7 Days of Master’s Birthday #CashMaster #Tribute #FinDom

I thought it’d be fun to throw out a little challenge ahead of My birthday, a bit in the spirit of “12 Days of Christmas” but this time the 7 days (in honor of the 7th month) leading up to My birthday. I’ve selected 7 small items that I’d love for you all to get Me… given these were all listed at $25 & under when added, not being able to afford it should NOT be an excuse. Of course, if you’d rather splurge, you can go to My  wishlist and select, say, a nice new TV, a cool new bike, more entertainment options, a much-needed new camera, or other fun item instead. 😉 Make sure you change the shipping to “Josh Dom”.

Nothing here catch your eye and not sure what to get me? I always appreciate a gift card, or you can check out my full wishlist here – though my favorite gift of all is CASH.

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