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#CashDoms Love their Egos #Stroked – #financialdomination #findom #cashfag #paypig

You might not ever get to stroke the cocks of many CashMasters for there’s a good chance you’re not worthy enough for that – but you can stroke Their egos. And They – and I – love that (whether others admit or not, it’s true at least for 90%).

Sometimes it’s even needed, for everybody has a bad day at times. Yet, a cashfag might feel such a day is something they deserve. If they are insulted, they might even enjoy it.  Some “Masters” can pretend to “have it all” all they want, the truth is we’re all human – even if We are Gods compared to you.  Yet as a Dominant God, We know We deserve better.

While certainly We can let stuff roll off our backs, a lot of times getting that ego stroked a little by cashslaves and paypigs like you can go a long ways in improving our moods. We exist to feed your addictions and perversions – you exist to make Our lives better… mostly serving us financially, but also by stroking our egos.

Of course, the best way to stroke Our egos is with a cash tribute – you can send Me some here – but even that praise is appreciated. Go ahead – stroke My ego a bit in the comments . Or buy a paid mail tribute and stroke my ego with five-star feedback on Niteflirt 🙂