… but now I just load up and think, “fuck how did that much get in the cart?” and then “thank god for my wor$hippers and pay pigs and ATMS!”. I also always love those pleasant surprises. Like earlier this past week, I was sent $130 out of the blue … the loser had actually won money at the casino, and knew the right thing to do would be to give that extra cash to his Superior. I know he enjoys being used by me as I use my hypnosis to further take advantage of his mind – and wallet.

Another question was how I got into this, and the truth is I first was into hypnosis – though even that wasn’t until my mid-20s (now in mid-30s). I dabbled doing things like jock transformations, pup play, etc., when it was actually another sub that approached me if I had ever done hypnosis for financial domination. I made a custom file for him and that was my first taste of it. I was amazed at the power, but it wasn’t something I jumped into head first but explored and expanded on as I became more comfortable with the thought of taking advantage of people. I like to think of myself as a good person… or at least I used to like to think of myself as that… and certainly that aspect appeals to many of my subs (though others prefer those that are more hardcore, which is fine – we each have our things). But I had to realize that a part of me enjoys indulging my dark side and molding men towards perversions. Not just this but for example, one of the comments I received on my cock slut file… I just loved knowing I made a guy more open to go suck some anonymous cock. Doesn’t mean I’d do it myself, but perverting him… awesome.

Last but not least, I was asked about paying taxes. At this time I have the 10% inferior tax or the jockslave fag tax tied into working out. I am planning to make a new file for taxes sometime over the summer, but it’s still on the to do list. If anyone does get the older file, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind with sending the new one out at a discount to those buyers (if I forget or miss you, hit me up). Of course, people are welcome to arrange their own loser taxes as well – what can you afford? $1/day? $5/week? $25/paycheck? $100/month? 3 percent of each paycheck? There’s many ways one can do it and once the new file is up, I’ll probably have something arranged for once or twice a month where I’ll put the reminders on the blog. If you’re really unsure where to start, take a look at my hypnosis files and scroll down for a few free examples. The best way to truly feel that need to provide for Me is to let my words mold you on a regular basis until you have no doubt about what you must do next – and send a tribute.


Your Money Becomes Mine – #CashMaster #FinancialDomination

The below may trigger a hypnotic response….

My words become your truth
Your truth becomes My will
My will becomes your will
Your will is to please Me
You please Me and it pleases you
You are pleased to pay Me cash
Paying Me cash fills you with pleasure
My pleasure is your pleasure
Your pleasure is to pay Me cash
My words become your truth
Your cash becomes My money
My money is spent on comfort
You sacrifice comfort to instead please Me
Your finances tighten yet it arouses your cock
Your dick turned on from paying me more
The more you pay Me, the better you feel
The better you feel, the more you pay Me
My words become your truth
Your truth becomes My will
My will is to take your cash
You are used by Me, and it feels right.
It is right to be used by Master Josh.
You bow down, and serve Me well.
You serve me by pleasing Me with cash.
You are pleased to pay Me more
For you are pleased to be used more
My words become your truth
Your truth becomes My will
My will is to take your cash
Your cash becomes My money.
And that is the way of the world.

#FinDom Loyalty & #Hypnotic Repetition – #cashslavery #moneyslavery

The other day I received a message from a submissive guy I’ve chatted with before, in which he informed me that he had found a Master so would be blocking me soon because of his Master’s commands. Now, I found this strange for a few reasons, the first being that this guy had never really sent tributes or paid for sessions – but rather talked about his fantasy about wanting to be slowly pulled into it. Well, that’s not me. I’m not going to waste my time trying to lure you into something when you’re probably just jacking off for free and have no intention of paying. If you were serious about your fantasy, you’d pay me for a session or buy a file – or at least give several listens to one of the free files I have! So when this sub said this, a huge part of me was skeptical and thinking he just wanted me to try and lure him back. Back to what, I’m not sure. But to me, it’s not at all a loss.

It did get me thinking about the “no other ties” thing though, and I wonder how many slaves and CashMasters actually manage it? Certainly I encourage it – suggesting in my files that the pleasure is of course greatest when I am paid 😉 – but it’s not a very realistic concept for several reasons. One, subs are often at the whims of their cocks (no matter how small), and that doesn’t always line up to when somebody is online. Two, subs sometimes like the variety of different styles or approaches. Three, how does a CashMaster truly keep track of it? It’s a lot different than with an in-person sub, especially when most CashMasters work with more than one sub online themselves.

So I understand that some of you are going to come and go, and I hope you enjoy working with me enough that you do come back often… though I also know there will be times, such as early July, when I’ll be offline due to travels. One thing is certain though when it comes to the hypnosis side… repetition sinks those messages in. It’s the repetition that drives in those suggestions. It’s the repetition that allows my words to start taking stronger hold. It’s the repetition that makes your mind comfortable enough to let go even more than before. It’s the repetition that lets those words penetrate your mind deeper and deeper. Whether you are repeating a file or calling back for more sessions, the repetition is one of the key elements to successful hypnosis… so you can play around as you wish, but keep coming back here for more training, and a reminder of where payment truly feels like more pleasure than anywhere else.

After all, My pleasure is your pleasure. I am pleased when you pay Me, and you are thus pleased to pay Me. The more you pay, the more pleasure you feel. The more pleasure you feel, the more you pay Me – and that pleases Me, which pleases you. Pleasure is achieved when you pay Master Josh, for to pay Master Josh is PLEASURE!


Quiet Yet Busy Taking #FagCash- #financialdomination

Okay, so I haven’t posted much this past week… but don’t you worry about a thing ATMs and pay pigs. I haven’t disappeared.

