More Great Sessions Training #Subs #HumanATMs #Fags & More

I’ve had some hot calls and sessions the past couple days. One I already detailed for you, while others have including a hypnosis ATM session, a verbal abuse session, making a guy crave financial domination, and growing the need of a sub to need to serve and be used, even humiliated, by Superior men. When one puts on their line and doesn’t know when calls come in, it is true that sometimes we’re caught at a time we’re just off… but the last couple nights, I was in the zone and loving molding all these inferiors.  Though not all those sessions were on Niteflirt, a few were and they all left that five-star feedback.

Today though? Today I haven’t turned on my lines, because I’m too busy checking out the Amazon Prime deals. I missed out on a few – man those suckers go quick! – yet am still hoping to score. I did buy one piece of small fitness equipment that I’m sure I’ll highlight at some point, as on top of the deal, it was bought using gift cards from all of you. Bonus! As for any hot items I’m not able to pick up today, there’s always my wishlist to check out – and with my birthday coming up on the 24th, now is an excellent time to do so. I might even have a challenge tomorrow for that if I find the time to get it together.

As for training, I do have an appointment mid-afternoon but I’ll have the lines back on as much as possible otherwise tomorrow, and as I can through the weekend 😉

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