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Labor Day Means #FagTax Time & #CashSlaves Working for #CashMaster – #FinDom #CashFag

That’s right losers … it’s the 5th of the month which means if you are paying a twice monthly tax, it’s time to pay up. Of course, some of you are training under different systems and WILL PAY as scheduled – as percent of paycheck, end of week on what was spent, etc. Or just pay as you stroke your cock during the erotic tax session. I give you options, but there is no choice if you are a loser faggot needing to pay taxes – YOU MUST PAY YOUR SUPERIOR. Listen to the files and train your mind regularly until all of that sinks in, inferiors.

Whether you are a cashfag, humanATM, pay pig, moneyslave or anything else, today being a day where workers are celebrated in the U.S. is a great reminder for all of you worldwide that you do exist to work for your Superiors. You should take pride in the work you do and feel immense pleasure that any of your extra salary, after your own expenses, is being sacrificed on your end and going to benefit Me. Deep down, you know I deserve to live that life of comfort and being able to get whatever I want, when I want.

Deep down, you know you deserve to work hard to make that happen. Some of you may even want to get a second, third or even 4th job – making cash any way you can. Some of you may have talents where you can make extra cash on the side. Some of you might live in cities where you could easily sign up for an app where you help drive people places, deliver things places, rent out a room in your place – whatever you can to make Master Josh more money.

And whenever you send over that hard-earned money, you can take pride in the fact you are pleasing Me and share in that pleasure – for MY pleasure is your pleasure. Getting your cash makes Me feel so good and gets My cock so hard – and I know that gets your fagdicks hard. Go ahead and experience that now as you SEND ME A NICE BIG TRIBUTE THAT WILL MAKE US BOTH HARD!

Labor Day – #PaySlaves #CashFags #CashDom #CashMaster #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Today is Labor Day in the U.S. – a day when the efforts of the workforce towards the prosperity of the nation are honored. Of course, many of you, regardless of location, similarly work towards the prosperity of a greater good – ME.

Yes, you toil away at your jobs to make cash for not only your own bills, but to help with mine; to not only pay any other taxes you might encounter, but also pay extra as fag taxes towards your Superior. Even if you have the day off, it should not be a day to focus on yourself, but to focus on how your efforts have and will continue to make My life better.

Before things like 40-hour work weeks and overtime pay existed, many workers struggled with long hours and low pay. Not everyone deserved this, but inferiors like you do. You deserve to work extra to provide for your God. It is right for your life to be a bit harder to make My life easier. Things have come a long way in the working world, but moneyslaves and cashfags should not forget their place beneath.

I don’t want to alienate by getting into politics here, but I don’t believe in trickle down theory. I believe many of the rich end up being greedy and simply keep more for themselves. I might not be rich yet, but I am greedy. You are going to be paying more, and it’s not going to end up coming back down. Certainly I’d love for your hard work to result in promotions and raises for you, or better-paying jobs… but even then, that just means more cash for ME.

So enjoy your Labor Day – but don’t forget who you Labor for: Master Josh, the Financial Domination Stud.

Send some of your hard-earned wages to Me with a tribute here.