#Dare Day – #humiliation #tasks #games #financialdomination

Today, June 1st, is “Dare Day” (not to be confused with DARE Day, which was in April and involved the anti-drug program). Dare Day is one of those fun holidays that’s about giving others a challenge or taking on a dare yourself … be it some sort of action … or prankish fun. It’s of course the perfect opportunity to remind you about one of my games, Humiliation Dare.

With 36 random dares to choose from for just $5, part of the fun is not knowing what you will have to do!  I know at least a few of you have already enjoyed going out and had fun with these. And if you enjoy it, you can always send me some ideas for a sequel.  If you’ve been afraid to try, don’t worry – you can back down for a $25 penalty. I don’t expect much from you losers!

But it seems fitting that on Dare Day, you guys should go choose a task. So go ahead – I triple dog dare you!


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