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Internet and cable back up, so nice to be able to properly monitor Niteflirt on the laptop and be doing se$$ions again.

Here’s a brief little text session – warning, trigger below followed by suggestion to tribute… Still want to read on?


Okay then…


It feels so good to relax even as you read these words
Relaxing more when I say relax
Going deeper when I say deeper
Simply relax deeper and deeper into a DEEP HYPNO SLEEP Allowing your mind to drift off
Your body so heavy and comfortable
Focusing on my words as you scroll down
Let go of all conscious thought
Let your mind go blank
Each word taking you deeper
Each breath you take relaxing you more
Deeper with each number as I count you down
5 The deeper you go, the better you feel
4 The better you feel, the deeper you go
3 So easy to LET GO
2 So easy to submit
1 It feels amazing to relax for me
0 – down deeper and deeper into that DEEP HYPNO SLEEP
Even as you read, you continue to relax and submit further
Accepting that my ability to trance you so easily
Means you know without a doubt that I am Superior
And your weak mind is inferior, and yet that feels so right
No thoughts of your own left, it just feels so right
You are meant to serve superior men and women
It is your place to make us money…. to pay because we are worthy
And deep down, you know that you are NOT
It is your destiny to exist for the pleasure and benefit of Superiors
And because it feels so good to relax for me…
That pleasure washing over you stronger and stronger with each word…
Feeling so good to just submit and obey….
You know that no one is more worthy of your money than ME
Master Josh, the Hypno Superior, FinDomStud and Mesmerizer of CashSlaves
And as good as you feel right now
You know that you would feel even better
If you simply sent me a TRIBUTE RIGHT NOW
That’s right. It just feels so good to send me that hard-earned cash
Cash you know you don’t deserve…
deep down you know it’s better in my hands
It is what feels so right … and so very good
Even as it puts you in your place… even if you wake up humiliated
You accept that you are meant to be used and taken advantage of
And my hypnosis is quickly becoming your favorite way
As you pay for sessions and send nice big TRIBUTES

Go ahead and PAY ME NOW – you can return to this after…

Feel how good it feels to have sent me money
How right it feels to have been put in your place
To be reminded that you are my inferior
And I am the Superior most worthy of your cash….

Waking you up on 3….
1… becoming more aware
2… coming to
3 ……

This may have worked on some of you very easily… and others not at all. I’d remind my readers that audio usually works better than text for most subjects and those that are curious can scroll to the bottom of the Hypnosis page for FREE files to try. And anyone else that enjoyed this purely as amusement and would like to see more, feel free to  Send Cash / TRIBUTE as a means of supporting this site and more hypnosis.

Good cashslaves.

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