#Pay Up or Shut Up – #Cashmaster #FinancialDomination

I’m glad to answer questions and such… but there comes a point where it goes from being friendly inquiry to wasting time. I know some Masters that don’t even chat with subs unless they pay up first. I will, because I understand subs want to know what they’re getting. But eventually it gets to the point of “pay up or shut up!”

Sometimes a sub even promises money is coming… but some fags are lowly liars with empty promises. Call them out on it though – chew them out for that time wasting – and you are giving them exactly what they want for free.

If any subs don’t understand that they need to pay to keep talking to a Master, then they surely don’t know their place. Though some like me are friendlier Doms and welcome questions, while other Doms have a no tolerance policy, it still comes down to the sub to prove that they are worth the Superior’s time.

Because there are many more subs than Masters, even answering simple messages might not seem like much to a sub, but adds up to a lot of time for a Superior like me… time that could be better spent doing things that actually make me money. Of course, it’s that chance that a sub will pay but wants to establish trust first that I am not one of those Masters with a no tolerance policy and do chat with inferiors for a bit. But eventually – especially when countless questions keep getting asked that I’ve already answered – I have to say, “PAY UP OR SHUT UP.”

If you don’t pay, degradation doesn’t come your way – you simply get ignored.

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