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Hot #CashRape Session with #MoneySlave Turns #CashMaster On – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Have had some good chats with andiloser lately. Friday, that including nearly $100 in tributes – he paid just a bit more than this.

Well, today, after listening to more of my financial domination hypnosis, he was back for more, and it was even better with over $250 paid to Master Josh. It was a mix of tributes using the tribute generator in the sidebar (refresh for each use), the spin wheels under games, and just pushing him to pay more including paying one of my bills. And I know he loved every moment of it.

It certainly made my cock hard to get all this cash today – I left it hard to stay pumped during my gym session tonight. Was so fucking hot to pump it up after having raked in so much from this cashslave. He’s such a good boy for Master, and fuck did his money turn Me on.

And you can be a good boy for Master too – just send that arousing pleasure My way as you send a nice big tribute to your Superior as you send some green My way.

#Wishlist Wed: #CashMaster Cooks Up #CashSlave Gifts – #PayPig #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I thought about splitting up these items into two separate posts, but I know none of them are exactly exciting for you all. However – they are exciting for Me. I love getting all these things without having to use My own cash!

I received protein pancake mix a bit back, for it just seems like a lot of work making them for one person (I so need a hypnoboy). I thought maybe a pitcher where I could store extra in the fridge would help. And with all the supplements I’ve been getting from you guys, I needed better ways to store those as well – that’s where this spice rack comes in.

As I get healthier, I need to eat more oatmeal and eggs – but I am lazy in the morning. Again, I need a hot hypnoboy to be serving Me (if you’re in the US, good looking and respond to My files, do apply). Now I can put oats in the mini crockpot overnight to mix with protein powder the next morn, and eggs…

well, where’s My hypnoboy that loves to cook and take care of Me?

Of course, I won’t be doing much cooking on My own these next few days, nor will I be available much for sessions, as I travel for the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. But posts are in queue and I’ll be checking in with you all soon. And don’t forget, these holiday deals are a perfect time to be checking prices on My wishlist and getting Me a gift for the holidays. As for hypnoboys… in lieu of in person service, I can get by as long as you inferiors keep getting Me the things I need – fun or not, it’s your place to provide for your Superior.

Lazy Day – Fave Holiday for #CashMaster Josh

There seems to be at least one bizarre holiday every day. Today, there are two. One is National S’mores Day, which might be the perfect cap to the day for some of you… but I’m avoiding sugar at the moment. (Thanks goodness I still have your pleasing tributes to satisfy that sweet spot 😉 ).  The other day is Lazy Day.

Though I work very hard on this site, the files, etc., I also love the flexibility that doing this full time now allows. And today is a good reminder of what I am working towards… getting enough from all of you so that any day I want can be a Lazy Day. It’s so right that you work harder to make My life easier. It feels so good for you to know that you are making My life more comfortable. And if I decide to enjoy a day like Lazy Day doing nothing, that is My right as a Superior … just as it is your duty and privilege as an inferior to get to serve and pay Me.

So even though you might be destined to work hard, I know you know it’s all worth it to give Me what I want and deserve. I love getting to be lazy … and I can’t wait until you have all made sure that lazy becomes my new normal.  You can start by sending a tribute here.