#Wishlist Wednesday – Have you bought #CashMaster Josh a Gift Yet?

One of my early Christmas presents was this awesome Shark vacuum – a present valued at a sum greater than $100. It comes courtesy of Loser B.

I’m not always able to get great photos (perhaps I need to add a better camera to the wishlist) but it’s a sleek, masculine look great for a bachelor like me.

I still really haven’t gone thru the manual or anything, just used it once for spilled cereal though a sub did use it once as part of a cleaning weekend – just the way it was intended to be used. 😉

I think it’s quite fitting to include the tree as a reminder of what is coming up as well… have you bought me a Christmas gift yet?

Given that typical free shipping on Amazon can be around 8 business days, now is the time to buy me something if you want to ensure I get it as close to Christmas as possible.


I also will be traveling after Christmas into the New Year, so I ask that if you get me a physical gift from Amazon, you either do it now or wait until the second week of January. And though Christmas is what I celebrate with family, I’m open to any other holiday gifts subs would like to send as well. After all, I’m always a God compared to you.

You can visit my wishlist here and of course electronic gift cards can be sent at any time, as can my favorite gift of all – cash!

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