I Want #Money Lotta Money #FinancialDomination #Cashmaster #Greed

“Well, now give me money (That’s what I want)
A lotta money (that’s what I want)”

The lyrics to that song ring in my head often… the Beatles version especially, as I grew up listening to a lot of the oldies that my parents would play from when they were young. Some might think such a song is bad – not focusing on what’s really important in life to instead talk about greed in a gleeful way.

I think it’s awesome, because I love being greedy, and I think it’s great there’s a fun song to go along with my greed.

Go ahead, imagine me singing that. And realize that this cocky bastard’s greed is something you want to give in to as you go ahead and GIVE ME MONEY – A LOTTA MONEY.

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