In fact, I’ve been working on exciting new things to add to the blog – some of which will finally get added this week. A couple things are already submitted to Niteflirt and are simply waiting approval, while others are recorded but need some editing.

And though the start of this week has been a little slow, I certainly had a very good last few weeks – so some of it was simply being busy with sessions!
HypnoSuperior 319Percent NF 41115HypnoSuperior 240Percent NF 41815
HypnoSuperior 108Percent NF 42515

So keep checking in, because I’m ready to keep growing that average – and all you moneyslaves, cashfags and ATMs are going to help me do that! 😉

#cashfag #gif #financialdomination #cashmaster #pay now! #financialfetish


Right to #Pay the #Superior – #financialdomination #cashmaster

Admit it… if you’re reading this blog out of interests (as opposed to checking out competition), then there’s a part of you that has a deep craving to serve those that are superior. For some reason, and perhaps it’s simply how you were born, you feel inferior. And you probably are. Maybe that means it’s natural for you to submit to a more powerful dominant. Maybe that means you’re a worthless faggot that deserves to be taken down to nothing.

Who is superior to you might depend on your interests. For example, some guys might think women are superior, or black men. Obviously I am not going to fall into everyone’s idea of superior…. yet, my hypnosis can still help with that. Just this week I’ve had two such cases. One guy needed some help being trained to help submit to two black men he had met that wanted him to be their whiteboy slave. Another guy that’s become a regular loves training with me to better serve straight cam jocks. I’m neither of these things, and yet still both of these guys knew I am Superior enough over them that they’d willingly spend their money on more and more training to better worship those they truly want to serve and worship.

I’m okay with that, and most of this has been stroke training and not true hypnosis. Those that have experienced my true hypnosis know how powerful it can be though… how simply my ability to take you down deep and mold that feeble mind does make me such a Superior god over inferior ATMs and cashfags like you. It’s a skill that can help any, including other dominants… in that case, it’s an equal… but there is something truly magnificent about getting pay pigs and cash cows more and more addicted to both my hypnosis and sending me money. It’s a power I love to exert, and I love when they give in to it more and more….

Give in yourself and try my hypnosis…. then tribute me as a sign of acknowledging how Superior I am over you simply because of how easily I can get into that mind of yours.



The #Erotic Act of #FinancialDomination #PayPigs

It’s amazing how much erotic pleasure there is for subs – and sometimes Dom(mes) – in Financial Domination.

The CashMaster (or Mistress) can get off on abusing, dominating, controlling a pay pig… and the pay pig gets off on the same but as a sub or victim or sometimes even just a willing participant (or with my hypnosis, a willing participant that gets pushed further and further with what he is willing to do).

No sex is involved, sometimes masturbation isn’t even involved (though surely it can be, and is in some of my files/recordings especially for erotic hypnosis). And yet… it provides such a thrill… makes those dicks, no matter how tiny they are, get so hard…

Financial Domination is a very erotic act – why? Perhaps because financial domination is just about the most intimate you can be with somebody online. Sure, people put on shows – but are those really intimate? They’re flashy. But financial domination… working with a sub as you remind him of where his money truly belongs… sent to you… now that’s intimate…

Whether or not you’re in chastity or stroke until you have an amazing orgasm, this is a pleasure that you too can enjoy. Try some of my hypnosis files, then be sure to send a TRIBUTE.

#ATM #CashSlave Adds to #Debt 4 #Cashmaster – #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis

On Wednesday, I posted about a session with an ATM of mine… here is most of that transcript in which he stroked into trance and allowed my words to program him. If you click read more, this contains both my hypnosis trigger and later the ATM trigger. It also encourages going into debt. You’ve been warned!

And if you still want to proceed, simply click more as you relax… one hand stroking your cock… the other nicely scrolling through this long text session even as you keep going further down into that nice trance state…

Continue reading #ATM #CashSlave Adds to #Debt 4 #Cashmaster – #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis

Increase Your #Debt – #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis

I’ve working with an ATM all summer who had previously been programmed by another hypnotist that the sub lost touch with. Combining some of the installed triggers with my own techniques, we’ve been increasing the pleasure he feels each time he gives… as he is more about the pleasure of financial domination than the humiliation of it – which I love. I love making guys feel pleasure as they tribute their Superior.

He has been only doing small amounts here and there as he could afford without going into debt. But he’s been feeling so much pleasure, he’s constantly drawn to pay me more. I try to be respectful of sub’s limits always – I’m a nice guy even as I manipulate inferiors into knowing their place beneath me (or perhaps that makes me evil – a wolf in sheep’s clothing? 😉 ). He once gave me permission to go further and encourage financial ruin – but while enjoying it in the moment, regretted it later and I respectfully backed off that angle.

Last night, he started to remember about how he had previously been encouraged to increase his debt to reduce his Master’s debts – and the thought made his dick so very hard. So we proceeded down this new path – more severe than “what one can afford” but not quite as severe as encouraging ruin, just encouraging a lot of debt whether that results in ruin or not. And he LOVES it. So do I, because it means bigger, higher amount$ more worthy of my time.

So go ahead slaves – send me a TRIBUTE NOW … helping Master Josh the HypnoSuperior and FinDomStud to pay off his debts, as you add to your own. Feel that pleasure of serving a true Superior… feel how hard your cock gets as you click on an amount… then a higher amount. Be it looking at your Niteflirt balance or credit card statements or anything else, seeing your funds decrease and what you owe increase is just such a turn on when you know you’ve given that money to a Superior like Me. If you buy stuff for yourself, it’s just debt that stresses you out. But when that money is given to Master Josh, you look at that debt and feel yourself getting so turned on…. feeling so much pleasure…. for that is the power of my hypnosis…. my voice… my words…. TRIBUTE NOW!!!!