If I Won the Lottery – #FinancialDomination

If I won the lottery, I sometimes go back and forth on if I would continue this or not – but I usually lean towards yes, at least when it comes to hypnosis for different areas.

You see, I really do warping desires and mindfucking so many of you. And I love that even if I was in a position to absolutely not need the money… not that I’m desperate for it now, but to really be secure… it’s hot to think that you’d still send some of that money this way.

Now, I’d probably be less available for one on one, because I’d be too busy traveling the world and such. But I do think I’d still do this.

Now of course I can’t promote any lottery stuff here, but I will just generally comment that I love gifts such as scratch tickets. I mean, sure cash is better as you have that cash in hand – but sometimes it’s nice to think maybe, just maybe, that ticket in your hand could be worth more.

Especially when you feel as I do – Superior – and know that you deserve it. Especially when you know you belong in a life that is full of comfort and luxury. And frankly… I do.

Until that day comes, it’s up to all you cashslaves and paypigs to work hard for your CashGod and ensure I am living the life I am entitled to simply for being better than you.

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